Fallout from TakeOver Vengeance Day with Surprises galore.

Can’t be a post TakeOver episode of NXT with a full video recap of TakeOver.

Kyle O’Reilly starts walking down to the ring in the background of the announcers doing the opening hype.
Kyle asks for a microphone to say that he can’t make sense from what happened at TakeOver. He is still in UE gear.
O’Reilly is blaming Adam Cole for showing UE is going to be like every other group and he had to be selfish.
Kyle calls out Cole for his reasoning but Roderick comes out instead. He is trying to make sense for Cole’s action.
Kyle tells Roddy to stop and he doesn’t want to hear anyone else but Cole. He goes as far to tell Roddy not to get in the ring.
Finn is now coming out instead of Cole who apparently has something to add to the situation. Kyle tells him he doesn’t want to talk to him but Finn says get in line.
Finn Balor is blaming Kyle for offering the hand causing everything. Roddy gets offended but before anything can happen Dunne and the Tag Team Champions come out to attack.
Good segment to hold off on the Cole reasoning for kicking Kyle.

William Regal is showing us a message from Earlier Today by Escobar saying he is going home. The Match will happen on his time.
Regal is saying it will be next week and if Santos Escobar doesn’t show he will be stripped of the Interim Cruiserweight Championship and be suspended. I’m okay with this since it fits the story of on who is in control.

How great is Johnny handing out missing flyers for Austin Theory after Dexter Lumis abducted him at TakeOver.
Johnny is joining the commentary for this match to put over his quest to find Theory. Does he not realize Lumis took Theory? Does he not watch the show back?
Back from the picture in picture with Shotzi and Ember double teaming Indi and Candice who are hanging across the middle rope.
A white paneled van, seriously, is pulling up outside during this match. It looks like the one from Lumis vs. Grimes.
Johnny gets mad at Beth on commentary over using a Way pun. They are the only ones who are allowed to do that.
Took long enough for someone to mention to Gargano that they need to find Lumis first.
Another shot of the van outside and Johnny decides to leave commentary to go investigate mid match as we head to a full commercial break.
Back from commercial with Shotzi taking it to Indi Hartwell but only able to get a two count.
Love that not only are both teams wearing similar gear to their partner but the teams are wearing contrasting colours. Like with sports teams, it really helps with keeping track of things.
Gargano is now being shown trying to look in the van but the windows are tinted because of course they are.
Johnny shows up on the stage with Austin Theory but Hartwell gets rolled up by Ember Moon for them to get the victory.
Post match, Indi leaves the ring and joins the rest of the Way on the stage celebrating with Theory.

Pat McAfee is now seen from his private jet commenting on the death of Undisputed Era.
He wants everyone to tweet him that he was right and your apologies for thinking he was wrong.

Kushida is being interviewed when Bronson Reed comes in saying he is ready to take on Johnny and if some day it comes down to he and him they’d cross that bridge when they get to it.
Bivens then pops up about making a match between Kushida and Rust tonight.

Swerve is playing with Leon here taunting him on and taking the shortcuts to have control of the match.
Really good when you get guys like these two who have come up together and even trained together.
Swerve starts to get pissed as Ruff starts hitting him trying to get out of the leg lock Swerve has him in.
Really like Leon Ruff’s diving twisting cutter off the turnbuckle.
Sick looking clothesline by Swerve helped by the selling of Ruff.
Crucifix pin from Leon Ruff on Swerve out of no where to get the pinfall victory.
Post match, Swerve is not happy and smiling in shock over the result. He offers a handshake before beating Ruff down.

We get a quick recap of Last Week with the new issues between Kayden and Kacy and Xia Li and Mae Ying.
Picture in Picture promo after that from earlier today by Kacy and Kayden.
They really like highlighting the double team moves by Kacy and Kayden so glad they are getting a story as part of it.
Mid match, Boa is seen in a red light up on the stage allowing Aliyah and Kamea to take advantage of Kayden.
Kayden and Kacy get the eventual win after Kayden get the pinfall on Aliyah.
Post match, Xia Li appears at the top and her and Boa come down the ramp. Kacy tries to be the voice of reason. Xia marks her with the mark on her hand.
Xia Li challenges Kacy to a match next by saying she is going to purge her.

Backstage we are hearing from Malcolm Bivens putting over Rust and why he is going to lose to Tyler Rust tonight.

