The 2021 Royal Rumble is one to Remember.

Got some Kickoff show action tonight, with our old school panel tonight.

Shayna Baszler is actually wearing makeup tonight, I honestlt can’t remember he wearing actual makeup in a match before.
Asuka really can sell so well. We need to see Shayna and Asuka on the main roster.
The music of Nature Boy hits and Ric Flair comes out with Lacey Evans preventing Charlotte from locking on the Figure 8.
Lacey gets Brass knucks from Ric and she knocks out Charlotte and Nia gets the pinfall victory to crown new champions.

Goldberg is out there with Kevin Owens shorts. How sad is that we have Samoa Joe at commentary and Goldberg in the ring?
Is it weird that they showed the package after Goldberg’s entrance?
Headbutt and Spear from McIntyre but both men go to the outside before the bell doesn’t ring. Goldberg ends up spearing McIntyre through the barricade.
Goldberg kicked out of a Claymore from Drew McIntyre.
Goldberg hits two Spears in the ring but Drew McIntyre kicks out of two.
Jackhammer from Goldberg but still a two count as McIntyre kicks out to the confusion of Goldberg.
This is pretty much a battle of finishers and a second claymore from Drew does it to retain the title.
Post match, Goldberg hugs and raises the arm of Drew in a sign of respect.

I am honestly surprised WWE is using the Snoop Dogg version of Sasha Banks theme music.
Really liked the spot with Carmella using Reginald as a step to leap on Sasha Banks.
Carmella counters the Three Amigos sending Sasha to the outside leading to a moment with Reginald being booted by the ref.
Carmella lands bad coming through the ropes and hitting her face on the floor hard.
Carmella leaves her arm open and Banks gets a submission victory to retain.

Xavier Woods and Big E are backstage talking up each other when Sami Zayn gets in with his documentary crew. Kofi shows up in gear saying he is going to support his boys even if he can’t compete.

GI Bro makes his return for some latin rapper rapping about Booker T.

Bayley and Naomi are the first two competitors in the Women’s rumble. Didn’t even know Naomi had been gone but apparently been out for months.
Bianca Belair is number three and is going right after Bayley to complete her mission early.
Billie Kay is next out as the four competitor but she is just hanging out with the announcers on commentary.
Shotzi Blackheart and her stupid tank are out next with her shotting her cannon at Billie Kay.
Shayna Baszler is next and Billie Kay tries to get her to be her partner as well but gets attacked by Shayna.
Toni Storm is next out with no eliminations at this point.
Shotzi Blackheart is out first elimination after Shayna tosses her out.
Jillian Hill is next out and Billie Kay couldn’t be happier. Jillian agrees to team and be Jilly and Billie.
Ruby Riott is number 9 doing her best Joker cosplay.
Victoria has made her return to WWE and is the next one out there. She is looking bigger than I remember.
Peyton Royce is number 11 with Billie Kay still in the ring. Doesn’t take long for Billie and Peyton to try the Iiconics pose but Ruby Riott doesn’t look happy about it.
Widows Peak from Peyton before Victoria hits one on her.
Santana Garrett is our next in while Bianca Belair fights to stay in.
Liv Morgan is next out to join her Riott Squad teammate.
Jillian is out after getting eliminated by Billie Kay when their team implodes. Riott Squad then eliminate Billie Kay.
14th entrant is Rhea Ripley who is likely about to eliminate a lot of people. Toni Storm is her first elimination.
Charlotte Flair is next out with Dana Brooke next at 16.
Torrie Wilson is out next as she likely has something to promote.
Dana Brooke gets eliminated after Rhea Ripley powerbombs her on the hardest part of the ring.
Lacey Evans is 18th entrant wearing Ric Flair’s robe after Ric comes out before her. Charlotte attacks her immediately and they brawl on the outside.
Peyton Royce has been eliminated from Charlotte Flair. Torrie Wilson is eliminated after.
Mickie James is next out while Bayley gets eliminated from Bianca Belair.
Nikki Cross is next out looking so much different than what we’re used to seeing. Looks like she has actually washed her hair.
Alicia Fox apparently is back as she is next out but R Truths music is next and he comes in but Fox lets him know it is the wrong rumble. Now everyone is coming down for the title.
Fox wins the title in the middle of the rumble be pinning him.
Fox is eliminated by Mandy Rose after coming out and Truth pins Fox right away to regain the title.
Dakota Kai is the next one out. Wonder if Raquel will be coming out.
Carmella is next out with Dakota Kai being eliminated followed by Mandy Rose before Carmella gets in.
Carmella is eliminated by Nikki except Reginald catches her saving her. Carmella gets back in and eliminates Nikki.
Rhea throws Carmella over again and this time Tamina comes down and takes out Reginald causing Carmella to get eliminated.
Lana is next out making her return and immediately tries to eliminate Rhea but is unsuccessful.
Alexa Bliss is next out at 27 and is coming out like a house on fire.
After everyone teams up on Alexa the lights start to flicker but Rhea eliminates Alexa.
Ember Moon is the 28 entrant in the rumble with still a lot of people in the ring.
Nia Jax is next and teams up with her tag team champion partner Shayna to start cleaning house.
Nia and Tamina throw family bonds allowing Nia and Shayna to eliminate Tamina before fighting each other.
Nia just eliminated Shayna while we have waited a LONG time before the clock to come on for number 30.
Lana eliminated Nia as we FINALLY get Natalya to come out for the last spot.
Natalya gets beat down by Shayna and Nia who then go back in the ring to destroy everyone. As they leave they throw Natalya in the ring.
We have Bianca, Charlotte, Natalya, Lana and Rhea.
Natalya takes out Lana first leaving four.
Bianca eliminates Natalya as she is trying to eliminate Rhea.
Bianca and Rhea are trying to take out Charlotte Flair at this point eventually eliminating her.
Great back and forth Final Two. Don’t get these often in Rumbles anymore.
Bianca ends up sending Rhea over the top to be the winner and also be the longest woman to last in a Rumble as a woman.

