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Lines are blurred as AEW World Champion, Kenny Omega wrestles in the Main Event of Hard to Kill 2021.

D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker make their debut as the main team as we get ready for the countdown show.

Sounds like they are piping in crowd noise for the PPV tonight or they have people off camera making a lot of noise. Lots of production issues on the countdown show on twitch tonight.
Personally, not a fan of Striker on commentary, can’t put my finger on what it is though.
They are acting like everything done in the ring is a Five Star Tokyo Dome Match and it is hurting the action the way the over reacting on Raw and Smackdown team make it impossible to watch.
Hand full of tights from Myers doesn’t get the pinfall this time and Alexander locks on the Ankle Lock but won’t let go until his head gear is pulled down.
Myers hits a clothesline on the blinded Alexander and gets the pinfall victory.

Time for the PPV proper to start after a nice emotion moment from Madison Rayne saying good bye and making her retirement from Impact official.

I can’t be the only one who just popper for the old Decay entrance.
Love that Tenille Dashwood blurs the line of her character and self with doing an actual live broadcast to her social media while coming to the ring.
So amazing how even small changes can make Rosemary look completely different.
You have to love this version of Crazzy Steve. He is instantly more dangerous than he was just a week ago.
Kaleb with a K and Tenille get the shot set up but take too long and Kaleb with a K hits nothing but mat after Steve was able to move.
You have to give Impact credit with the booking of their intergender matches at how they find ways to minimize male on female fighting.
Tenille gets the green mist in the face from Steve and Kaleb with a K gets it from Rosemary allowing Steve to get the pinfall victory. Decay is back and better than ever.

How bad was the prop they used to promote preordering the show on DVD. It clearly was a Dollarama DVD case with a printed out posted that looked like it was meant for a BluRay case.

Have they given this EY group a name officially yet? If not, they should be called The Cure if they are able to legally.
Well nevermind, I can see they are now called Violent By Design.
I do like the idea of having Cousin Jake continue using the same theme and entrance as it plays up that he is not ready to give up on Cody.
Great to see that all of Violent by Design are wearing matching gear. Really liking this group more and more.
All out brawl to start the match until Deaner and Cousin Jake are facing off in the ring with Jake having enough after being slapped.
Great triple picture from the production team showing us all the action as all six are able to fight anywhere at anytime in this match.
Didn’t take long for the referee to break out the black gloves.
All three of the faces get in the ring with chairs in hand and Joe Doering not only doesn’t back down but takes it to them by himself.
Doering and EY get taken out by Cousin Jake flying over the top to the outside as they were trying to pull up the ringside mat.
So many great spots getting over Joe Doering as a powerhouse. They finally get him down a bit after he goes running in to the ringpost.
Great to see Cousin Jake pull out a Black Hole Slam but EY hits him with a vicious piledriver right after and gets the pinfall victory.

Backstage we see Moose coming in to Chris Sabin and Rich Swann’s locker room. Rich Swann goes off saying if Willie Mack hadn’t been taken out by Moose he’d be there with them.
Moose says he has won a lot of Football games with people he didn’t like. He is not going to let an outsider come in here and disrespect his company.
They all sit down and agree to the plan.

Great to see Tasha and Kiera have a team name finally as they are one of the most established teams in the division.
Oh poor NWA, Brian Hebner is the referee for this match. Wonder if anyone other than Thunder Rosa, Nick Aldis and Eli Drake are signed to them now.
Interesting spot with Havok being about to pull Tasha and Kiera off Nevaeh. Really good job at booking Fire and Flava versus the power and strength of Havok and Nevaeh.
Loved the Springing Neck Breaker from Tasha on Havok.
With the bridge from Kiera Hogan to Nevaeh she gets the pinfall victory and we have new champions.
Post match, Gail Kim and Madison Rayne are coming out to award the belts to Fire and Flava.

Backstage, Decay are letting Taya Valkyrie know they have her back tonight but Taya says she knows she can do it on her own.
Rosemary says it is the cronies she has to worry about. Taya agrees and says when she wins they will celebrate in Slamtown.
Acey Romero sneaks in to the Knockouts dressing room after Taya and Decay walk off.

