What happens when Karrion Kross finally gets his hands on Santos Escobar in an Anything Goes Match?

We are opening with a killer video package highlighting the short feud between Karrion Kross and Santos Escobar.

After we cut to the ring the second Lumis is crawling across the ring towards the camera. Well done who ever thought of doing that.
Backstage, The Way are having a pep talk before making sure Austin Theory is okay to be out there.
Interesting to see Theory reach the wrong way at first for the no look High Five before doing it right.
Lumis goes under the ring and The Way look under the ring until Theory tells Johnny that he found Lumis all proud. Lumis is behind Gargano.
Loved the kip up from Lumis after ducking the running leg strike from Gargano.
Lumis stares down Indi Hartwell and she seems to like it to even mime to call her.
Back from Commercial, Candice keeps having to snap Indi out of some trance/infatuation with Lumis.
How is Wade Barrett the only one talking sense about Lumis kidnapping Theory? Beth and Vic are seriously justifying abduction on commentary.
Beautiful Slingshot Suplex from Lumis on Gargano. Very Tully-esque.
Theory is told to use the chair on Lumis but he won’t do it and starts talking to Lumis. Gargano runs at Lumis who moves and Johnny goes in to the Chair. Silence is locked in and Lumis gets the TKO submission win.
Post match, Theory is being scolded by Candice at ringside while Indi stares at Lumis.

We see Regal in the parking lot looking for Santos Escobar who apparently hasn’t shown up.

Video package now for MSK highlighting their Dusty Rhodes Classic win and further build their story. Apparently they have a lot of pictures of just the two of them without Trey.
Nash Carter talks about he got into wrestling to honour his dad who got him into wrestling as a kid but passed away his first year of High School.

Can Shotzi Blackheart ever talk in a tone that doesn’t sound like she is pretending to be tough? She just comes off as that one Punk Girl in high school that knew no Punk Bands but dressed like they did.

MSK are attacked by Grizzled Young Veterans when they are getting interviewed and appear to have injured Wes Lee’s hand/arm.

We see backstage where Bivens, apparently, earlier today, was stalking around the Medical Room again. He hears Ruff has now been cleared to set up a match with Rust.
Bivens is now cutting a promo in the ring about Leon Ruff being the son he never had nor wanted.
Before Ruff can get in the ring, Swerve attacks him at ringside and beats him down on the Commentary Booth before tossing Ruff back first into the hardest part of the ring.
Bivens raises the hand of Tyler Rust like he has won a match but the match doesn’t happen.

William Regal is seen backstage earlier today with Zoey Stark saying she is going to get a shot at Io Shirai but it is non title.
We get technical difficulties as Zoey is being interviewed but then we see a still image of Io Shirai before cutting to the arena for Zoey’s entrance.
We then see in split screen Io Shirai backstage walking towards the entrance. Obviously seconds earlier someone cut, accidently, to the pretape of Io walking but it didn’t start to run.

Back from commercial we See Cameron Grimes seeing the old clip of Million Dollar Man kicking the Basketball but missed the kicking part and ends up paying a guy backstage who easily dribbles the ball 10 times.

Now we are getting a recap of the attack on Kyle and he will be out 4-8 weeks after hurting his neck.

Is Io wearing her purple gear now to put over she is not a heel like when she was wearing the black version?
Is it any more obvious this match is solely to setup someone attacking Io Shirai? I love they gave an on air reasoning for the match, though.
Stark actually was able to block the 619 from Io Shirai but Io quickly regains control as Zoey tries to fly to the outside.
Back from a commercial and Io Shirai trying to break down Zoey who is giving it her all even getting a pin attempt on Io.
Both women hit a crossbody on the other and are both down but Zoey tries to roll Io into a pinfall again as they are getting it up.
They are actually making Zoey Stark look good in this one, they obviously have plans for her down the road.
619 from Io Shirai then hits the missile drop kick but only a two count as Zoey continues to kick out.
Moonsault from Io Shirai and she gets the pinfall victory after an interesting booked match.
Post match, Io Shirai offers a handshake in a sign of respect to Zoey Stark but then Toni Storm’s music hits and tells Io she is afraid to face Toni.
Io says she will fight Toni any time, any place, any where. Toni Storm says if that is the case, go to Regal and make the match happen.

The Way are trying to leave before Dexter can get them but Theory says he is misunderstood. Indi says she thinks Dexter is kind of hot. Johnny and Candice are flipping out over the kids liking Lumis.
Johnny says he is going to send Austin Theory to therapy.

