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We are getting the fallout of Hard to Kill tonight Impact Wrestling. You know what that means, video recap of the events of Hard to Kill.

Backstage with Don Callis and the Boys last Saturday. Callis is trying to get the guys to go back to the hotel to party.
Don Callis stops after everyone else leaves and cuts a promo to the camera. He says be patient as they are making plans and will be gone taking care of business in Jacksonville for a while.

It does seem like they are sticking with the fake crowd noise.
I had to laugh when Matt Striker said What is Violent By Design capable of and I said to myself, what ever they want and D’Lo ends up saying it on commentary right after.
Deaner gets in the ring to distract Hebner so Doering can take down Rhino and then Cousin Jake on the outside.
Eric Young locks on his ankle lock to make Rhino tap out but EY wouldn’t let go until they grab a chair and start to pilmanize Rhino.
Post match, referees come out to try to get Violent by Design to stop their assault but they aren’t able to even get in the ring. VBD leave when they wish.

We are now seeing the attack by Moose on Rich Swann after Hard to Kill on Saturday night. Loved this as it really furthers Mooses character.
Rich Swann is now telling us he is going to give Moose the chance to prove he is the best… TONIGHT!

John E Bravo and Acey Romero approach Tommy Dreamer to let him know about their evidence. He says there is only one matching set of finger prints on the ring rust and the gun.

Out to the arena with the Good Brothers music hitting and they are coming out in their street clothes.
Good Brothers put over how they won with their friend Kenny Omega on Saturday to make World Wide Headlines.
They say that is why they are the place holders here and will keep the belts as long as they want.
After the Too Sweet Chris Sabin comes out alone to counter their promo. He says the belts belong to them as they were never pinned and want their rematch.
Gallows points out that Chris Sabin doesn’t have his partner so stop reigning on his parade. Sabin says he has a partner and here comes JAMES STORM.
The two make their way to the ring and Storm is able to cut a promo on the Good Brothers to introduce themselves.
Before James storm can finish his catchphrase MATT HARDY and PRIVATE PARTY come out to say they want a warm up match.
It is great to see big Money Matt in Impact again since that is what lead to him being a Broken character.
Gallows and Anderson says the two teams in the ring should fight for a right to face them. That is our match.

Matt Cardona is being interviewed backstage about coming to impact and his DQ win at Hard to Kill.
He says the reason he is there because it is an opportunity and he makes the most out of opportunities.

Video Promo putting over the finals of the Knockouts Tag Team Championships Tournament.

Kaleb with a K and Tenille Dashwood as being talked to by the new champs before Swinger comes in and when the Wad is seen Fallah Bahh shows up to accuse Swinger.
Swinger leaves as Myers appears from the Elevator behind and Fallah gets in his face and we have a match.

Looks like Susan is going to wrestle in the suit. She is berating people at ringside in true Karen style.
Anyone else smell a turn from someone coming in this match? Just me?
Love hearing the commentary team talking about the rules related to the tag rope. Most know by now that is my biggest pet peeve rule that I wish every promotion had.
Jordynne Grace is out on the outside holding her elbow as we head to a commercial break.
Back with Kimber Lee holding Jordynne Grace in a leg vice as we come back.
Really great spot with Susan over emphasizing she is holding the tag rope before the tag with Kimber Lee.
Jordynne Grace finally is able to get to Jazz to get the hot tag. Susan is only now taking her suit coat off.
Ref is distracted so Deonna can hit Jazz from behind with the title so Susan can roll her up for the pinfall.
Post match, Jordynne Grace helps up Jazz who is pissed.

Taya Valkyrie is being asked backstage what is next for her when John E Bravo comes up who says it was her that sprayed Larry D.
Acey and Tommy got in and apparently the footage proves it. She admits it and goes off on Bravo is that her only regret is that Bravo didn’t die.
Taya is then taken off screaming by security. Great send off as Dreamer says if she is lucky she will be going to Jacksonville Penn. But if she isn’t she could end up in Stanford Penn for 2 years with an option for a third. Acey says could be worse, could be in Baltimore.
Rosemary gets her good bye with Taya and hugs her. Rosemary says this is why she never has friends as Steve comforts her.

