Nina Samuels and Xia Brookside fight to determine who will be the personal assistant of the other. Gallus defends the Tag Team Titles in the Main Event against Pretty Deadly.

Looks like we are going to continue the tradition and start with a wrestling match as there is a ref already in the ring.

Nina Samuels is a good professional wrestler, don’t think I don’t think that, but she is a character built around an entrance. These are characters that just can’t last long term.
Nina kicks Xia into her bags at ringside before rolling her into the ring so they beat the 10 count. Why wouldn’t she have left Xia out there when it was so close?
Nina swings Xia into the barricade and jumps back in at the 6 count so Xia is able to get back in before the 10. Again, why didn’t she take it earlier.
Nina wants the handbag and he refuses. She takes it from him and fires him. Xia kicks it out of her hand and wins with a bridge over pin.
Post match, Nina is all pissed off and can’t comprehend she has lost and has to be the assistant of Xia for the next month.

Gallus are getting ready backstage for their title defense in the Main Event tonight.

Another video package showing the progress of Trent Seven’s training.

Ilja is being interviewed backstage about how he has lost it the last two matches. Sam Gradwell walks in and and they are finally having a match next week.

Bailey Matthews looks like every jobber on Saturday Morning wrestling in the 80s/90s.
Split screen during Tyler’s entrance with Bate saying he wants Saint to find him a top challenger.
I take it back, Matthews actually looks like every serial killer on every Netflix Documentary if they were a professional wrestler.
This is actually a lot more of an even match than I had expected from the fact Matthews had no fanfare at the start.
Bate finally gets the pinfall victory after hitting the Tyler Driver.
Post match, Tyler Bate offers a hand to Matthews in a sign of respect and helps him to his feet.

Video package now to put over a soon to debut wrestler. It highlights his childhood. Devam Edeck is his name and he seems to be like an Eastern European poor kid who was tormented.

Joseph Conners is being interviewed about his changes but Piper Niven walks in asking where Jinny is. Jinny attacks Piper from behind after Niven slaps Conners.
Sid Scala breaks it up and Piper says she wants to fight Conners and Jinny and Sid says she can’t fight them.
Piper gets pissed and grabs Jack Starz who was near by and says he will be her partner.

Pretty Deadly are seen now warming up for their match tonight against Gallus.

Really interested to see how Aoife changes in the ring now with all the promos we’ve seen from her lately.
So far, Aoife is not fooling around and just sticking to the gameplan she apparently has in her head.
Lana puts her arm up and Aoife actually stops allowing Austin to roll her up but only gets a two count. Looks this is going to bring out nasty Valkyrie.
Leg Drop from the top by Valkyrie and she gets the pinfall victory to start her story. Very intrigued where this goes.

Nina is seen having to push her and Xia’s bags backstage with her heel coming off first and then dropping one of the bags.

Kenny and Amir are being interviewed about tonight’s main event with Kenny Williams saying he is ready to go and they have match next week.

Kay Lee Ray video package to put over her title reign before her match next week against Meiko Satomura.
Great to see the footage of Meiko from the UK indie scene as well as the Mae Young Classic footage.

I can’t be the only one who thinks Lewis Howley looks like Orlando Bloom’s Legolas, right?
Pretty Deadly are one of the few tag teams where you know they care about being a tag team more than getting themselves over in the end.
Great selling from Howley after Wolfgang splashed down on the back of Howley.
Hand it to the training in NXT UK with Howley holding the tag rope even while resting on the mat.
Coffey kicks out of a double team gut buster from Pretty Deadly.
Beautiful springboard moonsault from the second turnbuckle from Wolfgang.
Wolfgang chases Stoker allowing Howley to pounce Wolfie over the barricade.
Pretty Deadly double team Coffey in the ring with Wolfgang taken out. Ref removes one tag belt allowing Pretty Deadly to use the other.
Pretty Deadly hit Spilled Milk to pin Mark Coffey and become the new NXT UK Tag Team Champions.
Pretty Deadly celebrate at the stage with the tag belts with Gallus in the ring dealing with the loss.

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