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Back with another week of ROH TV but this week we are getting some new matches including a championship match in the Main Event!

Rhett Titus is ready to ensure Flip Gordon adheres to the code of honor and prove to Flip that once and for all the earth is flat!
I really dig Rhett’s entrance theme and pyro. He’s always had a good look, so perhaps Rhett might get another serious push like in the early days of ROH.
Flip is out next and all business. I’d like to see him wrestle with that chest protector. I think it would suit his character and give him a different in ring look to the rest of the roster.
Titus with the advantage early winning a test of strength and locking in an abdominal stretch before Flip uses a rope break to get things back to all square.
Titus continues to wear Flip out using a bear-hug followed by a Mexican surfboard. Flip again uses a rope break to stop the proceedings.
Flip gains control with a unique inverted un-prettier for a near fall.
Flip locks in a heel hook and forces Rhett to use his first rope-break. We head to commercial with Flip in control.
Upon return Titus hits 2 helluva kicks and locks in a single leg crab. Gordon escapes the predicament and hits his “kinder surprise” kick and Rhett spills to the outside.
Gordon gets Rhett back in there and starts talking trash. Titus picks the leg and goes back to the single leg crab. Gordon exhausts his final rope break and keeps the match alive.
With less than a minute left, Gordon knocks Rhett goofy with a closed fist, hits the curb stomp and quickly scoops Rhett up and gets all of the Flip-5 finisher. This one is over.
WINNER: Flip Gordon (Pin-fall)

Even in defeat, do you think Rhett Titus looked as good as he has in a long time?
Do you like that Ring of Honor has expelled Flip Gordon from the Pure division for the shady way he got the win?

Totally forgot that Rey Horus is one-third of the ROH six man champions. The 6 man title hasn’t really been mentioned since the companies return from hiatus.
As our TV champion makes his way to the ring, Rey Horus surprises him with a huge summersault dive over the top-rope top the outside. This ones starting off hot!
Dragon- lee hits a huge Frankensteiner on Horus from the apron too the outside. Amazing spot.
Both guys go toe to toe on the outside all the way until the count of 19! Both guys beat the count and this one continues.
Dragon-Lee channels his inner “Rush” by stomping on Horus in the corner and hits the “Bulls-horns” for a near fall.
Rey cuts off Dragon heading to the top. Horus hits a huge Spanish fly from the tippy-top rope for a near fall. Great stuff!
Horus counters a Dragon-Lee power bomb with a Mexican destroyer! So close to having a new TV champion!
Rey sets Dragon up in the corner and heads to the top. It backfires and Lee hits a huge double stomp to the back of Reys head!
Dragon follows it up with two running knees to face. Horus is napping on dream street and this one is academic.
WINNER: Dragon Lee (Pin-fall)

Are you looking forward to some 6-man tag matches and get those championships some spotlight?

Who would you like to see challenge Dragon next for the TV title?

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