205 Live NXT WWE


Ever-Rise and Bollywood Boyz have entered in a truce, will it work out for them? Atlas takes on Grey in the Main Event.

Ready for the 2/05 edition of 205 Live!

How are we getting more Ariya Daivari and Tony Nese? Are there no other Cruiserweight’s available?
So one this is part of a truce signed between the Canadian teams with one of each team working this match.
Great to hear mention of Bollywood Boyz teaming with Jinder Mahal during the Superstar Spectacle India special.
Only advantage of three heel teams involved in the match is Nigel doesn’t have to pick favourites.
The story behind the match makes me think Nese and Daivari are going to get the win to feed the fire of a feud between Bollywood Boyz and Ever-Rise.
Hot tag to Martel who takes it right to Daivari before pulling Nese in to the ring.
Anyone else thinking Martel isn’t quite under the 205 limit?
Nese takes Sunil Singh out in the back while Daivari has a chain in his hand but the ref catches it but misses Nese kneeing Martel allowing Daivari to get the pinfall victory.
Post match, Sunil and Martel are discussing in the ring what went wrong before both teams start to argue with each other in the ring.

We get a recap of Legado Del Fantasma’s night on Wednesday with Wilde and Mendoza advancing to the Semi Finals of the Dusty Classic.
Stallion also is seen losing to Escobar with Scarlett looking on and Kross confronting Escobar.

Would anyone mind if I just referred to August Grey as Modern Swinger forever?
Glad to see that these two are getting the one on one match they wanted last week but had Daivari added to it to spread this feud out some.
Great to hear the Announcers go over the updates on the Real Cruiswerweight Champions exploits on NXT UK, beating Dave Mastiff even though the title was not on the line, obviously.
Atlas doesn’t not want to give an inch holding on to Grey non stop as they exchange holds. Atlas finally lets go to break a pin attempt from Grey.
They decide it is time to fight instead of just wrestle and the punches and kicks are coming out of the wheelhouses.
Wicked chops from Grey on Atlas in the corner and followed it up with a bulldog. This is a well booked match so far with the progression of aggression from both.
Atlas getting frustrated as he is taking it to Grey but not able to put him away with a pinfall yet.
High Cross Body off the top rope by August Grey gets a sloppy pinfall victory with Atlas getting the arm up right away.
Post match, Nese and Daivari hit the ring and attack Grey and Atlas to send a message.

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