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Who will appear on Impact as the crossovers continue to amaze the wrestling community?

Previously on… Violent by Design continue their war with Doering destroying Cousin Jake before leaving him a towel. Trey Miguel returning in the Main Event before Shamrock beats down a referee because of Sami.

Interested to see how Tasha Steelz is booked in this one against someone over double her size like Havok.
Havok is selling pretty good for the kicks and holds of Tasha so far after Tasha got Havok to the mat.
Havok making her comeback so it is not looking good for Tasha in this one but she is giving it her best shot.
Kiera gets involved holding the leg of Havok, Ref sees the two on the outside allowing Nevaeh to trip up Tasha.
Havok hits the piledriver and gets the pinfall victory thanks to the interference.
Post match, Kiera and Tasha are protesting and they may have something with Tolle being the referee. Conflict of interest anyone?

We now see footage from last week with Shamrock last week after Impact went off the air. Sami tries to get Shamrock to leave with him but Shamrock knocks out Sami.
Sami leaves the ring while Shamrock destroys the local indie guys wearing Security shirts. Frakenstein’s monster is loose.
In Scott’s office with Sami with Scott blaming it Shamrock on Sami. D’Amore says he suspended Shamrock indefinitely which Sami is fine with.
How long before we see Ken Shamrock in Impact again?

Tommy Dreamer is backstage with Rich Swann talking about how things are going full circle. Mentions Tommy giving up his spot for Funk and now he is the old man.
Rich says he wants Tommy to let him handle things in their tag match tonight so they can have Dreamer at full strength for their match at No Surrender.

Good Brothers are promoting their match tomorrow night on Beach Break with Kenny Omega against Jon Moxley, Pac and Rey Fenix.
James Storm and Chris Sabin come in letting them know their issues with them. Sabin calls them ballless wonders.
Good Brothers say, they’re the champs so respect or not, no reason to fight them.
Storm says that’s fine they can just fight now and leads to Good Brothers making a match with them for next week.

Austin coming down with Fulton but Alexander all by himself now.
Great hulk up from Josh Alexander after taking the beating from Fulton and puts on the Ankle Lock.
Fulton gets out of the Ankle Lock by sending him to the outside but Austin plays nice as Fulton still has things in control.
Great move from Fulton by pulling him off the mat and hitting him with a chokeslam on one move.
Alexander hits a J Driller that D’Lo says should be called Alexander the Great and gets the pinfall victory out of nowhere.

Brian Myers music hits and he comes out wearing an eye patch to sell his eye attack by Eddie Edwards last week.
Love that Brian Myers turned his love of ECW into a shirt of his own.
Myers says that Eddie Edwards’ trainer, Killer Kowalski, would be embarrassed of the backyarder Eddie has become.
Myers says he can’t fight Eddie at No Surrender and then Eddie comes out to attack him. Hernandez comes out to help Myers only for Cardona comes down to save Eddie.
Myers said Eddie and Hernandez will be fighting at No Surrender.

Into Swinger’s Office where Bravo is taking the money from Alisha and Fallah.
Alisha tells Swinger that Bravo needs more pay but Swinger points out why Bravo is lucky to have a job.
Fallah Bahh makes a joke about it being Groundhog Day. Good work from Impact to have that air on Groundhog’s Day.

Backstage we see Matt Cardona and Eddie Edwards walking backstage with Eddie suggesting they make the match at No Surrender a Tag Team Match instead.

Can’t say how much I love this version of Crazzy Steve than his regular blind crazy clown gimmick.
Crazzy Steve is able to break up a pin from Larry D by biting the arm of Larry.
Larry D is playing up the “Jail changed me” thing now yelling that Steve doesn’t know what it is like.
Crazzy Steve has used his teeth multiple times to get out of holds from Larry D.
All the biting is not going to stop a huge right hand to the face. Larry D is able to get the pinfall victory.
Post match, Rosemary stares down Larry D and Acey Romero and they both back away and head to the back.

