We are starting off the new year with action, ain’t nothing wrong with that.

What is better than starting off the new year with a match? Make it have Jinny and it mean something.
Piper Niven breaks the count instead of taking the countout victory.
Jinny more than happy to get the victory by countout but Piper is able to get back in before the 10.
Great work to have Jinny slowly break down Piper to help with the believability of the contest.
Joseph Conners as made his ring out to the entranceway and is watching the action to the surprise of Andy and Nigel.
Jinny rolls to the outside after escaping a pin attempt and ends up right in front of Conners. He pushes Jinny out of the way to take the shot from Piper.
Conners, somehow without the ref seeing, trips Piper so Jinny can roll up Piper for the pinfall victory.
Post match, Conners leaves with Jinny acting almost like her loyal knight.

Pretty Deadly are cutting a promo on Gallus saying everything is part of their plan.

Video promo from Aoife Valkyrie. Almost looks like they may be turning her heel with a bit of an attitude change.

Tyler Bate is letting us know what he is thinking after losing to A-Kid in his first match back. He says he can do anything after dealing with a loss.
Bate says he wants to change the art of professional wrestling.

Sam Gradwell is seen having watched it on his phone and says it was terrible advice and Bate is a Yogi.

Time for Supernova Sessions with Noam Dar. He is going to let us know his new year’s resolutions which is basically to get all the NXT Titles and a whole bunch of wild stuff.
His guest this week is Ben Carter who is the newest signee of NXT UK.
Carter says he decided to join NXT UK so he could face the very best and that all starts here in NXT UK.
Before Noam can challenge him, the music of Jordan Devlin hits and he comes out. He asks Noam how he could have Ben Carter on his show before Devlin.
Noam gives a dig saying Jordan is the Interim Champion but we all know Devlin is which Carter puts over.
Ben Carter then asks for a shot next week but Devlin ones up him to fight tonight instead. Carter accepts.
Sid Scala comes out and says they will move things around to make it the Main Event tonight.

Kay Lee Ray is not cutting a promo on Jinny winning against Piper earlier. She says that to win the belt it takes talent and money doesn’t buy it (except at WWEshop.com).

Recap from weeks ago of Huxley destroying Starz and Muir after losing to both until Dave Mastiff came out for the save.

Both men are just trying to destroy each other. Looks like every show is giving us a big Hoss fight this week.
One of the best cannon ball sentons from Mastiff to Huxley ends up getting him the pinfall victory.

A-Kid and Walter giving us a video promo to promote their match next week for the UK Championship.

Love the green gear and entrance screen for Devlin. Helps play up the Irish part of the Irish Ace moniker.
I know they want to put over Carter but they can’t actually have him be the one to dethrone Devlin in just his first match, right?
Great spot with Devlin seeing Carter setting up for the move and is able to get in the ring an ambush him first. Shows great ring IQ.
Perfect heel work from Devlin to use the hair and use four seconds of the ref’s five count and gets in the Ref’s face saying he has until five.
Loved the spot with Devlin going for the dropkick but Carter was able to stop on the top rope leaving Devlin falling to the mat.
Devlin uses the steel steps on the outside and gets him in the ring but only gets a two count.
Sick looking collision between Devlin and Carter. They were both going almost top speed.
Carter hits a Cutter variation out of nowhere on Devlin but only gets a two count. Thought it may have been over there since I don’t know Carter’s finish.
What a sick Destroyer by Carter as a counter to Devlin. Nigel called it the Code Red.
Devlin is able to lock in the Four Leaf Clover but Carter is able to get to the rope but Devlin pulls him back to the middle of the ring. The second time Devlin breaks the hold out of exhaustion more than anything.
Devlin hits his Pulling Suplex finisher and gets the pinfall victory and retains in a great match.
Post match, Devlin says keep bringing the challenges.

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