Ace Austin comes out with Madman Fulton to cut a promo about not being used on the show tonight.
He says he is going to go through three other men to be X Division Champion again. He tells Scott to come out and make it happen.
Scott D’Amore comes out and says he shook his hand last week when he won the Super X Cup. He says this is not how he should have gone about getting what he wants.
Scott says he won’t put Ace Austin in the X Division Championship match but he can have a match with someone who is ALWAYS READY!

Matt Cardona coming out with the same music as in AEW as he owns the rights to use it. All fired up as he is taking it to Ace Austin even with his entrance gear still on.
Madman Fulton gets in the ring to save Ace Austin and just destroy Cardona for the DQ giving Cardona the win.
Post match, Cardona is able to fight both of the men off and stand tall in the ring.

How can they deny it is TJP now when Manik’s new gear is full on Filipino celebration of culture?
Loved the drop kick from Bey where TJP gets drop kicked by Bey lands on Rohit at the same time.
These three are starting to build a long build rivalry that is starting to get up in the range of AJ, Daniels and Joe. Not match level quality but overall interest in the rivalry.
Rohit Raju is saying it is his while Bey is down on the outside and TJP gets rolled in but he is just trying to take the mask off and gets it off of Manik.
TJP make up on to hide it is him. Bey hits a KILLER cutter as TJP is coming down.
Art of Finesse on both Rohit and TJP but Rohit breaks up the pinfall by Bey on TJP to stop Bey from winning.
No one is able to get the third man down long enough to get a pinfall victory.
Loved the spot with Manik kicking out of the pinfall by Rohit and ends up landing on top of Bey who was out next to them and gets a pinfall attempt of his own.
Great flurry of offense from Manik ending in the Crucifix bomb and pin attempt.
Rohit tries to steal one with a pinfall on Bey but Bey kicks out just in time.
Rohit locks on a Regal Stretch to Manik while Bey is hanging in a tree of woe but Bey is able to get down before Manik would tap.
Manik is able to get the pinfall victory on Rohit after Rohit was working over Bey.

Backstage with Alisha telling Eddie how worried she is about Eddie against Sami tonight and wants to come out. Eddie says she won’t be able to help against Ken Shamrock and Sami Callihan.
Eddie Edwards makes Alisha promise she won’t come out to the ring tonight.

This match should really help tell whether Taya Valkyrie is staying with the company or not. If she wins, obviously she likely signed a new contract. If she loses, I suspect she will be written out by the next special.
Things are breaking down at ringside even though Susan is just recording everything with her phone. She is apparently a Karen now. The referee gets knocked over by Steve and he sends everyone to the backstage.
Nice to hear that D’Lo actually called Susan a Karen for recording everything.
Deonna is working over the Left Arm and Left Leg of Taya through out the match.
How does Deonna get her leg to be able to fold back like that? I think my knee would pop if it got bent the way Taya bent Deonna’s knee.
Great selling by Taya with the facial expressions in the arm bar from Deonna and she submits giving Deonna the submission victory and retains the title.

Backstage, Acey Romero gets to John E Bravo to let him know that Larry D was set up. He has found Ringrust in one of the knockouts bag. The cut away before we hear whose bag it was in.

This was the match I am most interested in to see how it comes off. Apparently he is doing it in front of a green screen, likely at home.
Going to be honest, it looks like it was made in a high school media class by high school media students.
Seriously, how high does one have to get to enjoy this “match”? This is how Ethan Page wants to leave Impact?
Karate Man has apparently taken the heart out of Ethan page and is now “walking” through some Buddhist sanctuary. That was it?

Don Callis is now backstage trying to blackmail Moose about the match tonight. Moose isn’t having any of it and is going to play to win tonight.
Moose says that after he takes the title from Rich Swann and becomes the Undisputed Champion here, he may show up and take the title from Kenny at AEW.

