Jinny and Kay Lee Ray Main Event this episode for the NXT UK Women's Championship.

We are starting strong with a match and no recaps!

Love the possibilities of these two hard hitting big men. Although I almost got sick by the Camera Man over shaking the camera on Mastiff’s entrance.
Rampage Brown is able to get Mastiff down to the mat rather quickly but Mastiff is not down for long.
Standing Senton from Dave Mastiff will hurt any man and Rampage Brown is apparently part of that category.
Rampage Brown is able to hit his sitout powerbomb on Mastiff and get the pinfall victory to continue his debut push.

Time to hear from A-Kid about his loss against Walter in the NXT UK Championship match. Hope they don’t follow the same formula they are doing with Ilja.
He says he is proud of how he faired and next time it will be a different result.

Waiting with Kenny Williams earlier with Amir Jordan just arriving finding out he has a one on one match against Tyson T-Bone.
Kenny says he has faith Amir is going to get this although his face says otherwise.

Great to see the actual eyes of Ilja as he is no longer using the contact lenses.
Starz is getting in a lot more offense than he did against Ilja in their first meeting.
Starz getting a LOT of offense in now including multiple pin attempts. A chop to the back seems to have set Ilja off though.
Ilja has to pulled off Jack Starz in the corner and then he starts suplexing Jack through the mat.
Ilja is going off in Russian and hits a Torpedo Moscow to the back of Starz before getting a TKO win by elbowing the head of Starz until he was out.
Post match, the referee has to pull Ilja off of Jack Starz and he sits there until he comes out of his trance ashamed of what he has done to Starz.

Sam Gradwell was watching the hype for Ben Carter next week and goes off on him as he is apparently fighting him in the match next week.

Is this leading to a feud between Jordan and Williams down the line?
T-Bone is pretty much tossing around Amir Jordan as one would expect going into this one.
Lots of looks from Williams to T-Bone made me think it would be a great story if Williams paid T-Bone to take the match to make Amir look good only for T-Bone to go into business for himself, likely getting paid ahead of time.
Amir is starting to make a come back but still not able to get T-Bone off of his feet.
Great escape from Amir Jordan turning into a rollup for the surprise pinfall victory. Not sure who is the most shocked after the win.

Hearing from Xia Brookside earlier today talking about her issues with Nina Samuels. She says soon enough Nina will see what Brookside’s are really capable of.

Quick video promo for the Tag Team Champions, Gallus and the upcoming challengers in the number 1 contenders elimination match next week.
After we are told that Eddie Dennis has been banned from Ringside for the match.

Kay Lee Ray getting the borderline face piper in crowd noise with Jinny getting the full heel piped in noise.
We see Piper Niven watching on the NXT UK version of the Thunderdome with the fans. Anyone think this is a way to make people think she won’t show up during this match?
They are showing more of the Women’s superstars on the wall watching this match.
Kay Lee Ray has hurt her knee as Jinny gets out of the way of KLR coming off the turnbuckles.
We saw a some weird stuff going on with the screens in the studio and looks like someone has a new gimmick, maybe Aoife Valkyrie?
Great work with the suspense leading to Kay Lee Ray getting the ropes for the break.
Loved the spot with Jinny hitting the double bicycle heel kick followed by KLR hitting a superkick and both women falling to the mat.
Conners gets on the ring as Kay Lee Ray goes for the Gory Bomb allowing Jinny to hit the makeover. Conners holds KLR’s feet down but the ref sees it and sends him out.
Jinny tries to use the belt but Kay Lee Ray counters and hits her Gory Bomb and retain the championship with a pinfall victory.

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