Ryan Joy of Minutes To Bell Time is back with all the AEW Dark results.

Johnson, Solow defeat Louie Valle, Chris Peaks – 05:01

  • Solow and Johnson are accompanied by Arn Anderson.
  • Johnson hit the Blue Thunder Bomb on Louie Valle for the pinfall victory.

Red Velvet and KiLynn King defeat Ivelisse and Diamante – 07:10

  • Red Velvet hit the running kick to the face of Ivelisse to get the pinfall victory.

Top-Flight defeats Fuego Del Sol and Jon Cruz – 05:34

  • Top Flight hit the ice breaker to get the pinfall victory.

Gunn Club defeats Tony Vega, Aaron Frye, Angel Fashion – 06:10

  • Gunn Club used the 310 to Yuma for the pinfall victory

Abadon defeats RenĂ©e Michelle – 02:33

  • Abadon used the cemetery drive to get the pinfall.

Stu Grayson defeats JD Drake – 05:39

  • Grayson hit nightfall for the pinfall victory.

The Acclaimed Did a Rap on Preston Vance

  • It was the same as all Caster’s raps. 

Bear Country defeats M’ Badu and Baron Black – 07:28

  • Bear Country used the assisted splash for the pinfall victory.
  • The Butcher and The Blade attacked Bear Country after the match.

Uno, Angels, Cabana defeat Shapiro, Skyler and Ryzin – 06:15

  • Alan Angels hit the wing snapper and Uno used a flatliner to get the pinfall victory.

Max Caster defeats JJ Garrett – 06:07

  • Caster used a low blow followed by a brain buster and elbow drop for the pinfall victory.

TH2 defeats Shawn Dean and Carlie Bravo – 06:24

  • Angelico used the Navarro death lock to get the submission victory.

Orange Cassidy defeats Steven Stetson – 02:26

  • Cassidy hit the Orange Punch and Beach Break for the pinfall.

Chuck Taylor defeats VSK – 04:08

  • Chuck Taylor hit two piledrivers to finish off VSK.

Preston Vance defeats Daniel Joseph – 02:20

  • Vance used a powerbomb to get the pinfall victory.

SCU v. Matt and Mike Sydal – 09:15

  • SCU hit the Best Meltzer Ever on Mike Sydal to get the pinfall victory.

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