We’re back for night 2 and another 4 hours of wrestling. That’s 9 hours over 2 nights. If Vinny Mac were booking this pre-Covid it would’ve been in 1 night, so I’ll take the break I suppose.

Gonna be hard to top the Okada-Ospreay match but here’s to hoping someone tries!

I’m currently watching this while Snoop Dogg wrestles on AEW Dynamite. Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yeah I guess.

First up is the 4 way match with the finalists from Night 1.
Fale’s dressed like he’s auditioning to tag with a Heel Sgt. Slaughter. You’re about 30 years late bud.
Yano vs Bushi vs Bad Luck Fale vs Chase Owens
The match starts off with a finger poke of doom. WCW would be so proud.
So Fale and Owens are both part of Bullet Club? Don’t they know about uniforms?
Cool like “rewind” kick from Bushi to Owens.
Looks like Bullet Club is unloading some clips into each other.
While they fire at each other Yano sneaks in
and pins Bushi.
Winner: Yano

In New Japan you need to beat a champion in a non title match to get a title match? Is this true?
Cuz in WWE all you need to do is come out of retirement every few years and declare yourself the challenger lol

Is this the Miz & Morrison with Brian Knobbs in their corner? Versus La Parka and Kenzo Suzuki? Don’t hate me for these comps lol
As I mentioned in Night 1’s write up, I’m going into this blind so the wrestling really needs to be premium for me to enjoy this.
I have almost zero prior knowledge of current storylines but I’m hoping this is just the beginning for my NJPW Soundoffs.
I was thinking about reviewing “Strong” but I don’t know if I can get into a show that has Darren Young as a top star lol
Hopefully the new US TV deal pans out.
Anyways back to the match.
Which right now consists of the ref being tossed back and forth.
Followed by some literal head butts (KK totally missed that easy lay up but I’m not surprised.)
Taguchi turns up the Latino Heat with 3 amigos.
Solid double team action including a sweet looking drop kick from Suzuki-Gun.
That might be the worst looking 619 I’ve ever seen. Dominik would be ashamed.
El Desperado drops a pedigree type maneuver on Taguchi for the pin.
Winners: Suzuki-Gun (El Desperado & Yoshinobu Kanemaru)

Here’s a guy I’ve been told to keep my eye on. Corn on the Cobb.

The Never Open championship? Is this the Anti-Cena title?
Well Papa Shingo definitely has a cool look and entrance.
I’m hoping he wrestlers better than Godfather Kama heh. Is this what JR would call a hoss match? Bah God. Back and forth Beefcake action to start off.
This is like Warrior-Hogan Mania 6 but with actual wrestling talent.
These dudes are killing each other on the outside including a sick looking belly to belly suplex on Shingo from Cobb.
Shingo finally gets some offence in with a snap suplex. Shingo almost gets Razor Edged onto the outside but reverses and suicude dives onto Cobb on the outside.
Fast paced & hard hitting match.
Cobbs in the running with Rhyno for ‘who has less neck?’
Black Tiger Bomb from Cobb but Shingo kicks out.
Death Valley Driver from Shingo to Cobb.
Superplex from Shingo to Cobb but the ring doesn’t break. WWE should higher New Japan’s ring guys.
Back and forth action. Solid match. Slaps and forearms back and forth for nearly a minute. The beef in this match is palpable (in more ways than one).
You can win championships with count outs in NJPW? Good. Shingo gets back in at the 19.9 mark though.
‘Made In Japan’ (cool name) but Cobb kicks out! This match is brought to you by McDonalds: 100 % beef.
Cobb hits Shingo with a snap suplex and his finisher but Shingo gets his leg on the rope. Momma Mia.
Shingo hits a power bomb on Cobb whose now bleeding. More Beefy Hoss action.
Match of the night easily so far.
Running clothesline from Shingo followed by his finisher. Sean Waltman errr 1-2-3. (I kid)
Winner: Shingo Takagi

Ya gotta love the commercials during this show. Over the top Japanese announcers. Totally takes me back to the arcade fighting game days.

Mr. Clean bringing his scrub brush out to disinfect the ring and I’m gonna use that time to snap into a slim Jim…ohhhhh yah.

