Who will accept Jordan Devlin's open challenge in the Main Event this week?

Starting another week of NXT UK with the rivalries heating up.

Nina having someone bring out all her bags for some reason. The guy seems to have never pushed a piece of luggage before.
Nina gets the trash talk in saying it should be Xia pushing her bags which Xia, obviously, doesn’t take kindly too.
Xia doing a great job at taking it to Nina hitting Broken Wings and plants Nina face first but only gets a two count on her.
They go to the outside and are very close to the bags. Nina grabs two and uses one when the ref took the other.
Xia is knocked cold allowing Nina to get the pinfall victory.
Post match, Nina gets her spotlight while Xia deals with her sore jaw.

Sid Scala is being asked backstage about when the Tag Team Championship match will happen.
Jordan Devlin walks in asking Sid who is opponent will be and he doesn’t have an answer for him.

Jack Starz is being interviewed in the back about how things are going before Sid Scala pulls him away asking about possibly facing Devlin tonight.

While I would much rather see a Jinny match, as long as Jinny is around, it should be good. Like to see how they book Conners differently as a wrestler now.
Jinny talks up Conners when he gets sent to the outside. She tells him that Morrell is nothing.
Conners is looking impressive but he is not able to get a pinfall on him yet.
Beautiful DDT from Conners after rolling into it from a counter to Morrell.
Reverse Neckbreaker by Conners gets the pinfall victory for him. Looks like that is his new finisher.

Video promo to put over Sha Samuels now that we have decided what his name is going to be. He tells us he was a butcher before we see footage of him from ICW, WXW and Progress.
He put over the fact that he wanted to face the biggest in his debut and even though he lost he took Joe Coffey to his limit.

Xia Brookside is backstage looking for Sid Scala to tell him that she wants a rematch after what Nina did.

Really interested to see how they handle the conflicted version of Ilja Dragunov.
Tyson T-Bone gets a picture in picture promo saying he is not running from Ilja like the rest of the roster.
What all came out of Ilja’s mouth when Tyson T-Bone punched him?
Sam Gradwell as come out to taunt Ilja Dragunov telling him to watch his temper. He grabs a seat and just keeps talking trash.
The only way to make Gradwell harder to understand is to have him yell without a microphone and have announcers talk over him.
Love the matrix counter to get away from the clothesline by T-Bone.
Dragunov has rolled to the outside and Gradwell gets closer but the ref tells him to back off. T-Bone hits from behind putting Ilja in his trance.
Ilja starts striking T-Bone giving him the TKO victory but keeps doing it until the referee stopped him.
Post match, Gradwell keeps trash talking him saying he’s a child and Ilja attacks and goes after Gradwell.
For some reason, Ilja is unable to get over the barricade to get at Sam Gradwell.

Another video promo to promote the debut of Meiko Satomura. Nice to see footage of her taking out Jordynne Grace in Progress.
Great to hear Jinny talk about her experience with her and see the footage.

Sid Scala is apparently still looking for someone to face Jordan Devlin tonight.

Wow. Danny Jones doesn’t let us get a clean break and slaps Joe Coffey. Too bad that is going to likely be the last strike he gets in.
Coffey starts trash talking daring Jones to get a move in who is starting to fire up and gets a few strikes in including a knee to the face but Coffey quickly hits a belly-to-belly to get back on top.
Jones gets another shot in with his knee allowing him to get a sleeper on that is holding on as hard as he can. Not hard enough though.
Glasgow sendoff then Lariat for the pinfall victory for Joe Coffey.
Post match, Joe Coffey has a microphone to talk about how Rampage talked to him last week. Rampage comes out before Joe can get his catchphrase in.
Rampage says all you had to was ask, any time, any where and they stare as we move on.

Recap of the tag team elimination match last week with Pretty Deadly becoming the number one contenders to Gallus.
Pretty Deadly said Gallus elevated the division but it has got stale and it is time Pretty Deadly freshens it up.

Video promo for the Eddie Dennis, The Hunt and Webster & Andrews feud including Dennis costing the boys the match last week. This announces a street fight between the teams.

Great to see the confident booking for Devlin with him coming out not knowing who is opponent is and not caring.
Devlin is asking for a microphone to run down Sid Scala about having to find an opponent and says he will just ask for anyone to come out.
Bomber Dave Mastiff’s music hits and he makes his way out.
Devlin says Mastiff wouldn’t be welcome on 305 Live. Mastiff says he is sharp and everyone knows he is only keeping the title until Trent Seven can win it.
Mastiff says he is just here to kick his rear end and pushes him to the ground and we have a match.
Actually surprised to see Dave Mastiff pulled over a cartwheel before dropping his whole body down on Devlin.
Great to see Dave Mastiff move as fast as he does and great to see Devlin able to sell Dave’s power without looking week.
Good work from Devlin to realize he wasn’t going to make it back over the top rope and played it off like it is the exhaustion of the match and rolls under the bottom rope.
Mastiff broke the count like he knew that Devlin wasn’t going to go back in the ring. Mastiff goes for the cannon ball but Devlin moves and Dave goes through the barricade.
Flying headbutt from Mastiff off the top turnbuckle but Devlin is somehow able to kick out before three.
Slingshot Cutter from Devlin then heads to the top rope and hits the 450 Splash to get the pinfall victory.

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