Joe Coffey and Rampage Brown Main Event an storyline packed episode.

We open with Nigel and Andy going over the rules of the Heritage Cup matches in case we forgot.

Am I the only one who thinks the Heritage Cup is actually very light? Just seems no one strains or even has to flex to move it. Don’t blame them, who wants to carry around a heavy trophy?
Before the end of Round One Sha Samuels is able to make A-Kid tap with his Butcher’s Hook to go up 1.
A-Kid looks unsure what to do after that and just refuses anything and pumps himself up but Sha just moves out of the way and continues his beat down.
Halfway through the round with A-Kid trying to come back but Sha goes after a damaged arm of A-Kid.
A-Kid now just trying to get the sleeper on but Samuels keeps going to the ropes. Sha heads to the outside to waste the final few seconds but A-Kid takes it to him but round ends.
A-Kid gets a close roll up pinfall early on in round 3 but Samuels able to kick out.
Huge flying kick from A-Kid to the get a pinfall victory to even it up.
TIED 1-1
A-Kid starting off with strikes in Round 4 as Sha Samuels is starting to get gassed.
Sha Samuels kicks out with authority but A-Kid locks on the arm bar but Samuels somehow escapes.
A-Kid heads to the top but Sha Samuels catches him and dumps him and gets a very close pinfall but A-Kid just kicks out.
Ten seconds left with Sha going for the Butchers Hook but time runs out in the round.
TIED 1-1
Fifth round with Sha Samuels running into the arm bar by A-Kid after being hot from not getting the submission at the end of Round 4.
Sick spinebuster from Sha Samuels as A-Kid was flying at him from the corner.
A-Kid puts on his sick submission to make Samuels tap out in Round Five to retain.
A-KID 2-1
Post match, A-Kid celebrates with his Heritage Cup in the ring.

Video package highlighting the history of Rampage Brown and Joe Coffey. They include footage of their ALPHA division battles in Progress.
William Regal, Sheamus and Drew McIntyre even weigh in on the match up.

Video promo from Walter going over what makes him different to everyone else. He says him being NXT UK Champion will never change. This is to put over that he has now beat Pete Dunne’s record.

How long will it be before we can get a Ben Carter match without being reminded he was trained by Seth Rollins.
They have actually let Morrell get a lot more offence in this one than I’d expect with how new Carter is to NXT UK.
Morrell actually gets the Bow and Arrow locked in but Carter able to escape and lock his own in.
Frog Splash from Ben Carter to get the eventual pinfall victory in a surprisingly competitive match.

Joe Coffey is seen getting ready in the back by apparently making love to the floor. Seriously, go watch what he was doing.

Press Conference from earlier today for the signing of Meiko Satomura and Kay Lee Ray championship match.
We are getting questions in English and Japanese. Meiko says she will show Kay Lee Ray what a true champion is.
Kay Lee Ray says Meiko is exactly what she expected when asking for the best and she has to beat her to prove she is great.
Kay Lee Ray points out she is the first British NXT UK Champion. Forgot the first two were both Australian.
Really liked how they did the Press Conference angle here. More companies need to do these for their big matches.

Video package now for the feud between Nina Samuels and Xia Brookside leading to their rubber match.

Tyler Bate is seen earlier this week about getting out and getting some piece of mind. He talks about how that is just as important as the inside.

Well at least Aleah James is able to get her own entrance even if she didn’t get a video promo the week before like Dani Luna got.
James gets a pinfall attempt by literally just sitting on Dani Luna’s face. Got taking down with a hard Clothesline by Luna after it.
Anyone else think Aleah James looks like a combination of Bayley and Sasha Banks?
Sitout Powerbomb from Dani Luna gets her the pinfall victory as NXT UK try to make her out to be like Jordynne Grace.

Jinny with Joseph Conners are cutting a video promo on Piper Niven saying if she is looking for Jinny, she knows where to find her.

Video package to promote next week’s main event between Gallus and Pretty Deadly for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships.

These two are just hitting hard. Think of it as the opposite of Swann vs. Dreamer as this is 80% punches so far.
Sick spot with Coffey coming in flying to Brown in the corner but Rampage kicks Coffey out of the air.
Coffey hulks up after saying My Kingdom and hits the Glasgow Sendoff after hitting a flurry of moves but Rampage rolls to the outside.
Rampage runs out of the way as Coffey is coming at him for another Glasgow Sendoff on the outside and Joe goes straight into the Steel Steps.
Coffey is doing everything he can but is in serious pain as his wrist took all the impact of the steps.
Brown kicks the wrist then hits his sitout powerbomb to get the pinfall victory of Joe Coffey.
Post match, Coffey shows respect to Rampage offering a handshake as we go off the air.

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