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This taped episode is Main Evented by Rey Fenix and Lance Archer trying to qualify for a Ladder Match at the Revolution PPV.

Going to be very interesting to see how Paul Wight is going to be used tonight, as I am assuming he is going to be used in some way. What are the odds of him having a face to face with Shaq?
I just realized I am so old I remember Giant being written off WCW and Rock confirming on OTR that Wight was signed to WWF. Then Show debuting in WWF.
Within seconds I remember this is a taped show and won’t feature Shaq.

We get Jon Moxley walking to the ring to start the show as he is facing Nemeth who gets a quick video promo from earlier today inserted in.
Paradigm Shift and Moxley gets the easy pinfall victory after just a few minutes.
Post match, Moxley has a microphone and a chair and sits in the middle of the ring to cut a promo on his match against Kenny next Sunday.
Moxley says he is addicted to the blood, sweat and tears from giving it his all every night. Says the Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch is a trap but it is too enticing for him not to take part.

We are now getting a video package to put over the history of Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega in AEW.

We are getting an interview from last week after Dynamite between Archer and Fenix about their match tonight to qualify for the Revolution Ladder match.
Fenix says, in Spanish, that Archer is the worst partner he has ever had and they brawled.

We see highlights from last week’s brawl and beatdown of the Young Bucks by the Inner Circle.
Bucks are seen from Earlier Today arriving with their parents again.

Varsity Blonds are looking so much better as a team even just in their entrance. These guys are going to be champs.
Taz is heading over to the broadcast booth as expected. He is letting us know that Hook has the car running which is why he isn’t out with them.
Great spot with Brian Pillman tripping up Starks who sells it great going flying to the outside under the bottom rope.
Back from commercial with Team Taz beating down Brian Pillman Jr. which means it is just about time for Pillman to make the comeback and get the hot tag.
Man did they put over that Revolution is Sunday enough times? In all honesty, it is smart since I was shocked too seeing as they always do their PPVs on Saturday.
Griff finally gets the hot tag and takes it to Team Taz leading to the piped in crowd noise to go nuts for him.
Varisty Blonds are getting a great showing in this one with Taz losing it on commentary.
Cage gets the hot tag from Starks in hits the Drillclaw on Pillman Jr. to get the pinfall victory.
Post match, lights go out and we see a film of Darby Allin in a body bag be dragged in a car driven by Sting.
Film ends and Sting’s music hits and he comes out dragging the body bag on to the stage. When he opens it up it is Hook inside.
Sting points to the rafters and Darby Allin comes to the ring on a Zip Line and drops in to take it to Cage and Starks.
Darby and Sting stand tall as the segment ends. Best segment of the show so far.
Did any other older wrestling fans get nervous seeing Darby come down in the Zip Line?

Miro and the Newlyweds are being interviewed earlier today by Tony Schiavone about Chuck and Cassidy ruining the wedding.
Miro says he likes Charles and tells him through the camera saying he is always welcome to come back.
They get a note from Chuck and Cassidy asking if Miro and Kip to have a match at Revolution.

What is the over/under on the length of this match? Jake Hager is going to destroy him, right?
Hager is no selling everything Cutler is able to muster but Hager is destroying him as much as you’d expect.
Cutler was able to counter a move from Hager leading him to even hitting a Tope Suicida and a moonsault over the top rope to the outside.
Hager is easily able to gain control again by just catching Cutler coming off the top.
Hager hits a clothesline that would make JBL jealous to get the pinfall victory.
Post match, Wardlow, Santana & Ortiz hit the ring to help in a beatdown of Cutler until Young Bucks come down for the save.
Matt Jackson gets on the microphone saying they don’t have to wait until Revolution and call out Jericho & MJF.
The Music of Jericho and MJF hit but they appear on the screen from backstage saying they saw someone backstage and show Papa Buck all bloody. They then send him in to the back of the Truck.
Matt Jackson runs after MJF and Jericho but they get away in their SUV.

Back from commercial with Papa Buck being put in the back of an Ambulance. Was Papa Buck in a lot of 80s Horror Movies because he acts like he’s in one.

Video package highlighting the history of Jade, Shaq, Cody and Red Velvet. Great to hear from Red Velvet about her motivations.

Hangman goes for a big boot on Matt Hardy as Page is coming in to the ring.
Can we get a match on Dark between Page and both members of Private Party with $12 on the line. Call it a Small Money match?
TH2 distract Aubrey so Matt can stop Hangman from hitting the Buckshot. Silver and Reynolds come down to let Aubrey know what Hardy just did and he gets ejected.
Silver and Reynolds are staying at ringside to keep things even with TH2 still at ringside for Kassidy.
Back from commercial with Kassidy working over the arm of Hangman Page after Hardy smashed it into the ringpost earlier.
Loved the counter from Hangman pulling Kassidy against the top rope.
Hangman goes for a buckshot but Kassidy strikes him with an elbow. Hangman follows up quickly though by hitting a strong forearm out of nowhere.
Beautiful Death Valley Driver from Hangman catching Kassidy in mid air and fluidly hitting it.
Nasty looking Poison Rana from Kassidy on Hangman that legit looked like Hangman landed on the top of his head.
Dead Eye from Hangman in the middle of the ring and Page gets the pinfall victory in a better than expected match.
Post match, Matt Hardy is head on the speakers saying he is going to hurt the Dark Order to make Hangman pay.
Hardy then throws Alan Angels off the stage and throw a table looking to injured him.

Marvez arrives at a workshop where Omega is working with people about building something for the match at Revolution.

We get a recap of this week’s Youtube results for the AEW Women’s Tournament before getting the first USA Semi Final Match.

Britt is just walking around the ring to avoid Nyla’s attacks on her but doesn’t help with Nyla’s power.
Nyla threatens to destroy Britt’s leg again as she was the one who hurt Britt’s leg leading to the whole wheelchair gimmick.
Back from the break with Britt able to counter a suplex from Nyla Rose before we see that Britt took off a turnbuckle pad during the break.
Nyla hits Rebel with a cannonball but Nyla gets sent in to the exposed turnbuckle. Nyla is able to counter the Lock Jaw attempt.
Crucifix bomb from Britt Baker but Nyla kicks out but Britt gets the Lock Jaw put on but Nyla is able to break it.
Huge right hand from Nyla Rosa before hitting a beast bomb but took too long to make the pin and Britt kicks out.
Another Beast Bomb and this one did the trick and Nyla takes out Britt Baker.

Video promo to highlight the history of FTR and Jurassic Express leading to their 6 man tag team match next week.

Something tells me the rear end of Rey Fenix is not going to feel great in the morning after landing on the barricades outside.
Love the spot with Fenix flying over Jake Roberts to hit Lance Archer after Roberts pulled Fenix off the top turnbuckle.
Fenix and Archer are killing it right now with the fast action mixed in with Archer’s power. Love seeing Fenix trying to do power moves and Lance doing his flying moves.
Did Rey Fenix seriously just hit a Spanish Fly on Lance Archer from the top turnbuckle?
This is how you book a small guy and big guy to have a competitive match where either could win.
Blackout from Lance Archer and he gets the pinfall victory to earn a spot in the Ladder Match at Revolution.
Post match, Archer pulls Fenix up and offers the fist for a bump and show of respect.

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