Edge appears on NXT for the First time as the Dusty Classic and the Road To Takeover continue.

Get our recap of the Dusty Classic winners as well as the situation with Finn Balor, the UE and Dunne.

Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez are walking backstage saying next stop for them will be Takeover.

Is seeing the shoulder blades of Raquel Gonzalez supposed to be intimidating?
Kacy and Kayden get a picture in picture promo from earlier today saying they shocked the world and will continue doing so.
Kacy and Kayden are wearing gear that looks like Fabricland had a discount on Neon Green.
Things break down and all four are in the ring for Kayden to give a kick that may have accidently got a little too stiff on Dakota who instantly rolls out of the ring and out of sight.
Kacy and Kayden hit the Private Party silly string move. Who isn’t doing this move now?
Raquel sends Kayden flying off the mat as she was distracted by Dakota Kai on the outside before the commercial break.
Kayden trying to fight off Raquel to get the Hot Tag to Kacy as we return from the commercial.
Kacy Catanzaro hits a sick move over the Pillar at ringside on to both Dakota and Raquel.
Sick double team by Dakota and Raquel with the Assisted Pele Kick.
Kacy Catanzaro is going to seriously going to hurt someone one of these days with that finisher of hers off the top turnbuckle.
Raquel plants Kacy and gets the pinfall victory to move on to the finals in a good showing from Kacy and Kayden.
Post match, the winners celebrate before we see this graphic.

Vic and Beth give Wade an apple pie and a picture of Hacksaw to celebrate his citizenship.

Toni Storm is now being interviewed about her triple threat match being made for the NXT Women’s Title at Takeover.
Toni Storm calls Mercedes Martinez dead weight which I doubt will sit well with her.

Theory and Gargano walking backstage to push Theory has a match next.
Funny bit with Gargano having to make sure Theory keeps walking in the right direction. How dumb are they going to make Theory?

William Regal is backstage talking with Edge to help promote he is in the building.

Leon Ruff went from being the North American Champion fighting Priest and Gargano to not even getting an entrance against Theory?
Loved Theory’s entrance with Gargano appearing with the goofy face from behind Theory.
What is the Over/Under before Kushida comes out here to fight with Gargano?
Wade Barrett actually made an Isaac Yankem joke during the match about how bad Ruff is going to be after this match.
Gargano tried to get involved behind Parler Ref’s back but Ruff keeps fighting off and avoiding him.
Indi Hartwell and Candice come out to check on Johnny but Ember and Shotzi come out to take them off.
With the ref distracted, Ruff plays the Eddie Play and slaps his hands and lays down pretending Gargano hit him causing Parler Ref to eject Gargano.
Ruff hits his cutter on Theory but Austin is too close to the ropes and breaks up the pinfall.
Theory hits his All Day, Every Day and gets the pinfall victory.
Post match, Theory beats down Ruff further even going as far to grab the ring bell before Lumis appears pulling out some of the hair of Theory.

Video Promo from Legado Del Fantasma about them facing Lucha House Party in the Dusty Classic and Santos defending his Interim Cruiserweight Championship against Stallion tonight.

We are getting a video promo now that looks like we are going to get Xia Li’s crew backstory.
It is an animated story telling about a Brother and Sister fighting over a throne that the Sister won. She is apparently the lady controlling Boa and Xia Li.

Glad to hear Wade Barrett call out Beth Phoenix for saying it is bad that Legado Del Fantasma only want to be at the top.
Joaquin Wilde takes out Gran Metalik on the outside going between the turnbuckles to get him as we head to a commercial break.
Coming back with Raul Mendoza in control of Metalik on the top turnbuckle as Metalik makes his comeback powerbombing Mendoza into the mat.
Wilde trying to get the tag to Mendoza but he is not there and ends up just barely kicking out of a pinfall before Mendoza finally is back to break up the next pin attempt by Lucha House Party.
The Wilde double DDT could have been good if not for not having hold of one of the Lucha House Party members.
Don’t like Lucha moves where guys are literally just standing there waiting for a move to be done on them.
Legado Del Fantasma pull out the victory with a pinfall after Wilde hits the running kick.
Post match, they watch as the graphic shows them moving on to the Semi Finals to face MSK.
MSK then come out to cut a promo on Legado Del Fantasma.

Basckstage, Dunne and the Tag Team Champions are showing up to the building with Dunne saying he wants to go get Balor.

Timothy Thatcher and Tomasso Ciampa are seen getting ready backstage as they are in the Main Event tonight.

