Meiko Satomura has arrived in NXT UK to raise the level of the Women's Division.

Another week and another hour of the best wrestling out there from NXT UK.
Wild Boar apparently has been taken out forcing Eddie Dennis to fight with Primate against Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews tonight.

Great entrance for Meiko Satomura seeing the different NXT UK Women backstage watching on to put over how big of a superstar she is.
Kay Lee Ray is seen watching the match from the spot where Gallus watched the Four Way the other week.
Great to see that they are not just making this a squash for Meiko and letting Isla get in some offense to look good in the eventual loss.
Scorpio Rising, which is sick looking finisher, from Meiko Satomura gets the pinfall victory.
Post match, Kay Lee Ray applauds with Meiko pointing at her and grunting before they just stare each other down.

Earlier this week, Rampage Brown was waiting in a board room and Coffey walks in when Johnny Saint appears on a video screen. Lets them know they are fighting next week.

Dani Luna Video promo is next as she looks to possibly get a story here shortly.

Another video package for Aoife Valkryie. Cryptic message about doubt in her abilities. Looks like we are kicking her gimmick up a notch as her eye changed to weight at the end.

During the break Meiko cuts a promo saying she is ready for Kay Lee Ray.

Time for Supernova Sessions with Noam Dar who has upped his game with a Pineapple on his set.
This week’s guest is apparently the best friend of Noam Dar, Sha Samuels. Sha even gets to sit on the sofa with Noam.
Sha is still pissed off about the stupid name he was given to start.
Sid Scala walks in telling them they can’t make matches on his show. Noam points out that Sid and Saint owe Sha one.
Noam suggests that they make a match between A-Kid and Sha for the Heritage Cup. Sid says he will discuss it over with Johnny Saint.
Sid Scala leaves and Sha starts to tell a story but Noam says his mother watches the show and can’t hear that one to end the show.

Earlier this week, Nina Samuels lets us know she is accepting the rematch with Xia Brookside but it will be under her rules. She says that the loser will become the others assistant for a month. Didn’t another show just do this?

Video promo from Trent Seven who is in the gym trying to get in shape and get himself to the 205 Weight Limit to challenge Devlin.

Only two matches half way through the show and both have been women’s matches. Interesting twist compared to some shows out there.
Really interested to see how the handle Piper Niven going forward after still unable to get over Kay Lee Ray and not many others for her to feud with.
Amale gets in Piper’s face right away and even slaps Piper but gets a huge slap back and Piper takes it to her.
Joseph Conners has come out to the entranceway showing it looks like Jinny and Piper are not done at this point.
Amale took advantage of the distraction of Conners at ringside but one good headbut from Piper leads to the Piper Driver and gets the pinfall victory.
Post match, Conners gives a golf clap at Piper’s victory and Piper stares him down from the ring. Piper yells at Conners “Where is she?” but no Jinny appearance here.

We see pictures from a contract signing between Gallus and Pretty Deadly for the title match in two weeks time before a full video promo for the match.

Before Andrews and Webster can get to the ring for their entrance, Dennis and Primate are attacking Andrews and Webster backstage.
Apparently, Street Fights HAVE to start in the ring so Primate and Dennis take Webster to the ring so the bell can ring.
Kind of love seeing Eddie Dennis wrestle with the tie and dress shirt.
The ONLY downside to Eddie Dennis is he is so tall that he looks way too skinny without a shirt on.
The referee has the black gloves on but can’t see who is bleeding at this point.
Great spot with all four men at ringside and they eventually all grab a chair and start basically duelling with them until Flash is able to bring out his helmet and get a two count on Dennis.
It appears Mark Andrews is the one busted open as he looks to have some blood in his mouth.
Nice double team move from Andrews and Webster to powerbomb Primate on the floor.
Primate is down and now Eddie Dennis is alone in the ring with Andrews and Webster both having Kendo Sticks and let Eddie have it.
Webster and Andrews are now introducing a table into the match while Eddie is down but Primate is starting to stir on the outside.
Flash is able to counter Eddie Dennis then Andrews avoided Primate who spears a table instead of Andrews.
Double 450 Splashes from Webster and Andrews and Andrews gets the pinfall victory on Primate.

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