AEW Dark Results

AEW Dark had 16 Matches tonight. Jungle Boy has some fun new music. Sammy Guevara issued an open challenge and promised to be a champion in 2021. Brodie Junior was all over this show. I hope he never loses his self-confidence. Danny Limelight got a win, which maybe indicates a future signing.

Jungle Boy defeats Nick Comoroto – 05:06

  • Jurassic Express came out to new music for Jungle Boy. Marko Stunt was a great hype man.
  • Jungle Boy used an STF for the submission victory.

Nyla Rose defeats Alex Gracia – 01:08

  • Nyla Rose used a beast bomb to defeat Gracia.

Post Match

  • Nyla Rose put Gracia through a table for good measure.

Scorpio Sky defeats Ariel Levy – 03:25

  • Sky used the TKO to get the pinfall victory over Ariel Levy.

Marko Stunt Promo

  • Before Marko could say anything, -1 of the Dark Order came to the ring.
  • Negative 1 says that Marko only wins when he has help.
  • It ends up being a major pull apart with Tony Khan and all the EVP’s getting between Negative 1 and Marko Stunt.

Rey Fenix defeats Aaron Solow – 05:53

  • Fenix used a modified michinoku driver for the pinfall victory.

Brandon Cutler defeats Louie Valle – 03:13

  • Brandon Cutler used the TPK for the pinfall victory.

Peter Avalon defeats Angel Fashion – 04:04

  • Avalon used the Marti-Knees for the pinfall victory.

Ivelisse and Diamante defeat Kilynn King and Tesha Price – 04:23

  • Diamante tied Kilynn’s arms around her head in a move that Excalibur called the Cuban-Links for the submission victory.

Gunn Club defeats Mike Verna & Bear Country – 08:30

  • Austin Gunn uses the Quick Draw fort he pinfall victory.

Shanna defeats Vipress – 03:33

  • Shanna used a double underhook face buster for the pinfall victory.

Matt Sydal defeats Baron Black – 05:18

  • Matt Sydal used the lighting spiral for the pinfall victory.

Thunder Rosa defeats Ashley Vox – 06:44

  • Thunder Rosa got the pinfall with a modified Michinoku Driver. Excalibur called it a “Fire Thunder Driver.”

The Acclaimed defeats Lee Johnson and Shawn Dean – 09:07

  • The Acclaimed used a modified magic killer – slingblade combination for the pinfall victory.

Danny Limelight defeats Fuego del Sol – 05:56

  • Limelight used a top rope moonsault/spanish fly for the pinfall victory over Fuego del Sol.
  • This was Limelight’s first win in AEW.

Frankin Kazarian defeats Garrison, Angelico, Darius Martin – 07:55

  • Frankie Kazarian used the reverse DDT (Scorpion Death Drop) for the pinfall victory over Griff Garrison.

Sammy Guevara defeats Michael Nakazawa – 05:13

  • Guevara hit the GTH for the pinfall victory.

Sammy Guevara Promo

  • Guevara needs to sit down because he’s tired of carrying this whole show.
  • In 2021, it’s going to be exactly the same. He doesn’t need a calendar change to work hard.
  • If there’s anyone in the world that thinks they’re better, he’s issuing an open challenge.
  • He promises to be a champion in 2021.

Alan Angels defeats Serpentico – 09:14

  • Alan Angels used the wing snapper to get the pinfall victory over Serpentico.

Negative One Promo

  • Negative One tells Luther that his face looks stupid because he has a red ball on his head. Brodie Lee Jr says that the Dark Order will always beat you.

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