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Moxley, Fenix & Archer join forces against Eddie Kingston and the Family and The Young Bucks defend against Santana & Ortiz.

It’s Wednesday and it looks like we are starting strong with Hangman Page on his way to the ring for some Live action.

Glad they showed the clip from last week since I apparently was more focused on Hardy and missed Hangman switching them out quickly.
Lots of heel work from TH2 in this one. Interesting that Page seems to be the only actual face in the match.
Either Hardy was early or Evans was late because it looked like Hardy’s knees were down before Evans came in.
Hardy tags in before Page can hit the Buckshot Lariat and then TH2 send him into Page.
Page comes back in to hit a Double Lariat to both TH2 so Hardy can hit a twist of fate and get the pinfall victory.
Post match, Page is looking pleased with himself even though Hardy picked up the win. Hardy grabs a mic and puts over Page and says he is excited getting 30% of everything.
Page grabs the microphone to let him know what happened last week. He brings out the Jaguars mascot to deliver the actual contract Matt signed last week.
The contract was a match between Page and Hardy at Revolution with Hangman getting all Hardy’s earnings if he wins.
Hardy says a fair man would put up their earnings as well. Hangman agrees to the Money Match.
Isiah Kassidy was actually the mascot and attacks with Hardy offering Private Party some money to kick Hangman’s ass leading to Dark Order with Negative One to save the day.
Dark Order is in the ring facing Hangman and they seem to be cool. Great opening segment.

Marvez is now interviewing Inner Circle with Santana & Ortiz talking about how this is their first tag title shot since coming in.
MJF then talks about Sammy being an idiot saying why would he record Sammy with a TV Camera showing them.
Jericho blames MJF for goading him but then says Sammy is dead to him because he made the wrong choice when he was trying to make Sammy better.

Recap of the World Eliminator matches from this past Monday before finding out the Four matches we will get this Monday.

Riho looks so much more comfortable with the smaller crowd. Although it could just be from the year of experience she has had since we last saw her.
Riho is really excited about getting a Welcome Back chant from the small crowd.
Serena Deeb is sporting a knee brace and we are hearing that she may have a knee issue that is nagging her and why she has not been on the show last couple weeks.
Deeb backs off the minute Riho puts the boot to the back of her injured knee to get out of the headlock.
Deeb blocks the 619 attempt of Riho before hitting her with a Guillotine under the bottom rope.
Back from commercial with Serena Deeb now taking it to Riho after Deeb had to apparently been seen by the Doctor during the commercial.
Riho was selling the hell out of the forearm uppercuts from Deeb.
Deeb counters the crossbody by Riho leading to Deeb working over the legs of Riho. She goes as far as hitting a dragon leg screw with Riho stuck in the ropes.
Riho hits her 619 on Deeb before a diving foot stomp to Deeb’s back. Riho goes back to the top while Deeb limps around and hits the Crossbody but only a two count this time.
Serena takes advantage of Riho bringing Deeb back in the ring and then sets in the Deep Water submission before Riho counters to a pin but only a two count.
Stomp from Riho to Deeb that Deeb sells like crazy but Deeb still is able to kick out. Neither woman can get that pinfall.
After multiple counters, Riho gets the pinfall victory over Deeb. Great match.

Video package showing the training of Jade and Shaq in some random gym where she can apparently hit more free throws than Shaq.

Chuck Taylor sent flying off the ring by Luther at the ring of the bell before Serpentico came flying through the ring to take out Taylor more.
Luther goes right after Cassidy after this and swings him around by his own shirt wrapped around Cassidy’s neck.
Chuck Taylor takes our Serpentico in the ring as Serpentico is getting ready to attack Cassidy from behind.
Orange Punch from Cassidy and he gets the quick pinfall victory.

Video package recapping Darby Allin’s last couple weeks.

Team Taz’s music hits and he comes out with Cage and Hook.
Taz is talking about how Sting was going to call them out saying this is the best time to do it since the snow took out half his people.
Sting’s music hits and he comes out to oblige Taz’s wishes and comes right into the ring with them.
Taz says Sting stepping in the ring was the biggest mistake he has made. Taz says Sting needs the bat which Sting throws down before throwing his coat in Cage’s face.
Cage just powerbombed Sting in the middle of the ring. I can’t be the only one who just gasped, right?