Pete Dunne and the NXT Tag Team Champions are making their way to the ring likely to call out Finn Balor.
Pete Dunne said don’t force him to make it any more clear than last week that he is not waiting for his championship match.
Finn’s music hits and out he comes with Microphone already in hand. He says he can’t be waiting in line when hiding behind two clowns.
Dunne shows he is not worried and tells Danny and Oney to head out of the ring.
Finn Balor says he has his chance and they will face at Takeover for the NXT Championship.
Edge’s music then hits and he comes out to join the NXT Championship party to tease he could fight for it at Mania.
Edge says in WWE the emphasis is usually on the E but in NXT it is on the second W. He says watching NXT helped him find his passion again.
Edge said that he will be watching the match at Takeover and that he has never had the NXT Title. If he hasn’t made his choice by Takeover, their match may make up his mind.

Johnny Gargano is being interviewed about what happened earlier with Dexter/Theory and Indi & Candice with Ember & Shotzi.
He is then informed that he will be facing Kushida at Takeover defending the North American Championship.

Johnny now at Regal’s office about the news he is facing Kushida but Kushida opens the door and the two are now brawling but lucky right into a room with officials who hold them apart.

I have a feeling one of two things happen, Toni Storm destroys Kamea or Mercedes rejoins the Robert Stone Brand and attacks because of Toni’s earlier comments.
We are told during the match, because apparently viewers need to be spoon fed, that Jessi Kamea is now part of the Robert Stone Brand.
Here is Mercedes but Jessi takes offence leading to Mercedes attacking her first leading to the DQ or match being thrown out.
Io makes her way down to the ring slowly then just sits on the top turnbuckle watching Toni and Mercedes destroy each other before picking her moment.

Curt Stallion trying to sell himself again to promote his match against Santos for the Interim Cruiserweight Championship.

Cameron Grimes video promo time to help keep him in our heads while they don’t have anything for him this week.

If they had been smart with the booking, they could have had Escobar “attacked” backstage unable to compete to further push the match to TakeOver. Would have got Escobar as a heel more over knowing the attack likely was staged by them.
Did you know Stallion is from a Small Town in Texas? If not, don’t worry as they remind us multiple times tonight.
Santos trash talking early on letting Curt know he doesn’t belong here.
Scarlett is seen on the podium so it appears it was a Tarot Card last week that Escobar had and explains why this match isn’t happening at TakeOver.
Santos sees Scarlett and just smiles at her while trying to destroy Curt Stallion but hits a terrible looking back breaker.
Escobar on the outside as we go to commercial he is looking to see if Kross is anywhere at ringside.
Back from commercial with Santos standing over a fallen Stallion on the outside before putting Stallion in the ring but only a one count.
Muscle Buster from Santos Escobar on Stallion but only a two count. Haven’t seen that move since Joe left the ring.
Stallion is finally starting to make a come back leading to Escobar to bail out of the ring but Stallion comes flying after him.
Santos finishes off Stallion and retains with a pinfall victory but he still seems unsure of Scarlett.
Post match, Karrion Kross makes his way to the ring and destroys Mendoza and Wilde on the outside leaving Escobar in the ring.
Kross tells Escobar that he is giving Santos the element of time but it is a double edged sword. He tells Santos to run along and Escobar backs out of the ring slowly.

Edge is seen talking to Bronson Reed before trying to leave the building. Karrion Kross then walks up to him. He tells him that it won’t be Finn or Pete holding the belt, it will be him.
Edge says words can be motivating and his words make him motivated to return, and Kross won’t like it if he does.

Great back and forth between Ciampa and Cole building on the long history between the two.
Thatcher and Strong both tag in to give it a shot to top that.
This match is suffering only from the fact there is no clear cut heels or faces in the match since there is no real story to make me care about these two teams facing.
Another great back and forth this time between Ciampa and Strong. They just chopped each other into oblivion.
Huge knee from Ciampa on Strong and Thatcher holds off Cole but Roddy kicks out at two.
Cole tags in and Superkicks everyone but can’t put Ciampa away just yet as he can still kick out at two.
Willows Bell on Strong who was coming back in the ring and Ciampa gets the pinfall victory for their team to advance to the Semi Finals.
Post match, we get the updated brackets showing Grizzled Young Veterans are taking on Thatcher and Ciampa in the Semi Finals.
Grizzled Young Veterans come out to stand face to face with Ciampa and Thatcher on the stage and officials come out to try to ensure nothing happens but a brawl breaks out as the show ends.

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