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It’s the Go Home Edition of Impact Wrestling with Hard To Kill this Saturday but it is also the Post Genesis edition of Impact Wrestling!
Starting off strong with the mandatory recap. We are seeing what happened between Sami and Eddie last week. Next it is the events from Dynamite last week with Good Brothers invading AEW and getting the Bucks to join.

I’m not a huge fan when one opponent has to fight on the Go Home edition but the other doesn’t. I get it from a story point of view but logically makes no sense. Unless they are fighting for the right to get the match.
Kimber Lee is taking it to Taya Valkyrie here which would really bury Deonna on Saturday if Taya were to win.
Really nice looking swanton bomb feon Kimber Lee but they say Taya got her knees up but that was not obvious from the shot we saw.
Spear from Taya but Kimber Lee still able to kick out at two.
Kimber Lee gets her own near fall after Taya gets distracted by Deonna at ringside even though Deonna was just standing there.
Taya pysch’s herself up and and hits running knees to Kimber Lee in the corner. Deonna puts Kimber Lee’s hand on the rope to break up the pin.
Susan comes out when Rosemary counters Deonna and it is two on one on Rosemary outside. This distracts Taya allowing Kimber Lee to get the pinfall victory.

Back to the bus with Kenny Omega pissed that apparently his favourite beverage was finished off by Karl Anderson.
Callis says they need some results from Karl Anderson tonight heading in to Hard to Kill. Good reasoning why Gallows and Omega are “outside” by not at ringside for a match taped months ago.

This week’s Paid Ad with the Two Tony’s going over the great things that happened in 2020. All the stuff he did like paying for these ads and letting Kenny appear on the show.
They then have Tony Schiavone go old school promoting tomorrow night’s Impact.
Laughed when TK said he was genuinely surprised that Tony knew Brian Cage had been Impact World Champion.

Another recap of Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards masked as a video promo from Sami Callihan to announce the Barbed Wire Massacre stipulation.

Josh Matthews just wished us a happy Tuesbey. It’s official, The Bey play on words is dead.
Smart way to give Manik his partner without TJP. I’d assume it is Crazzy Steve under the mask of Suicide again since it is obviously TJP as Manik.
Manik and Suicide both do the under the ring spot with Madison making a great point that the ref is not counting them out.
Manik and Suicide stand tall after flying over the top to the outside on Bey and Rohit as we go to a commercial break.
Back with Manik taking it to Bey but Rohit breaks it up but Suicide comes in and we get some double teaming from both teams.
Nice variant of the Go To Sleep by Manik on Bey which Bey sold amazingly.
Our first mention of Ace Austin and Blake Christian in the Super X Cup at the 10 minute mark of this match. Shows how important it is to them.
Rohit is finally trying to unmask Manik to reveal TJP but Suicide is able to stop him but Bey hits the Art of Finesse on Suicide to pick up the victory.

Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie are venting about Susan being added to the picture while talking about Rosemary’s match against Tenille later tonight.

Anyone else just noticing the matching yellow towels or is this just the first time EY and boys have had them?
Deaner getting over the new character by starting off biting the forehead of Dreamer.
Both men get tripped up leading to the ref ejecting just Doering and Rhino. But why leave EY and Cousin Jake knowing they’re likely getting involved at some point too?
Deaner starts slapping Cousin Jake until Jake eventually trips up Deaner on the stage.
Post match, Rhino and Doering make their way back to the ring so we can have a brawl. Doering no sells Rhino’s punches and takes Rhino out with one sick clothesline.
Deaner then DDT’s Cousin Jake before EY piledrives Dreamer which Tommy sells like he is Steve Austin and EY is Owen.

Video promo to go over the Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament leading to Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz and Nevaeh & Havok’s paths to the Finals.

In a conference room we have D’Amore with the Ladies after the contract signing for the Finals at Hard to Kill.
It was all talk from Kiera and Tasha until Havok and Nevaeh choke them and Havok tells them what’s up.
Brian Myers walks in asking Scott D’Amore for an opportunity with Josh Alexander walks in to set up a match between the two. Myers calls it Team Canada Collusion.

Out to the ring with Kaleb with a K to introduce Tenille Dashwood. One of the best entrances going right now in Impact.
Tenille is trying to talk her way out of the match and offering a handshake to Rosemary. Rosemary locks on to the hand and forces Tenille down for a two count.
Kaleb with a K gets involved and realizes his mistake right away when Rosemary grabs him by the hair but Rosemary gets hairspray in the face from Kaleb with a K.
That was a terrible spot when Kaleb with a K could clearly reach Tenille but held himself back for the comedy.
Crazzy Steve pops up from under the ring when Kaleb with a K tries to get involved again and the chase is on. Tenille has the hairspray but Rosemary uses it on Her instead.
Spear from Rosemary and she gets the pinfall victory.
Post match, Steve and Rosemary celebrate and it looks like they are preparing for the chance that Taya doesn’t sign a new contract.

To the back for an interview with the Impact World Champion about Karl Anderson and the Main Event tonight and at Hard to Kill.

Video package going over the downfall of Ethan Page and slowly being taken over by Karate Man.

Not really happy that they waited until 20 minutes into the second hour to go over what happened at Genesis between Moose, Willie Mack and Rich Swann. Worse it was just mentioned by Matthews. It should be a major storyline right now.
Moose telling him to bring it as this is a full match and no surviving a mere three minutes. The TNA World Heavyweight Championship is not on the line right now.
Moose is just taking his time and slowly tearing down Palmer with going to the ref’s four count multiple times.
Palmer gets a couple moves in after Moose tells him to give him his best show. Moose catches him eventually and hits a Ura Nage.
Moose mounts Palmer and forearms after forearm until the ref stops the match giving Moose the TKO victory.

Another recap of Kenny Omega and Don Callis’ et al and their problems with Swann and the Motor City Machine Guns.

The Good Brothers have been Goons for AJ Styles, Finn Balor and Kenny Omega. They are getting passed around more than a marijuana cigarette at a high school dance.
Back from commercial with the match already in progress with Rich Swann taking it to Karl Anderson.
Madison Rayne mentioned that Rich Swann comes back from every setback, Stronger, Faster and Better. Does he go to the Six Million Dollar Man’s Doctor?
Back from the last commercial break with Anderson working over the shoulder which he hurt before the commercial.
Great to see during the match that Gallows and Kenny are in the bus being convinced by Don Callis that they don’t need to go help.
The Rolling Clothesline from Rich Swann on Anderson you can clearly see one of them was out of position as Swann barely was able to have his hand near the face of Anderson.
Rich Swann rolls up Anderson out of nowhere to get the pinfall victory.
Post match, Swann wastes no time getting out of the ring. We can see in picture in picture that the bus is empty.
We go to Motor City Machine Guns in their room being attacked by Kenny Omega and Gallows before both Anderson and Swann join in.

Show ends with a Promo putting over the matches at Hard to Kill on Saturday. Rosemary & Crazzy Steve vs. Kaleb with a K & Tenille Dashwood has now been added.

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