Recap of the story behind Zia Li and Kacy Catanzaro leading to the match up next.

Cameron Grimes is trying again after apparently watching the entire Million Dollar Man video.
How does Grimes not realize everyone knows about this bit. She, of course, dribbles the ball out of the way and gets the money.
We are told on commentary that the woman he had dribble the ball is a former WNBA player.

What happened to the giant sword Xia Li was using for her entrance? Did they realize it is probably a safety hazard?
Kacy is able to duck out of the early attack from Xia Li and tries to take it to Xia but Li is able to catch Kacy pretty quick.
Nasty spot with Xia Li appearing to break the leg of Kacy who had her leg resting on the steel steps then pulls her up the steps by the hair.
The referee stops the match and awards the victory to Xia Li.
Post match, Xia Li stares at Kayden and Kacy. Kayden gets out of the ring and gets in the face of Mae Ying so Xia hits a spinning heel kick on Kacy and says Kayden is next.

Once again we see Regal checking in outside to see if Santos Escobar as arrived yet, which he hasn’t.

Video package time again, this time it is for Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax, Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai over the Women’s Tag Team Titles.

Grimes is outside the building trying once again but this time he just decks the guy before he can dribble even once.

Nothing should get you more excited as a wrestling fan than seeing Gibson coming out with microphones. They are telling us that they have been fined for their attack which broke Wes Lee’s hand.
Great line when Gibson refers to Dain & Maverick as Shrek and Donkey.
Team work is really developing with Dain and Maverick as Maverick is realizing he is the arrow and Dain is the bow.
How many times was Burger King said during this match? Seriously, not like I wasn’t already hungry.
Ticket to Mayhem by the Grizzled Young Veterans and James Drake gets the pinfall victory on Drake Maverick.

Legado Del Fantasma are arriving in their SUV but Santos does not get out of the car.

Killian Dain is carrying Maverick backstage when Imperium see and Wolfe comes up making fun of Dain for not being the monster he once was.

We see the entrance for Kross starting and The SUV in the back but then Kross attacks Mendoza and Wilde to start this in the back.
Cool spot with Escobar slamming the back of a Cube Truck on the back of Kross.
We have seen a pick axe get used as Escobar hides in the cab of the truck.
Mendoza and Wilde finally get involved and the three carry Kross to the ring after beating him down.
Kross starts fighting back throwing Wilde and Mendoza throw the glass and fence behind the commentators leading to a cool stare down moment between Kross and Escobar.
Back from commercial with Scarlett upset over Kross getting dealt with from Escobar. It is 3 on 1.
Great spot and great selling from Kross after Escobar puts the shoulder of Kross in a chair and runs it in to the ringpost.
Kross is finally getting his full advantage after taking out Mendoza and Wilde on the outside. Kross then takes Santos to the outside and hits a suplex through the commentary table.
Kross says times up, and hits the forearm to Escobar from behind and Kross gets the pinfall victory.
Post match, Kross and Scarlett celebrate while selling his arm from the match.

Adam Cole is now seen walking backstage as he is getting ready to explain his actions.

Video promo from LA Knight in his sportscar about when he may debut on NXT proper.

Adam Cole comes out and does NOT give the UE hand signal but does have the same music and entrance video.
Cole is shown the footage of what he did on the screen and he says he feels sick to his stomach.
Cole says at first he was pissed off that Kyle kept getting the opportunities and failing but is ashamed of himself after that footage.
Cole tells Kyle at home, since they can’t face to face because of him. Cole is being all choked up saying he was dead wrong because Kyle should be in the ring. Waiting for the swerve.
Cole says he will do everything he can to try and fix this and now Roderick Strong comes out saying he only feels bad now?
Roddy says this was built on Trust and Brotherhood and Cole shattered that trust.
Roddy says Kyle is going to strong but Roddy doesn’t know if he is going to be able to stop him from hurting Cole.
Balor’s music hits and he pushes Strong out of the ring and heads to Cole in the ring. Cole and Strong together are able to take down Finn but Roddy ends up clotheslining Cole when Cole tries to talk to him.
Cole keeps saying he is sorry and wants things to go back to normal. Cole breaks down crying and Strong doesn’t know what to do. Strong says he loves him and they are brothers and shouldn’t have clotheslined him.
They hug and Cole keeps saying he is sorry. There it is. Cole low blows Strong and tells him he is stupid and dead to him. Superkick and the UE is dead.

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