Miz and Morrison are talking to who ever this Bad Bunny guy is.

R Truth joins the kickoff panel and Rosenberg low blows him and pins R Truth to become the 24/7 Champion.

The match doesn’t last in the ring that long and the brawl has started on the outside using everything they can.
Some sick swanton from Kevin Owens in the back of the forklift. A few good moves but this is not what people tune into the PPV for.
Reigns has speared Owens through the entrance set and both are down but Roman gets back up easily. Owens gets up at 9 by falling off the platform on to his feet.
Handcuffs have changed hands and Owens is handcuffing Roman to the bottom of the lighting grid but Roman knocks the Ref out before he can count to 10. Smart booking.
They try to unlock the handcuffs but they can’t so the new ref has no choice but to stop the count as it took a while.
Roman immediately locks in a guillotine to knock Owens out. That looks bad and that is how it ends. Roman retains. Finish ruined by the handcuff.

Edge and Orton or first two as we know from Backstage. We get Sami Zayn then Ali and then Hardy before Dolph Ziggler comes out and eliminates Hardy.
Carlito is back finally entering at 8 and he is looking good. Does a cool spot with Shinsuke and the apple.
Xavier Woods and Big E are 8 and 9 and start to do some team work.
Morrison is out next while Ali eliminates Xavier causing Big E to get pissed and eliminate Ali.
Ricochet is 12 with Elias is number 13 coming in and eliminates Carlito which is NOT Cool.
Damien Priest is debuting on the main roster at 14 and he gets to eliminate Elias.
We see Randy Orton getting attended to backstage after injuring his leg earlier.
Miz comes out and destroys the stuff of the Bad Bunny. Bad Bunny comes out and distracts Miz and Morrison allowing Priest to eliminate both.
Riddle is out next before we get Daniel Bryan at 17. We then get the Mayor of Knoxville, Kane at 18.
Kane eliminates Dolph Ziggler then Ricochet. Daniel Bryan then opens his arms for the hug with Kane for Team Hell No reunion. Kane then chokeslams Bryan after the hug.
Priest is able to eliminate Kane. I guess that is all Kane had to get for some more money for his town.
Corbin is 19. Nakamura is then eliminated by Corbin.
20 is Otis who starts suplexing almost everyone in the ring. Otis gets eliminated by Corbin though.
Dominik Mysterio is next out and goes right at Corbin and the two just brawl in the middle of the ring. Mysterio eliminates Corbin as the tussle over the top rope. Mysterio is able to get back in.
Lashley is next in and eliminates Mysterio and Priest before squaring off with Big E.
Hurricane is out at 23. Big E and Lashley eliminate him after he tries to chokeslam them.
Christian, yes Christian is out at 24 apparently cleared and Edge seems to be unsure how to react.
Lashley is eliminated thanks to everyone in the ring.
Edge and Christian embrace in the ring for a great moment. How long has it been since we saw these two wrestle together.
AJ Styles is out at 25. Rey Mysterio is 26. Omos pulls Big E out of the ring to eliminate him before throwing over the Announcers Table.
27 is Sheamus. Omos Eliminates Mysterio next and he is not even in the match.
Cesaro is next and we have a quick Bar reunion before Cesaro takes Sheamus swinging and almost eliminates him.
Seth Rollins comes out at 29 as his return to WWE and he and Cesaro go at it.
Braun Strowman is the final entry as we are all filled up. He eliminates Cesaro and Sheamus but AJ Styles is saved by Omos.
Strowman eliminated AJ Styles by throwing him out over a rope where Omos isn’t.
Getting a good spot with Bryan and Riddle doing some mat wrestling.
Daniel Bryan gets eliminated by Seth Rollins who was outside stalking the action for a while.
Riddle went over the top rope to join Rollins on the edge of the ring but Strowman knocks him off the edge.
Final Four are Strowman, Rollins, Edge and Christian. Strowman takes out all of them at this point.
Strowman is out with Christian thanks to Rollins before Edge eliminates Rollins for Orton to come out of no where for an RKO but Edge reverses and eliminates Orton to win the Rumble.

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