205 Live NXT WWE


Back after a couple weeks off of 205 Live during the Holiday Season. Let’s see what the division can pull off.

I refuse to use the THEE for Ashante’s name. I don’t participate with that level of Douchiness.
Ashante Adnois apparently hulks up from Chops to the Chest by his opponent.
Daivari is working over the leg of Ashante now. Starting to realize Ashante is actually supposed to be a face.
The announcers have not done a good job at letting us know the stakes of this match to make us care and get behind one of them.
Great kip up from Adonis to put over his knee is better than thought. Too bad he follows that up with a stupid roll of the dice taunt thing.
Knee is not as good as expected and Adonis can’t get the superkick hit and Daivari does the smartest move locking in the Figure Four.
Long Kiss Goodnight from Adonis and he is able to get the pinfall victory over Daivari.

William Regal is letting us know that next week 205 Live will join in with NXT to have Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic matches.

Getting a recap of the NXT Interim Cruiserweight Championship from NXT New Year’s Evil this past Wednesday.

Does Vic Joseph not know what a Go Pro looks like let along a cell phone? They clearly are using the cell phone and not a Go Pro.
Does anyone want to see Samir and Sunil join back up with Jinder Mahal?
Bollywood Blast from The Boyz but Curt Stallion is able to jump in and break up the pin.
Are the Bollywood Boyz heel or faces? The seem to change each week based on who they are facing. Maybe they’re tweeners?
Stallion finally gets the hot tag as they did a good job at working over Grey so Stallion can look the hero in the match.
I actually thought the counter on Stallion coming off the top rope was actually a botch as they all seemed legit shocked. Good selling by them.
So Much Prettier from Grey to give them the pinfall victory and momentum going into the Dusty Classic.

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