So Evil is just a Kai En Tai cosplay right? And does he have to change his name if he turns face? Is he face? So many questions.
These guys are both in black latex. Are we sure this is a wrestling match? Lol
Evil takes out the timekeeper by running Sanada into the barricade. And then hits a chair into another chair on Sanada’s neck. He truly is Evil.
The timekeeper gets run over again hahahaha.
Evils manager is Dick Togo? Am I hearing this right? For the horny girl who never has a moment to herself: Dick Togo. I’ll show myself out.
Some solid back and forth mat wrestling going on.
Decent match.
Evil-Plex off the top rope into a Sharpshooter.
TKO from Sanada to Evil but he kicks out.
Ref bump! Which brings Dick Togo into the ring to work over Sanada. Truly Evil.
Togo just landed on his …well…you know.
Submission move onto Evil but Sanada let’s up and moonsaults him. He goes for a second one but Evil gets his knees up.
Not as good as the Cobb match but still pretty solid.
More Bullet Club shenanigans from Mr.Togo but he ends up Togoing through a table.
Pop up TKO then a top moonsault and Evil is no more.
Winner: Sanada

How many people are in Bullet Club anyways? And is AEW gonna have a working relationship with NJPW going forward? Hmmmm

Fast paced start. If it keeps up I’m gonna love this.
I gotta reiterate: From a pure wrestling standpoint NJPW is next level. At least from what I’ve seen so far.
Ishimori just ran down the ramp about as fast as Undertaker’s motorcycle ever did.
So Ishimori is Bullet Club too? Seriously is Bullet Club the nWo? Where’s Vincent? lol
Tarantula! Shades of Tajiri in the mist.
Sick drop kick from Taka off the apron onto the outside.
Some seriously innovative offence from both guys!
Did he just call the crossface the Yes lock? lol
So much happening I can barely keep up.
This might be my new MOTN.
Canadian Destroyer that actually looked painful. Apologies to fans of Goldust.
The fans are starting to make “audible” noise. Naughty fans.
Taka takes a Nasty looking shoulder breaker. Ouch.
Yes lock applied but Taka fights out.
Taka really sells with his screams of agony. It’s still real to me damnit.
Taka’s taking a bigger beating than girls that take Dick Togo.
Back and forth action leaves both men on the apron.
Takahashi hits his finisher for the 3 count. New Champion! Really solid match but I think Cobb/Shingo is still in the lead for MOTN.
Winner: Hiromu Takahashi

Last match of Wrestle Kingdom coming up. I’m not sure where this card ranks for longtime NJPW fans but I’ve really enjoyed it.

So I don’t quite understand why both belts are defended without being unified and how this all works but I’m here for it.
I gotta say as much as I dump on WWE for their terrible TV lately, comparatively their pre-match video packages are still easily the best in the business.
So Jay White has held both championships but not at the same time. I still don’t quite understand why they’re being defended as one?
Jay Whites kind of annoying eh? And he’s also Bullet Club? Seriously where’s Vincent?
Bit of a sluggish start to this. Not sure how much Ibushi wrestling last night has to do with that?
I know it’s a pandemic but you’d think Ibushi could do better than putting a bowl around his head to cut his hair.
Gonna be honest: this match is doing absolutely nothing for me. Maybe I’m wrestling-fatigued but this is a giant meh.
Ok it’s picking up a bit. Some solid back and forth.
White does have some innovative offence. And I just noticed the ‘tally marks’ on his pants. Is that like his Victor Zsasz kill list?
Sick piledriver on White from Ibushi. Snap suplex from White now.
I gotta say it’s nice to have 2 easy names to write down in this match. Lol
Kiwi crusher? Ibushi kicks out and reverses a Blade runner.
Running knees to White. He kicks out!
Ok this match is getting good after a slow start.
Ibashi on offence now. As JR would say: Educated feet. Bah Gawd.
After some long teetering with both guys on the top rope and promise of a big spot….Nothing happens.
Blue balls.
White repeatedly smashes Ibushi into the outside metal railing and swears at him multiple times. Unless he’s hungry, I don’t think he’s saying “fudge”
White with vicious shots to Ibushi’s head on the outside.
White continues the punishment in the ring. Multiple German suplexes take him Ibushi down.
Ibushi on offence now.
Sick super German and then a powerbomb for a near fall.
White’s turn for a vicious counter suplex. Ok this match is good!
Is Brock in the building cuz this is Suplex City!
Ibushi hits his finisher I can’t pronounce but White kicks out.
Crazy top rope twisting splash but Whites corner man pulls the ref out. I mean I know it’s wrestling but shouldn’t that be a auto DQ?
Blade Runner! Ibushi kicks out at 2.99!
White throws a leg lock on Ibushi. Cool down time for Ibushi. He ain’t gonna tap.
Ibushi crawls to the ropes. Running knee from Ibushi. Both guys are down. Second running knee. Lariat clothesline. Knee to the Back of the head. Then Front of the head.
Eeeeee booooooo sheeeeeeeee
Winner: Kota Ibushi

Actually a great match!
And that’s it for Wrestle Kingdom 15!
I thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to getting into NJPW further.
As for MOTN the main event turned out great but the slow start knocked a point down on it so I’m going Cobb/Shingo.

Match of the entire card: Okada/Ospreay is still the winner!

What are your thoughts?

Soundoff below!

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