We get two title matches with the Tag Titles on the line in a Pure Rules match and Shane Taylor takes on Rush in the Main Event.

It’s Championship week on Ring of Honor! If you weren’t excited enough already, a cool package highlighting the Heavyweight title fight between Rush and Shane Taylor is presented.

Backstage we have La Faccion plotting to embarass Shne Taylor and perhaps use some underhanded tatics to do so.

Gresham and Lee look to kick our championship match off.
Dragon’s natural instincts fail him as he uses a rope-break with no real danger present.
It’s Kenny and Jay’s turn to a taste of the action. Lethal looks to lock in a figure four but King slaps him across the face and follows it up the the queen’s wave. Good stuff!
If at first you dont succeed, Jay gets his figure four on Kenny and quickly, LFI have 1 rope break remaining.
Dragon’s back in to try his hand with Lethal. While Lee is warned for the use of a close fist, it pays off as this leads to hitting a missile drop-kick off the top and a dive onto Lethal after he powders out.
Upon return from break, Lethal and King are the legal men. Lethal hits a nice dragon screw leg-whip from off the top rope and both guys make a tag to a fresh partner.
Lee and Gresham are slugging it out in the middle of the ring.
Gresham gets the better of Dragon and rolls him up for a pin. King breaks things up costing LFI their final rope-break.
Lethal looks to hit a suicide dive on Kenny, but Jay hits Amy Rose instead by accident!
With the ref checking on Amy, Lee lands a huge right hand on the chin or Gresham putting the octopus to sleep!
Dragon goes for the cover and we have new tag-team champions!
WINNERS: And “New” ROH Tag-Team champions – LFI – Kenny King and Dragon Lee (PINFALL)

Prior to the match, we get a passionate backstage promo from Shane Taylor surrounding what it would mean to him to hold the Ring of Honor heavy-weight championship. Great stuff from the big man.

Rush declines the code of honor and has a bit of profanity for Shane prior to getting this party started.
Shane Taylor scores first with a huge Ron Simmons style spine-buster on Rush.
Rush looks to get relief on the outside, but Taylor thunders Rush into the barricade.
Shane dims the lights of Rush by landing a crushing right hand still on the outside.
Taylor continues to dominate as he drapes Rush on the apron and plants Rush with a DTD onto the arena floor.
Rush finally gets out of the blocks hitting a big drop kick onto Taylor who powders to the outside.
Shane gets his bell rung by Rush using the barricade door. Rush slams the door on Shane’s head several times which makes sickening thuds.
Rush gets an extension cord from underneath the ring and begins choking the life out of Taylor.
Todd lets things go as to not ruin Taylors title opportunity.
Shane gets his bearings back and we have a slug fest. Shane hits a huge knee, clotheline and the Sky-high but only gets a near-fall.
Rush is able to get Shane up and over for a German Suplex and lands a running knee to face for a near-fall.
Rush lands a double-stomp from the 2nd rope but thats not going to put away big Shane Taylor.
Taylor lands a couple of stiff head-butts and smashes Rush to the mat with a huge piledriver. Rush kicks out before even a 1 count possibly.
Rush looks to create some seperation, but he accidently knocks Todd out after running into him.
Here comes La Bestia with a steel chair! Kenny King cuts Rush off from using it!
This is all for a gag as Kenny splatters the steel chair into Shanes face instead.
Rush hits the bulls horns and its academic. Damn you Kenny King!
WINNER: And “Still” Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Champion – RUSH (Pinfall)

Do you agree that non-pure titles can be defended under PURE rules?
Is LFI the number 1 faction in all of professional wrestling today?
Did Kenny trick you into thinking he was saving the match-up for Shane like I did?
Does this win cement RUSH as on all-time great Ring of Honor Champion?

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