This is looking almost like Raven’s Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match. Weapons hanging from barbed wire. One cage wall wrapped in barbed wire is leaned up against the ring as well. Ropes are normal but wrapped in barbed wire.
No one has come down to the ring with either Eddie Edwards or Sami Callihan but that doesn’t mean others won’t be getting involved in this one.
Sami Callihan is the first to get caught up in some barbed wire allowing Eddie to grab a coil of barbed wire and pull it on the forehead of Sami.
Eddie Edwards ends up doing a Tope Suicida but ends up going through one of the boards with barbed wire on it.
Eddie and Sami are now laughing at their pain after Sami hits a Cactus Jack elbow to Eddie on the outside.
Blue Thunder Bomb from Eddie to Sami on the chair wrapped in barbed wire. I think we can assume that anything used in this match is wrapped in barbed wire, including a N64 controller.
Both men have punched each other in the forehead with a fist full of barbed wire sending them both to the floor.
Pretty bad editing on the crowd noise as during this match you can audibly hear someone say “come on Rhino” when Rhino is not in the match nor any where to be seen.
Love the spot with Eddie handing the barbed wire baseball bat to Sami who gives Eddie the Kendo Stick wrapped in Barbed Wire.
Nasty spot with Sami pushing Eddie off the top turnbuckle making him land on the chain hanging between two of the ringposts.
Piledriver from Sami off the turnbuckle to Eddie through another board of barbed wire. Eddie is able to kick out and starts screaming insanely.
Boston Knee Party to Sami using a chair but Sami kicked out immediately at one.
Eddie hits one of his old finishers to give him the pinfall victory over Sami.
Post match, Alisha comes down to check on Eddie Edwards since he and Sami are in no hurry to stand up.

Our next PPV for Impact is announced to be happening in April and it will be Rebellion on April 24th.

This is what you call a main event when you have THREE World Champions in one match. Five if you count Impact Tag Team Champions as World Champions.
The size difference between Swann and Moose when they stand next to each other is insane. Moose looks like a Dad taking his son and his son’s friend to a wrestling show.
Interesting that Good Brothers are blatantly wearing Bullet Club gear. They either have a deal worked out or someone may get sued.
Don Callis comes out to introduce us to Kenny Omega himself because he is the only one who can do it justice, apparently.
No sweepers for Kenny Omega tonight on Impact Wrestling. Kenny is also wearing a Bullet Club shirt.
Brian Hebner is the referee and gets knocked over before the match even begins as the teams come face to face. He must be in better shape than his dad or uncle because he got right back up.
Moose coming face to face with Big LG Doc Gallows and neither man can put the other down in one go. Or three for that matter and it turns in to a slugfest between them.
Funny that they are wearing Bullet Club gear but the announcers and wrestlers will do everything they can to avoid actually saying “Bullet Club.”
What an amazing looking standing moonsault by Moose on Karl Anderson. Moose is working well with his fellow Impact members.
They’re doing a great job with the booking so that no one is being made to look inferior to another. Shows how AEW is really to help build Impact.
Nice spot with Kenny carrying Gallows on his back and Karl jumps on the back of Gallows to make a triple splash down on Swann.
Hot tag to Moose leads to Moose taking on all three members of old school Bullet Club.
Great spot with Moose taunting with the Gun Point before Team Impact hit triple kicks to Kenny in the corner.
I think Kenny Omega over did the tanning today as you can see the white in his eyes from a mile away right now.
What a freaking Spanish Fly from Moose on Kenny Omega from the top rope to Kenny Omega. That man should not be able to fly like he does.
Back to Swann and Omega alone in the ring with them going blow for blow with Kenny getting the best of it but the pinfall is broken up before Kenny can get a win.
Swann and Moose hit a doomsday Device on Kenny Omega but Kenny is able to kick out, barely.
Swann misses, Magic Killer from Good Brothers on Swann but Moose stops the pinfall.
Moose no sells a V Trigger but the second one gets him off his feet.
One Winged Angel to Swann and Omega gets the pinfall victory.
Post match, the heels celebrate in the ring then Kenny does a little trash talk to the losers before leaving the ring.

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