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It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means… Night Three of Impact Wrestling for the last week.

Starting off with a birthday celebration for Negative One with the Dark Order. It looks like He has his own T-Shirt now.
Silver is on the mic letting us know about how having a special night with the hope of Hangman joining and -1’s birthday. He says the cake is making Johnnie Hungie before starting to sing happy birthday.
Luther and Serpentico come out to spoil the party saying they don’t care and that AEW is becoming nothing more than a day care.
Luther says they hate kids and they are going to ruin his birthday. Brawl starts with Angelico and Jack Evans coming out with Hangman not far behind flying off the stage on everyone at ringside.

We are going strong with the brawl going directly in to the match as soon as two are alone in the ring.
Hangman getting the hot tag from Silver and he is taking out all four of the Heels.
Hangman didn’t quite get all of the kip up but good that he acknowledged it instead of just trying it again.
Beautiful Moonsault from Hangman on the crowd on the outside. Really showing off his moveset in this one.
Luther goes face first in to the cake after getting a kendo stick from Negative One.
Serpentico just got destroyed by Hangman, Reynolds and Silver with Alex getting the pinfall on Serpentico for the win.
Post match, Hangman looks conflicted as he knows he has to give his decision to the Dark Order now.
Negative One tells Serpentico he can’t ruin his birthday, hits him with a kendo stick to the head, tells him his birthday was actually three days ago and hits him with a wad of papers.
Silver now tells Hangman is a great worker and is really handsome. He then asks Hangman to join the Dark Order which the crowd seem to be cheering him to do but says he can’t but the celebrations started by accident so they push them back.
Hangman says the groups thing didn’t work for him before and says he is sorry and he walks off after grabbing a bottle of booze from Stu.

Marvez is in the back to interview MJF and Jericho about the Inner Circle triple threat tag match tonight.
Jericho says he doesn’t think this will hurt the Inner Circle and will only make it stronger.
MJF says they are Christopher and Maxwell. That is actually a good sounding name… for an 80s sitcom on CBS.

Tony is in the ring and you know it is just so he can introduce Sting. They may be over doing it, already.
Sting comes out first before Tony introduce the TNT Champion, Darby Allin.
Taz interrupts on the screen once Sting starts talking with the rest of Team Taz. They say they’ve been gentleman until now but time to go to the streets before staring at the camera for a bit too long.
Darby says team Taz should be careful what they wish for because they may just get it.

A quick video promo showing the history of ROsa and Baker to promote their match coming up in two weeks.

Marvez is apparently at the location where the Bucks meeting with Kenny and the Good Brothers but Nakazawa is there to welcome them.
They see an ugly painting of Don and Kenny but topless.
Don shows up to see it will just be the three of them as Don Callis is in full used car salesman mode.
Marvez and the cameraman are sent to the dungeon but they keep the camera so we can see the interaction where Don is trying to pay off the Bucks.
Camera cuts out as it looks like Bucks are about to beat up Callis.

Cross Rhodes from Cody right away but Jade’s music hits and she comes out to distract Cody so Peter can last longer than a minute.
Peter Avalon hits a low blow behind the refs back to Cody and then starts working on the knee to bring Cody to the mat.
After a couple chops from Peter, Cody wakes up and starts taking it to Peter who doesn’t want to get punched in the face.
Peter Avalon actually hits a superplex on Cody. Not able to get a pinfall attempt from it as Cody rolls to the outside.
Back from commercial with Cody hurting his knee again but able to still hit a nice looking “Cody Cutter” on Avalon coming off the ropes.
Cody has taken the weight belt off and locks on the figure four.
Peter slaps Cody and when Cody gets ready to slap Peter back Peter just avoids it and taps so he wouldn’t hurt his face. Dumb finish.

Tully and FTR are in the back are telling us they are ratings leaders now before Jurassic Express bust in with Jungle Boy saying he learned he can beat either one of FTR one on one.
Dax Hardwood steps up and challenges him to a match next week. Luchasaurus says everyone will be at ringside so he can keep an eye on the other two.