Beth Phoenix is in the ring for the Trophy Presentations to the Dusty Classic Winners. We have to get a video package showing their journey’s first though.
MSK get to come out first. Have to give NXT credit for pushing these guys to the moon. They come out with microphones and show off their excitement.
MSK let us know they are facing Danny and Oney on March 3rd for the Tag Team Championships. How convenient it is on March 3rd.
Dakota and Raquel are next out after being welcomed in by MSK who hand over their microphones to them.
The NXT Crowd actually give them a “You Deserve It” chant. It is great that everyone has been so behind them.
Shayna Baszler’s music hits and her and Nia Jax come out to confront their challengers.
Can hear a couple people yelling My Hole at Nia Jax as they come down to the ring.
Dakota introduces Raquel to both Nia and Shayna since Raquel wasn’t there earlier. Dakota says Shayna ran away after Rhea beat her ass, the Rhea that Raquel beat.
Shayna then tries to get in the head of Dakota by bringing up how scared she used to be of Shayna.
Dakota gets in Shayna’s face saying she is willing to kick Shayna’s head off right now.
Love seeing MSK and Beth Phoenix eating popcorn in the corner.
Maybe Nia Jax is mistaken about being the baddest. Maybe Dusty just called her the Baddest Wrestler meaning she was the worst. Cause, you know, Dusty.
Raquel finishes the segment saying she is going to take the Dusty boot so far up Nia’s hole she will never get it out.

We see Roderick and Kyle arguing in the parking lot without us hearing what they are saying.

Another video package highlighting the life and times of the rich and famous, aka Cameron Grimes. We then see he wrecked his car and doesn’t even car.

We then cut to a photo shoot of Io Shirai where Toni Storm attacks which was captured via the pictures.

How great of a heel manager is Malcolm Bivens becoming? Love that he books his guy against a bigger name but only when that guy is not 100%.
Smart stuff.
Kushida is looking a lot more vicious in this and going after the arm of Rust but Rust is able to counter by taking out the legs of Kushida while on the top turnbuckle.
Back from commercial just in time to see Kushida start to make a comeback against Rust.
Beautiful looking Axe Kick from Tyler Rust that reminded so much of the one Booker T used to do.
Kushida falls into a sleeper of Tyler Rust but is able to pull the arms apart before Rust tries another submission until Kushida tries to counter into a pinfall.
Kushida looks right at Bivens before locking on the hoverboard lock. Bivens gets on the mat to tell the ref to ring the bell and end the match.

Video package now to show off some highlights of Zoey Stark who is debuting again next.

A video shown of Eli Drake debuting on the TakeOver Pre Show on Sunday as LA Knight.
We then get an earlier today promo at the house of him about how everyone is talking about his debut.
Knight says he is going to claim his spot at the top because there is no one that can stop him.

This is obviously just going to be all about putting Zoey over with out fully squashing Valentina but it is close to a full squash.
All strikes coming from Stark who looks like she is toying with Feroz. She hits a sick looking GTS variation to get the pinfall victory.

Karrion Kross and Scarlett are giving us a video promo directed at Santos Escobar about the games he is playing.
Kross tells Santos he either shows up next week and gets Kross hand through his head or he leaves and gets the same fate but loses his title and is suspended.

Roderick Strong and Kyle O’Reilly do come out together wearing the same type of gear as usual but Kyle just walks straight to the ring.
Strong playing the role of the beat down victim and is able to eventually get the hot tag to Kyle O’Reilly.
Pete Dunne hits Kyle hard with a forearm to the Jaw. How long is it going to be before the Jaw is no longer targeted.
Things start to break down as we are getting closer to the end with Balor and Dunne now in the ring alone.
Ref bump as he was trying to prevent Dunne getting the title belt from Burch.
Cole then appears and throws Balor off the top turnbuckle before hitting a Brainbuster to Kyle O’Reilly on the steel stair steps.
Strong takes out Lorcan trying to use the NXT Championship but Balor then takes out Strong by accident which gives Dunne the chance to hit a Bitter End and pins Finn Balor for the victory.
Post match, Finn Balor gets superkicked by Adam Cole who snuck back around to get him from the other side.
We then see Kyle O’Reilly out at ringside still with help being called for while Cole poses over Balor.

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