Backstage with Eddie Kingston and his family cutting a promo on why he wants to face Moxley, Fenix & Archer.

Marvez is catching up with AEW World Champion earlier today with him reading to young kids the Young Bucks book.
Did anyone notice that they forgot the Championship belt on the chair.
Apparently the kids hate Nakazawa and they beat him down while still leaving the belt. Who are they, Jericho?
Did JR slip and actually refer to Kenny Omega as the WWE Champion?

Young Bucks parents are at ringside to cheer on Matt and Nick in this match.
MJF is up on the ring and he has ruined it for the whole Inner Circle with Knox kicking out the entire Inner Circle from ringside.
Hot tag to Matt Jackson after we get back from the Picture in Picture commercial break with him taking on both Santana and Ortiz.
Santana & Ortiz counter More Bang for the Buck with Santana hitting Nick with a Falcon Arrow off the top but only a two count this time.
Ortiz has the submission on even after Nick tried to counter into a pin. Takes a flying elbow drop from Matt to break it up.
Doomsday Device by Young Bucks and they hit Santana with Double Superkick but Ortiz is still able to get there to break up the count.
Anyone else notice the random tag team belt sitting in the corner?
BTE Trigger but Santana moves and nothing but knee on knee.
Street Sweeper then from Santana and Ortiz but Matt Jackson is able to get there to break it up once again.
Inside Cradle by Nick Jackson after Ortiz taunts and Bucks successfully defend.
Post match, Inner Circle hit the ring and beat down the Bucks and Cutler who comes out to try and help the Bucks.
Good Brothers come out after Callis tells them to go out there instead of Kenny Omega.
Jericho then gets in the face of The Young Bucks father who pushes him back.

Brandi Rhodes has decided to reveal the gender of their baby to everyone live on Dynamite. Why is this taking up time on Dynamite? It’s a girl though.
Brandi and Cody then head to the commentary as FTR make their entrance for the next match.

On commentary, they announce that there will be a a ladder match at Revolution with the winner getting a TNT title shot. Penta is announced as being back from Injury for that.
Cody is going to be in the Face of the Revolution Ladder match, does this mean the Shaq match is not happening at Revolution now?
Back from commercial with Matt Sydal being able to get the hot tag.
They explain on commentary that the Shaq match is on March 3rd. Could have swore it had been announced for Revolution.
Cash Wheeler went in to that corner at high speed. That has to hurt no matter how much padding is in that turnbuckle.
Matt Sydal’s Brother botched from the top rope and barely lands a move off the top. Thankfully everyone looked okay.
Big Rig from FTR and they get the pinfall victory after pinning Mike Sydal.
Post match, FTR grab the medical kit of Doc Sampson and go for the scissors to cut the hair of FTR but then Lights Go Out.
Jurassic Express are all in the ring when the lights come back on. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus take out FTR while Marko yells instructions.

Video promo from Jon Moxley to push the main event coming up next. Moxley also talks about how he is going to take on Kenta.

I think the most entertaining part of the match so far has been Bunny running around and screaming at ringside.
Back from our final commercial break with Moxley pulling Bryce to get his attention as the heels are just destroying Archer behind his back.
Anyone else think that another referee for anything more than a Tag Team Match is not a bad idea?
Archer is eventually able to handle all three long enough for Moxley to take out Blade so Archer can take out Eddie and Butcher.
That spot with Fenix hitting moves on all three members before giving a small tribute to Eddie was great.
All six men are down and Bryce starts the 10 count. Mox and Eddie are asking for tags now as they are first up and staring each other down across the ring.
Archer uses Fenix by chokeslamming him into Butcher and Blade before diving on them all at ringside.
Moxley and Kingston are alone in the ring with Moxley telling Kingston to hit him. Mox hits the Paradigm Shift to get the win.
Post match, Good Brothers attack Moxley from behind and hold him while Kenny Omega comes out.
Omega says Moxley gets the rematch entitled to him in a clause of their last match which he gets at Revolution. Omega gets to name the stipulation which is an Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match.

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