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AEW Dynamite this week is themed Beach Break featuring the scheduled wedding of Penelope Ford and Kip Sabian.

It’s Wednesday. You know what that means! We’ve got Beach Break and will finally have the wedding between Penelope and Kip!

Did anyone else think Acclaimed should’ve just get thrown out by everyone else right at the start of the Battle Royal, even before the Bucks?
Still great seeing Sammy Guevara get that Superkick from Matt Jackson.
How does the bell ring to start the Battle Royal when only three people total are in the ring?
Awesome spot with Grayson trying to powerbomb Hager out without his feet touching anything. Hager gets eliminated by Silver knocking him off.
Dark Order did a great job working together even if Silver is the only one left until Proud N Powerful take him out.
Young Bucks are starting to take out most of the inner circle ignoring Jungle Boy.
Good Brothers come out and low bridge the rope causing Private Party to get eliminated before Young Bucks are eliminated by Inner Circle’s Jericho and MJF.
Sammy, MJF and Chris Jericho are left with one member of Acclaimed, one member of Top Flight and Jungle Boy leading to 3 on 3.
Shocking nothing bad really goes down with MJF and Sammy as MJF gets eliminated leaving Darius Martin with Sammy and Jericho.
Jericho accidently eliminates Sammy leading to Jericho eliminating Martin and we have Bucks vs. Jericho and MJF for the Tag Titles.

We are getting a video package hyping Jade as a beast who can weight lift a lot. This is the promo they needed to give her because she doesn’t say a word.

Tony is in the ring so Sting must be coming out soon. Darby Allin is coming out first though apparently.
Sting is next out. I guess Moxley is back and took back the side door entrance key as they both come out from the ramp.
Before Darby can say anything about fighting Joey Janela next week, Team Taz come on the screen saying they’re not allowed in the building tonight.
They basically say they’re going to interfere next week and Sting says they’re all in trouble.

Video promo on the history behind Rosa and Britt before the match coming up next.

Rosa hits the ring quickly and dumps Reba out of the ring but Britt is able to go for the Lock Jaw but Rosa escapes.
Nice spot with Britt pulling Rosa against the ringpost working over the shoulder.
Our first picture in picture of the night as Rosa is working her way back in to the match.
Back from commercial with Britt trying to hit a move on the ramp but Rosa hits a Death Valley Driver on the ramp.
Rebel sends the glove to Britt who then goes for the lock jaw but Rosa Fights it off.
Death Valley Driver from Rosa in the middle of the ring but kick out at two by Britt.
Rebel gets right in the ring and takes off a turnbuckle pad but is kicked out of the ring after Rosa drops her.
Rosa gets put in the exposed turnbuckle by Britt before Baker puts on the lock jaw on the knocked out Rosa to get the victory by TKO. Probably Britt’s best match since the broken nose incident.
Post match, Doc Sampson gets in the ring to check on Rosa.

From after the show last week we see Tony interviewing Matt Hardy and Hangman about sharing a locker room and forming a tag team to take out Serpentico and Luther.

Matt Hardy tells Hangman that he wants to start this one out. Obviously trying to build the trust.
Chaos Project beating down Matt Hardy allowing Hangman to get the hot tag.
Hangman tries to line up Serpentico but Luther pulls him off the apron. Hangman still gets it and Hardy tags himself in to get the pinfall victory.
Post match, we see Hangman unsure how to react to the win with Hardy.

Video promo on the AEW Women’s Eliminator Tournament.

Marvez is in the back as MJF and Jericho come out with a cooler to celebrate winning the battle royal.
Sammy seems sad as the other members are sad about it with Sammy asking why they’re always collateral damage.
Jericho goes after Sammy as MJF wants to have a private conversation with the rest.

Tony is in the back interviewing Miro, Charles the Butler and the Groom Kip.
Vicki comes in to say it is time and they head off towards the ring.
Father James Mitchell is officiating the wedding. Do they not realize someone got shot the last time he was the official?
Jerry Lynn is walking Penelope Ford to the ring.
The vows are pretty funny with them being as superficial as their characters would dictate.
They have both said I do and rings have been exchanged.
James Mitchell is asking if anyone objects but Miro stops him from asking bringing up his history with that question.
They actually get married without anything stopping them at that time.
Miro is now going to toast the newlyweds forcing Chuck to get the drinks.
Someone is under the cake behind them right? Has to be Cassidy, right?
Miro talks about him being a present for Kip before asking about the huge gift which is apparently from Chuck. Miro destroys it.
Miro is now starting to sing with the crowd “What is Love” before they want cake. Miro has actually been cuffed while Chuck attacks Kip and Penelope goes into the cake.
Orange Cassidy appears from under the cake as expected and Cassidy hit Kip with a vertebreaker.

We are seeing a promo by Shaq from Inside the NBA challenging Cody on Dynamite.
Shaq shows us his finisher which is called the Black Tornado which looks like the Judas Effect.
It is going to happen on March 3rd on Dynamite.

Archer wastes no time and heads straight for Kingston in the ring to start the match.
Archer trying to destroy anyone who comes near him but sends himself into the ringpost.
Another picture in picture for this one as Eddie Kingston just keeps tossing Archer out to the Lumberjacks so Butcher and Blade could destroy him.
Back from commercial with the Lumberjacks trying to attack each other. Shouldn’t the Lumberjacks be six feet apart?
Bunny gets in the ring and jumps on the back of Archer but before he can hit her with a move, Kingston backhands him.
Roberts takes out Evans or Angelico on the outside and one or both of them look like they got hurt.
Bear Country enter the ring when Butcher and Blade bring a table in the ring sending Blade through it.
Black Out from Archer on Kingston and he gets the pinfall victory to even the series at 1.

Video promo from FTR who are not allowed there as they got suspended. They are pushing that they got ratted on but the beat down was on tv.
They have Marko Stunt locked up and gagged. Interesting twist.

Joey Janela is now cutting a promo on his TNT Championship match against Darby Allin. He talks about how they have a history of destroying their bodies against each other.

Don Callis is going to be on commentary because it is a Kenny Omega match.
Pac and Fenix coming out of the Moxley door since they are teaming with him.
Anyone else remember when Moxley and Pac wanted to kill each other?
Sweet looking Snap Dragon Suplex from Kenny Omega that looked like it could destroy the neck of Fenix.
Lots of back and forth here to make sure no one looks bad here.
Fenix looked liked her could have destroyed his knee going over the top rope on Doc Gallows outside.
Pac hits a 450 splash on the pin attempt by Omega allowing Moxley to get out of it.
Doc Gallows gets the pinfall on Fenix and they continue to beat them down until Archer comes out to take on the Good Brothers as Omega and Moxley are alone together.
KENTA just attacked Moxley from behind to debut on AEW. KENTA is automatically better in AEW than he ever was in NXT after just one segment.
The Real Bullet Club has arrived in AEW.

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