Our weekly Paid Advertisement with Tony Schiavone who throws it to TK and Jerry Lynn about Matt Hardy and Private Party in the main event tonight.
TK says Matt Hardy and Private Party better win tonight. In fact, they will be at ringside tonight for the match.

Rich Swann is now coming out to start his program with Moose, we can hope.
Swann says he felt the pressure of being Impact Champion on Saturday and the pressure of going to war with Kenny and the Good Brothers but loves that pressure.
Rich says he had trust issues in the match with Moose and who can blame him even though he put in a good effort.
With Kenny Omega not being in the building tonight, his calendar is open and Moose is being told to come out so we can finally settle it.
Moose doesn’t require much more of an invitation and out her comes.
Moose says he understands why Swann is angry but says people make bad decisions when they are angry. He says ask Willie Mack what happens when people make bad decisions.
Swann says he wants to give Moose his shot right here and right now but Moose wants it on his time. Swann says then what do we now because he hasn’t come to talk.
The brawl is on with Moose going shoulder first into the turnbuckle allowing Swann to hit his splash off the top to send Moose off.

Rohit is walking in on Scott D’Amore to complain when TJP walks in with the title. D’Amore explains the reasoning why he can be now.
Scott says Rohit he can have a match against TJP in two weeks making Rohit happy. After he leaves, Scott asks TJP if they should tell Rohit it is a non title match.

Back to Fire & Flava asking Alisha is she can MC their celebration. They are letting Referee Brandon about their festival.
Still trying to sell more packages to their Fire and Flava Festival.
Havok and Nevaeh show up letting the girls know they want a package but they are all sold out. The only package they have is one where they watch it from home.

Fallah Bahh is getting almost all the offense to start the match with any offense Myers gets in has almost no impact on Fallah.
Myers finally is able to an advantage by using the ropes to knock the wind out of Bahh.
Fallah starts to “Bahh Up” as Myers slaps him but gets poked in the eye by Fallah. Brian takes advantage of the distraction to low blow Fallah Bahh and get the pinfall victory.

Madman Fulton and Ace Austin are now being interviewed about what happened at Hard to Kill with him losing by DQ to Matt Cardona.
Ace Austin makes some remarks about Josh Alexander and his match during the kick off show before talking about Cardona facing him at Hard to Kill.
Alexander finally walks in telling Ace Austin to shut up and leads to a brawl where Matt Cardona comes to the save for Josh Alexander.

We get black and white stills with the commentary from the Barbed Wire Massacre to remind us of the brutality of the match.

Eddie Edwards is being seen by the doctor when Brian Myers comes in demanding attention for his eye.
Eddie takes offense to being called a backyarder by Myers and challenges Brian to a match next week.

Still unreal that we live in a time where we literally have no idea who will show up on an episode of Dynamite or Impact Wrestling.
Back from the commercial break with the match having apparently JUST started.
Great to bring up that Amazing Red trained Private Party and is who Chris Sabin beat for his first X Division Championship.
Matt Hardy gets on them for showing some sportsmanship telling them to be ruthless.
TK and Jerry Lynn have arrived and set up chairs in the audience area and are taking notes as the show goes to commercial again.
Weird spot with Storm not really kicking out of the cover then barely grabbing the bottom rope on the second pin attempt.
Storm is looking like he has no gas in the tank by the end of the match and can’t remember what he’s meant to do. Not sure if he is just selling the kick to the head from earlier though.
Jerry Lynn gets in the ring to hold Chris Sabin’s leg while Hardy distracts the ref so Private Party can get the Gin and Juice hit and get the pinfall victory.
Post match, Good Brothers music hits and out come Gallows and Anderson and get in the ring to face off with Private Party.’James Storm then attacks Karl Anderson and a brawl breaks out with all three teams to end the show.

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