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Things are heating up as Beach Break is only one week away. What happens as Dark Order take on the Elite in a 8 Man Main Event?

It’s Wednesday and we all know what that means! Some interesting matches on the card tonight!

Eddie Kingston has one of the best entrance songs on the AEW roster.
Lance Archer and Roberts are coming out of the face tunnel now. Take that for what you will. Jake Roberts comes out but Archer tells him to go to the back.
Lance Archer no sells Eddie Kingston’s chops to start the match off.
Nice heel work from Eddie Kingston with the Kidney punches to Lance Archer.
Great selling by Eddie and the commentators after Lance Archer chokeslammed Kingston out of the ring.
Lance Archer is playing up to the camera a lot in this one for some reason.
Kingston is finally able to get in some offence after going after the knee and shin of Archer. This is after Archer stopped a pinfall attempt on Eddie at a 1 count.
Lance Archer goes Old School and walks to the top rope before hitting a springing moonsault on Kingston.
Butcher and Blade now come out with Jake Roberts distracting Archer allowing Bunny to hand knucks to Eddie.
Eddie hits hits backhand with the knucks and gets the pinfall victory.
Post match, Butcher and Blade hit their finisher on Archer and beat him down while Jake literally tries to roll to the ring.

Video promo from Jon Moxley who is trying to make sense of the complicated relationships between Bucks, Omega and the Good Brothers.
Like that he acknowledges the complicated nature of his relationship with Death Triangle as well.
Mox says he doesn’t know what will happen at Beach Break but he knows it is going to be fun.

Sting and Darby Allin let us know their thoughts on the Street Fight. Sting takes offence to being called a hoodlum but agrees that Darby is a Hoodlum.
Darby says it doesn’t matter if you play clean or dirty in the streets.
Sting agrees that he actually is a hoodlum after breaking some windows with Darby and says it’s going to be interesting at Revolution.

MJF grabs a microphone before the match first started saying he and Sammy need to talk after the match before burying Griff about their previous meeting.
Nice to see Garrison is not having ill effects after being abducted by Kris Statlander
Back from commercial with Garrison getting the hot tag and taking it to both Jericho and MJF. He send MJF so high in the air we hear a bad word come from MJF.
Great sell job by Jericho with the Superkick from Pillman but he was definitely late kicking out to the cover from Pillman.
Judas Effect to Pillman Jr coming off the ropes followed by a lionsault for the pinfall victory.
Post match, Sammy and MJF are still being held apart.

PAC cuts another promo from his castle like place with a late 90s VCR tv. He is cutting a promo on Good Brothers and Kenny Omega for the match next week.

We see Shaq challenging Cody Rhodes to a match at Revolution at the AEW Awards earlier today. This leads to Arn and Cody to come to the ring to speak with Tony about the challenge.
Cody says they can’t have Cody and Brandi vs. Shaq and Jade because Brandi is having a baby.
Arn says Cody needs to think a little differently about the way he thinks with a baby coming. Talks about how he saw Dusty wrestle Tully in 1985 before getting on a plane to be home for the birth of Cody.
Arn says the birth of his kid is far off so that shouldn’t impact Cody’s decision on taking the match.
Arn has something for Cody to see and Red Velvet comes out and stares down Cody with Arn pointing out she has fire.
Red Velvet gets the chance to cut a promo to prove she has a fire. She says she is tired of getting attacked and seeing Jade bad mouth Brandi.
Not a fan of Red Velvet’s name and stirring thing but loved that promo. Miles ahead of anything Jade has given us.

Video package to promote the upcoming wedding for Penelope Ford and Kip Sabian. We know Orange Cassidy is going to crash the wedding, right?

