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Beach Break is over and we are on the road to Revolution. Kenta and Omega take on Moxley and Archer in the Main Event.

Really interesting card tonight following up on last week’s show. Looking forward to the start of the Women’s Eliminator tournament.

Great to hear the announcers go over the history of Joey Janela and Darby Allin on the independent scene before AEW.
Anyone else hoping that we can get through this match without anyone bleeding?
If you’re Joey Janela, you don’t waste time when you have your opponent down. Almost like they want him to be more Heel than just Bad Boy.
Nice spot with Darby kicking the bottom rope while Joey was resting his head on it.
Great catch from Joey countering the Coffin Drop into a sick suplex.
Sick selling from Darby on the Piledriver from Janela.
Coffin Drop from Darby Allin and he gets the pinfall victory to retain. Shocked no one came out during the match.

Moxley cutting a promo backstage about Kenta attacking him at the end of last week. Mox shows the US Title and says February 26th but not the actual show name.
Moxley now talks about his match tonight with Archer with acknowledging their history.

Sammy Guevara is now going in to the Inner Circle locker room asking everyone to leave him and MJF alone.
Sammy says he watched last week and knows MJF is trying to take over the Inner Circle.
MJF accuses Sammy of hating Jericho which Sammy says back. MJF appears to have recorded him saying that so Sammy smashes the phone and punches MJF before walking off.
My question is why would Sammy care if MJF recorded him when we all are watching what is going on via the camera man he himself brought in? We already know the truth and thus Chris would too.

Is seeing Arn Anderson’s Son at ringside make you think he is who Arn was talking about on his podcast? And does he ever really look like Ole.
Is the Nightmare Family turning into a parody of WWE? Any one on Dark gets over they join the Nightmare Family and get filler roles.
What are the chances we see Arn’s kid team with Tessa Blanchard at some point?
Nice corkscrew from Lee Johnson over the top to the outside on to Bononi.
Lee Johnson rolled up Peter Avalon to get the pinfall victory being his first ever career win in AEW.
Post match, Tony comes over to the stage to interview Lee Johnson with QT Marshall and Dustin Rhodes behind him now as well as Cody and Arn.
Lee thanks his trainers in the Nightmare Family and that the Rhodes family is his family and they did this for them.

Earlier Today backstage interview with the Young Bucks about Jericho and MJF but end up asking Good Brothers to come in to push the issue last week.
Good Brothers deflect it on the Inner Circle leading to Bucks offering a title shot to Santana & Ortiz to next week.

Hangman is now being interviewed backstage about possibly being a tag team with Matt Hardy who walks in before Hangman can say no.
Matt says he rented out an entire bar and he walks off to get his phone but runs into the Dark Order and it is dating awkward.

So Ryan is from Hollywood, CA and his brother is from Hollywood, FL, get it? And he wonders why he is being called a copy of his brother.
This is basically Pac destroying Nemeth so the announcers have time to remind us that Pac is one of the only people to beat Kenny Omega in AEW.
Nemeth is able to get in a DDT to counter Pac but he just rolls out of the ring and takes back over when Nemeth comes out after him.
Black Arrow from Pac before the Brutalizer leading to Pac getting the submission victory.

Video package going over the events of the wedding of Kip and Penelope last week. Miro and the couple talk about what happened to them and blame Orange Cassidy.
Miro says he is going to put both of them in the hospital next to Trent. Cassidy responds with what did they think was going to happen?

MJF walks in late to Jericho for their match all bandaged up after Sammy punched him earlier. MJF tries to explain what happened.
MJF is showing how great of a seller he is holding his ribs.

Why would a referee allow a team to have a ghetto blaster or speaker in their corner during a match?
Back from commercial with MJF and Jericho doing the classic heel team move of pulling on the arm while doing an abdominal stretch.
Ortiz gets knocked out after going up on the ring apron which opens up Acclaimed to use their speaker but they only get a Two on Jericho.
Hager knocks one off the top and Jericho hits the Judas Effect to get the pinfall victory.
Post match, Sammy’s music hits while Inner Circle celebrate and he comes out with Microphone in hand.
Jericho asks Sammy what his problem is and Sammy says he told Chris if one more thing happened with MJF he would be done and he is now done with the Inner Circle. Sammy walks out through the face tunnel.

Sammy is being interviewed leaving the building and saying he needs time away for now.

Matt Hardy and Hangman are drinking at the bar with Hardy pretending to drink with him but just dropping the shots on the floor.
Hardy presents a contract to Hangman who seems ready to agree and signs the contract.

Another Tony interview on the stage with Sting this time. Lets see how many words he gets out this time.
Apparently it was one word before Tazz and Hobbs show up on the screen with Cage and Starks putting Darby in a Body Bag and dragging him behind their car.

Earlier today, Marvez is catching up with Kenny Omega at the golf course who tells him to shut up and watch this shot.
Callis can be seen kicking the ball away and putting another ball down in clear view of the camera.

Thunder Rosa says her three goals in AEW are get the AEW Women’s Title, get her NWA title back and to beat Britt Baker without rules.
Leyla definitely looked like she hit her head on the barricade on the Tope Suicida.
Back from commercial with Thunder Rosa fired up taking it to Hirsch in the corner.
They’re doing a good job at not burying Leyla Hirsch in this match.
Rosa gets the eventual pinfall victory to move on to the quarter finals.

Tony is talk with Jungle Boy backstage after asking for this time. Jungle Boy wants to talk to FTR. He says he came out a different man after his match with Dax.

Kenta coming out with his briefcase which must be a new one since it seems in perfect shape.
Isn’t the Go2Sleep Club the fan club of Raw and Smackdown?
Anyone else happy to see Jake Roberts is wearing normal person clothes and not Uncle Drug Dealer clothes?
Great to hear that the announcers let everyone know that Kenta is the only one in the match not to have been IWGP US Champion.
Kenta immediately put the Briefcase to use and takes out Moxley but it has no impact on Archer’s back.
Kenny is not happy that Kenta moved him to get at Moxley and start arguing.
Nice moonsault from on to Moxley with the trash can from Kenny Omega before Kenta dropkicks it in to the face of Moxley.
Archer brings in a red ladder to take out Omega and Kenta before throwing Omega into the set up ladder.
Back from commercial with Archer fighting Omega and Kenta at Avalon’s bed. Kenta takes offence to Peter not wanting him to use it so he hits Avalon with a GTS.
Kenta breaks up the pin after Archer throws Omega on to the Avalon bed.
Love that it is a Falls Count Anywhere but all four men are within feet of each other at all times.
Who else wanted to see Moxley or Kenta go into the Pepsi fridge?
Sick DDT that required Paul Turner to hold tables together. Maybe don’t set up spots on tables with wheels?
That V Trigger to Moxley coming off the turnbuckle looked more like a low blow from Omega than anything.
Kenta and Archer are fighting with Moxley on a table below them. Archer tries to send Kenta into the announce table but Kenta avoids and does a stomp on Moxley.
Archer showing no fear of Omega with a Kendo Stick and breaks it after no selling Omega’s use of it on him.
Good Brothers make their way out with Kenny set up by Archer. Archer is taking them all on but eventually they get the better of them.
Roberts even gets put down but Moxley has the barbed Wire bat to stop Omega from doing anything further.
Archer tries to chokeslam Kenta and Moxley but they low blow him allowing Good Brothers to hit a magic killer and v trigger from Omega.
Omega goes for the one winged angel on Archer but needs help from Good Brothers to hit. That is enough for Omega to get the pin on Archer.
Post match, Kenta continues beating down Moxley.

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