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Loving the new additions to the Dynamite open each week.
Jericho is back on commentary this week.

John Cena and Snoop Dogg insults during The Acclaimed Rap? Not smart BOYS!
Great nod to a short-lived gimmick that got over in WCW that was not supposed to get over with the YOUR Rap is Crap T-Shirt.
So many advertisements on the Ring Skirts and Barricades that I felt like I was watching TNA in 2010.
Risky Business from the Young Bucks on Bowens but Bowens kicks out after a two count.
SCU Trigger from Nick Jackson and Kazarian but the pinfall attempt by Nick Jackson is broken up. Lots of fast paced action late in the match.
Great looking backslide bridging pin from Jack Evans but Matt Jackson gets out of it.
Daniels does a Best Moonsault Ever to hit the Meltzer Driver with Matt Jackson to get the pinfall victory.
Post match, Kazarian grabs a microphone to cut a promo on the win. They are setting up that Daniels and Kazarian want to challenge for the belts.

A monster truck on a wrestling show on TNT… it’s 1996 all over again.

How did Moxley, Sting and Darby only get the keys to that side entrance?
Nice line calling Don Callis a Used Car Salesman. Pretty good description.
Moxley is just saying that he is going to get revenge but doesn’t promise how long it will take. Great way to scare Omega while also prolonging the return fight.

Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor are updating us on Trent’s condition who is apparently out 4-5 Months before Miro, Kip and Penelope come in.
Breaks down to Chuck challenging Miro to a match next week with Miro saying Chuck will be his Young Boy if Miro wins.

Picture in Picture interview from Marvez with Wardlow. The dude can talk? Who knew?
Santana, Ortiz, MJF and Sammy are standing on the stage watching.
Wardlow BARELY got over Hager with that leapfrog before they head to the outside for the start of our restaurant quality picture in picture.
Great agility from Wardlow as we come back from commercial. Dude can move.
This is a great back and forth with neither getting an advantange over the other.
Great spot with Wardlow trying to counter the splash from Hager but Hager ends up grabbing the ankle of Wardlow.
Beautiful Senton from Wardlow on Hager but Hager kicks out at two and puts on a submission but Wardlow gets a foot on the rope to break it. Still back and forth.
F10 from Wardlow and he gets the pinfall victory over Hager to shock me in the upset. Good big man battle.
Post match, Hager is not happy at the loss but he and Wardlow fistbump in a sign of respect after it.

Private Party are in the back when Snoop shows up with the Cranberry Cocktail before Matt Hardy shows up with contracts for Private Party.
Matt Hardy will get 30% of Private Party’s money but thankfully he is not a monster and letting Private Party keep their third party accounts.

Team Taz make their way to the ring for the weigh in before commercial.
Darby Allin comes out with the new TNT Championship which is the same but with a Black Strap instead of red.
Taz wants Brian Cage to weigh in first and we found out Darby is 100lbs less than Brian Cage.
Darby grabs the mic and says he’s dealt with shit from people like them all his life and says lets just get to it.
Taz tells Tony to get out of the ring and the lights go out before the snow starts to follow.
Sting comes out of the Tunnel after Team Taz leave the ring before going to the stage.
Why are we just watching Sting and Darby look at each other in the ring? Was this meant to go a lot shorter and killing for time.

MJF has a camera with him backstage to talk to Hager who was taking out his frustrations on a garage door.
MJF is trying to talk up Jake Hager and telling him to be proud of himself. Hager appreciates MJF checking on him but now he can get out.

Did JR just say “Ain’t nothing but a G Thing?” Tell me, he didn’t just say that.

We are actually getting a recap of the Negative Zero and Marko Stunt confrontation on Dark from last night.
Marko is not being interviewed with Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus before FTR come in with Tully to talk down Marko Stunt.
FTR talks Marko into replacing Luchasaurus in the match against FTR next week.

Is Snoop wearing his WWE Hall of Fame ring on AEW? I could be wrong but definitely has a similar ring on.
Snoop Dogg actually has the playcard and acting like an NFL coach on the stage so that the camera can ALWAYS see him.
Serpentico gets decked as he was behind Sydal when Cody tries to punch him at ringside.
Either Cody can’t wrestle Sydal’s style or vice versa as they just seem off so far in this match.
Back from commercial, Sydal is able to miss Cody coming off the top turnbuckle but Cody was able to get his knees up when Sydal went for his Shooting Star.
Cross Rhodes from Cody but he hits him with a second to be sure and gets the pinfall victory.
Post match, Luther and Serpentico jump the rail and attack Cody and Sydal.
Snoop waves off Sydal and he goes to the top turnbuckle and hits the Worst Splash Ever.

Abadon goes right at Shida before she can even get to the ring leading to Shida hitting her with a Kendo Stick but Abadon just sits up.
Shida reveals the bruise/scar on her neck from Abadon biting her two weeks ago playing on Abadon continuing to try to bite any part of Shida she can.
Abadon actually pulls Shida under the ring with Bryce trying to get them under but he backs up as Abadon comes out on her own with blood pouring out of her mouth.
Shida crawls out with blood on the “bruise” from before.
Bryce has the black gloves on to try to put over the blood on Shida’s neck is real.
Don’t think these two have hit a move yet the way they meant to.
Shida hits her Running Kick to Abadon to get the pinfall victory and retain the Championship.

Tay Conti cuts a promo backstage with Anna Jay, Silver and Reynolds saying the Dark Order will be in her corner for her NWA Women’s World Title match against Serena Deeb next week.

Promo from backstage with Death Triangle saying Fenix will be competing out there alone to become World Champion. Pac says Kenny’s collection will be done tonight.
Loved Jericho popping for Justin Roberts declaring Omega from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Is Don Callis working security on the side? What is with the ear piece like he’s an FBI agent?
Great to hear the reference to Kota Ibushi walking out of Wrestle Kingdom with both belts.
Great counter from Kenny Omega to hit the Snap Dragon Suplex on Fenix on the outside.
Rey Fenix is going to have a bruise all over his rear end after flying into that barricade.
Beautiful Stomp to the back of Kenny from Fenix doing is double springboard thing.
Great way to come back from Commercial with both men putting it all out and falling to the mat. Great selling by Fenix after it.
Callis is distracting Fenix allowing Kenny to hit a knee of Fenix coming back in to the ring.
What an amazing Outside In Cutter from Rey Fenix on Kenny Omega but he just can’t get the pinfall on Kenny.
Tribute to Eddie Guerrero from Fenix but backfires as Kenny is able to get his knees up.
The V Trigger is definitely not a finishing move since he hit it 10 times without getting the win but the one winged angel gets the pinfall victory after hitting it once. Signature versus Finisher.
Post match, Don Callis has a microphone in the ring to celebrate. Looks like Aubrey had to tell Fenix to get back in the ring to get beat down.
We see Kingston and Family holding back Pac and Penta leaving Fenix in the ring alone.
Moxley comes out with a barbed wire bat to save Fenix. Was half expecting Rich Swann but we got the Impact World Champions instead with Good Brothers making the save.
Huge Too Sweet chants from the crowd as the Bullet Club beat down Moxley. Not a good sing that the fans are tiring of Moxley.
The wrestlers at ringside have had enough and are trying to get in the ring to save Moxley but The Club are taking care of everyone.
The Young Bucks finally come out to confront their brothers. Bucks actually superkicked Garrison and Pillman who were holding Kenny and the Bucks put their fingers up with the rest of the boys.

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