This Ryan Nemeth looks like a version of Dolph Ziggler.
Big Money Matt Hardy has come out to watch this match. Not sure which one he is out there scouting and the commentators are confused as well. He appears to be cheering Page on and encouraging him now.
Hangman is able to eventually hit the Buckshot Lariat and gets the pinfall victory, cheered on by Matt Hardy from the stage.
Post match, Tony goes to the ring to interview Matt Hardy about what is going on with him and Hangman.
Matt says he seems lost and conflicted. Matt says unlike everyone else, he doesn’t want anything from Page and just wants him to be happy. He offers his dressing room as a place to change since Matt knows Hangman changes by himself in the hallway by catering.

Who is Marko Stunt going to be handcuffed to if Tully and Cash are going to both be handcuffed to Luchasaurus?
Marko getting sent to the back really makes me think he gets invovled somehow but we will see.
Nice call back of Tully having to wrestle with Baby Doll in the cage above the ring in his match against Dusty Rhodes.
Really good booking highlighting Dax’s need for his partner and manager while Jungle Boy focuses simply on his opponent and the match itself.
They need to get the referee’s to stop the hook move on the three count with pinfall’s because it is so obvious when someone is late kicking out.
Really good that they are showing Dax outsmart Jungle Boy at times to put over his experience compared to Jungle Boy.
So many close count roll ups in this match I thought it was an early 2010s TNA X Division match.
Jungle Boy gets his snare trap submission locked in and taps out because Tully and Cash can’t get to the ring thanks to Luchasaurus.
Post match, Luchasaurus got Fuji’d by Tully and sent into the ringpost so FTR and Tully can beat down Jungle Boy. Even breaking out Tully’s Slingshot Suplex.
They handcuff Luchasaurus and dehorn his mask before Marko Stunt with a chair and SCU run them off.

Taz and his team are giving their response to Sting’s promo earlier when they see people selling Sting and Darby gear from a truck before they beat the merch guys down. That has to be a worker comp issue.

Shanna does her best Hulk Hogan impression coming in listening to the crowd to the displeasure of Britt Baker.
Anyone else notice a few more obvious edits/cuts during this match?
Rebel pulled Britt Baker out of the way of the running Shanna allowing Britt to do some beating down on the outside.
Looks like Britt may have got hit in the eye during that clothesline leading to her hitting some moves a bit harder than usual after that.
Here comes the glove from Rebel but Shanna fights over the claw with a pinfall attempt.
From the distraction by Reba, Britt Baker is able to get the lockjaw put on and Shanna taps out for a Britt Baker submission victory.
Post match, Britt Baker beats down Shanna before putting the Lockjaw on again before Thunder Rosa’s music hits and she comes out to chase off Britt and Rebel.

MJF catches up with Sammy finally but Sammy is not being any of it. Sammy gets in MJF’s face saying he is not playing.

Dasha interviewing Good Brothers and Young Bucks backstage about their match next as well as Good Brothers acting like kids.
Kenny Omega walks in with Don Callis with Bucks calling bull on Callis’ face injury.

John Silver gets in and calls for Doc Gallows to get tagged in to the amusement of Gallows. He comes in and challenges him to a test of strength before getting on his knee but Silver just pounds Gallows.
Can JR please explain why guys who are IN THE MATCH should be ejected for tripping someone up? DQ maybe but ejected from the match?
It must be 2021 if Dark Order is being cheered for against Bucks and Good Brothers in AEW.
Stu Grayson is definitely the best wrestler in Dark Order with Silver being the best personality.
Silver actually takes out ALL FOUR of the Bucks and Good Brothers before taking it to Nick Jackson but only getting a four count.
Fatality from Uno and Grayson but Good Brothers break up the pinfall just in time.
Four Way Superkick on Stu Grayson but Uno gets in to break up the count but he gets a magic killer for his troubles.
Meltzer Driver on Stu from the Bucks and Matt Jackson gets the pinfall victory.
Post match, Young Bucks have a mic saying that if they win the battle royal next week, they can pick their opponent for Beach Break instead.
Fenix then hits the ring to take out the Bucks but Good Brothers take him out but then Moxley joins in for the fun until Kenny comes out but gets a Paradigm shift from Mox.

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