Gia Miller is not interviewing Trey Miguel on him coming back to Impact Wrestling. He said people have only seem him walk with two crutches since before Impact.
This is his way to prove he can stand on his own two feet before the hack happens and Sami appears sending Gia off.
Sami says Trey has zero loyalty for throwing his boys under the bus when they have only been gone for a cup of coffee.
Sami gets in the head of Trey telling him to look at himself in the mirror before walking off.

XXXL are now being interviewed in the back about their hesitation about attacking Rosemary out there.
Larry D says it doesn’t matter who they are, XXXL are not scared of anyone. Tenille and Kaleb with a K comes in to offer her services to fight Rosemary.
Looks like we have a match at No Surrender with XXXL and Tenille against Decay and a mystery partner.
Who will team up with Decay at No Surrender? Maybe offer Big Money Matt some money to lend them the services of Broken Matt?

Susan makes everyone wai while she slowly takes off her glasses but when she does the same with her jacket Jordynne attacks.
Kimber Lee and Deonna waste no time to attack Jordynne behind the back of Hebner.
Susan starts arguing with Jazz allowing Kimber Lee and Deonna to pounce behind Hebner’s back again.
Things breaking down leading to Jazz and Jordynne fighting Kimber Lee and Deonna.
Grace is able to get the eventual pinfall victory but we had to know this was breaking down.
Post match, the heels start the beat down with the numbers until ODB comes running down to make the save and her return to Impact.

Private Party are in the back with Matt Hardy freaking out about the matches they have coming up.
They take the opportunity to push the match tomorrow night with the number one contender battle royale and their “bonus” to take out the Young Bucks.

TK breaking out the big bucks to have his Paid Ad in the second hour to promote Beach Break tomorrow night. TK heeling it up saying no one here knows about big cards.
He mentions letting Moxley go to NJPW to defend the US Title.

Backstage, Jordynne, Jazz and ODB talking about ODB saying she had her food truck outside and wanted to stop some bullying.

Seems like Rohit does watch the show as he appears to be aware that this is match without the title on the line. See how it is done WWE?
TJP dropkicked out of the ring by Rohit after TJP does his hangout in the ropes spot. This is our commercial break moment.
Back with Rohit in control of TJP stomping away at him in the corner.
Thanks to the commercial break this is actually our longest match of the night so far with TJP making his comeback.
Loved the move by TJP flipping and hitting the feet in the jaw of Rohit coming off the top turnbuckle. TJP went under the ring but Mahabali Sheera comes out from under the ring with TJP.
Sheera destroys TJP and throws him back in the ring so Rohit can get the pinfall victory.
Post match, Rohit taunts TJP with the X Division Title letting him know he was his shot.

Video promo from Eric Young and Violent by Design to explain why they didn’t end Cousin Jake last week. He says this is family and Jake is family.
EY is offering Cousin Jake a spot that Eric Young will not offer to everyone.

Interview backstage after the break with Cousin Jake about what Violent by Design just offered him. He says they will have his answer next week.

Is Dreamer just wearing his Cody team jacket from All In? Does he just repurpose all his stuff?
Dreamer and Bey starting the match out with neither getting an advantage impressing Chris Bey.
I don’t think it is ever going to be a compliment to say something is starting to look like Terry Funk.
Back to the action from commercial with Moose taking it to Dreamer before Swann tags in.
Really liking the slow build of Moose and Rich Swann. Both men should look like a million bucks if we ever get that unification match.
Really good job booking this with Tommy showing off a few different moves in order to build to his match against Swann.
Dreamers avoids the Spear from Moose with Moose spearing Swann. Moose turns it into the pinfall to get the victory as Bey holds Dreamer off.
Post match, Spear for Dreamer and he single handedly destroys both Dreamer and Swann before holding up both the Impact and TNA World Title before dropping the Impact title on Swann.

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