Who wins between the guy who has lost once in AEW or the guy we have not heard of that looks like a version of Berserker?
They are actually letting the new Berserker to get in some offence before Moxley has to use some biting.
Tony and JR say dude looks like Bruiser Brody in the face but come on, he looks like Berserker and we all know it.
Sleeper hold from Moxley out of nowhere gets the knockout victory for Moxley.
Post match, Mox is asking for a microphone to cut a promo to let us know his thoughts about how things are getting crazy in AEW. He tells Kenny that all he did was make things more fun and interesting.
He says the bigger the mountain, the sweeter it is at the top and that all roads in pro wrestling lead through him.

Dasha is in the back letting Eddie Kingston know he is going to face Lance Archer next week. He says he doesn’t prepare as he just fights.
Lance Archer walks in but Jake Roberts is holding him back. Just to build to the match next week.

Marvez is now interviewing Omega who is headed to see Don Callis who is all black eyed and Omega wants to destroy who did that to him.

This seems to be solely to give them the opportunity to talk about the match last night on Impact where Private Party became the #1 contenders to the Impact Tag Team Championships.
Great team work from both teams.
Great to hear that Top Flight apparently look at Sydal like Private Party look at Matt Hardy.
Good spot with Matt Hardy telling Marq Quen he is not allowed to tag out until he shows some more aggression in the match.
Sydal is being worked over by Hardy Party in the corner as we go to picture in picture.
Matt Hardy when in to the Barricade hard from one of the Top Flight members hitting him with a Top Suicida.
Side Effect from Matt Hardy on all three members of the faces with him getting a two count on all three members after.
Matt Hardy distracts the ref leading to Private Party going full heel and using the chair and getting the pinfall victory thanks to it.
Post match, to solidify it, Hardy and Private Party lay out Top Flight and Sydal.

Backstage we are seeing Wardlow and MJF entering the locker room of the inner circle without Jericho present. MJF says they need to listen to Chris.
Sammy gets in his face which MJF says he respects but just wants what is best for all of them.

Orange Cassidy is seen in the crowd watching this match since Chuck is now the butler for Miro who is coming out with Penelope for this one.
Kip tells Chuck to trip Leyla which he does but doesn’t seem to be happy about it but it also doesn’t stop Leyla’s momentum much.
Back from commercial with Penelope Ford getting a close two count on Leyla.
Wicked Knee Strike from Leyla after the splits by Penelope followed up with a sweet Deadlift Suplex.
Leyla goes to the top but goes to the outside to take them out on the outside but Penelope hits on the way back in letting her get the pinfall victory after a screwy finish with Kip possibly taking the foot off the rope.
Post match, Miro makes Chuck Taylor tell Orange Cassidy that Miro is his best friend now. Orange Cassidy walks out all sad.

We head to the backstage where Good Brothers are attacking Penta before Kenny joins in. They jab the heel of Kenny’s boot in the “eye” of Penta.

Sammy Hagar recorded a special introduction for Sammy and Hager.
MJF tags out to Jericho when he has to start off against Sammy so they don’t have to face off.
Sammy gets the best of Jericho able to even pose in the middle of the ring.
Great little twist with anyone able to tag in to anyone making blind tags a lot more common.
Back from commercial with Jericho doing his cocky one foot pinfall attempt on Sammy. Like that MJF tags in right after Tony mentions he is avoiding tagging in.
Great Spanish Fly from Sammy on Ortiz. Always a great move when done right.
Jericho hesitates using the bat allowing Hager to boot him. Hager then stops MJF from using the Diamond Ring.
Code Breaker from Jericho on Ortiz but he is able to kick out before the three.
Looks like we could get a time limit draw on this one the way they are talking about the time left.
MJF is able to actually get the pinfall on Sammy with a hand full of tights as we go off the air.

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