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Shaq and Paul Wight both make their debut as we get the Go Home show before Revolution This Sunday.

Interesting to see how hot they start this week off being live and a go home show for Revolution.

Red Velvet has invested in some new gear for her highest profile match ever.
I expect something happening with Big Show in this one if we are starting off with it.
They have no choice but to book Shaq like a giant monster. If sold by the right people he could get over huge.
My chest hurt from the slap by Shaq to Cody. That was nasty.
Jade Cargill has tagged in and Cody gets out which means we are under WWE rules and not Impact rules for Mixed Tag Matches.
Jade takes a timeout from beating down Red Velvet to do Push Ups in the middle of the ring while the crowd count along.
Austin Gunn hit Shaq with a chair at ringside leading to Shaq taking out the Gunn Brothers and QT Marshall before Red Velvet moonsaulted on to QT, Cody and Jade on the outside.
Jade gets personal and locks on the Figure Four Leg Lock on Red Velvet while taunting Arn Anderson.
Jade is now setting up a table on the outside but this is not a No DQ match so Shaq doesn’t appear to agree with the choice.
Red Velvet goes to the outside and send Jade back in the ring before setting up a second time. If someone from both teams sets up a table, who goes through it?
So much no selling from Shaq but man did it lead to a beautiful Jackknife Powerbomb to Cody.
I thought Shaq didn’t know what he was doing by blocking the hard camera but then Cody sends him through the table in a cool spot.
Jade Cargill hits what I assume is her finisher and pins Red Velvet to get the win even though Shaq is out cold after going through the table.
Jade was definitely better than I had expected in this one and so was Shaq.

Back from commercial we see Shaq being put in an ambulance with Tony trying to get an interview but all of a sudden he is not in the Ambulance.

Not sure who these guys are but I am sure they lose on Dark all the time. They don’t get a lower third but are named by Commentary.
Pac and Fenix are just destroying them and get a very easy win to start putting them over as a team.

The Inner Circle make their way to the ring before their Press Conference which is coming up after this commercial break.
Dasha is the host of this press conference but apparently we can’t hear the questions as the microphone audio is done correctly.
Jericho name drops past tag partners including Big Show but says none of them were as good as MJF.
Conrad Thompson shows up to ask a question and MJF calls him Turkey Tits.
That Walker guy that was at NXT TakeOver when Eli Drake debuted asked the next question.
I wish I was so well off I could shop at Target. I have to shop at Cloud 9.
Eric Bischoff is asking the next questions representing his podcast and directs his questions to Jericho. He basically calls Chris stupid for motivating the Bucks.
Bucks music hits and they head out apparently not happy about the mocking of their father and the attack.
Oh we need a Ted Irvine vs. Papa Buck match on the Revolution Pre Show!
Matt says without Papa Buck, MJF would still be at home waiting for a call back from the Rosie O’Donnell show before saying Jericho would be jerking the curtain at the PC tonight.
Brawl has started with Brandon Cutler hitting the ring to back up the Bucks. Good Brothers then come out with a table to help put the Ortiz and Santana through tables.

Video package putting over the history of Moxley and Omega as well as putting over Deathmatches of the past.

JJ FREAKING DILLON? THE NWA UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP??? WHAT IS HAPPENING? JJ Dillon is coming out with FTR and Tully who are wearing old NWA Titles.

Tully starts off with against Marko Stunt and takes it to him while Excalibur puts over the Ten Pounds of Silver that Tully wore to the ring.
Ref is distracted on the outside while JJ goes old school throwing his show to Dax who uses it on Jungle Boy but only got a two count.
Back from commercial with Cash and Jungle Boy out on the mat before making the tag with Luchasaurus getting the hot tag.
Had to pop just as much as the crowd when Tully hit the slingshot suplex on Marko Stunt. He got mixed up after though as he got out of the ring and back in.
A camera man assists FTR and allows Tully to get the pinfall victory on Luchasaurus.
Post match, Shawn Spears is revealed to be the camera man and has joined Tully and FTR. Do we have our Horsemen? Arn comes out to see what is going on and flashes the hand signal.

Tony comes on to the stage to introduce Paul Wight but gets in a dig on Dillon as they are leaving.
Paul comes out with his shirt and motto being “No More BS” which is clever. He gets some jabs in at his WWE runs with all the turns.
Paul Wight says that Revolution will be the debut of a “Hall of Fame worthy” competitor who will be signing at the PPV. Hinting at Punk?

Great to see Ryo Mizunami back in the USA on AEW but the fact Nyla Rose is wearing completely new gear makes me think Ryo may not be getting the win here.
Loved Ryo begging for forgiveness from Aubrey after doing so many chops on Nyla Rose.
Nyla regains control with just one boot and a back body drop.
Nyla Rose only gets a two count before we head to our restaurant quality picture in picture commercial break.
During the break you can see Nyla Rose getting so cocky that she is getting in the face of Shida at ringside.
Nyla looked like she was so close to not getting rotated enough on that senton and almost pulled a Brock Lesnar.
Great Guillotine Leg Drop on Nyla Rose by Ryo to try and get the countout victory like she did against Aja Kong but Nyla gets back in before 10.
Death Valley Driver from Nyla Rose but Ryo kicks out JUST in time and the fans start a This Is Awesome chant.
Nyla hits her diving Knee Strike off the top to Ryo who was hanging over the top rope but Ryo kicks out before three once again.
Spear from Ryo before setting Nyla up in the corner and hits the leg drop again and gets the pinfall victory to face Hikaru Shida.
Post match, Shida awards the trophy to Ryo Mizunami and offers a handshake and Ryo shakes but strikes Shida who strikes back to the pleasure of Ryo. Going to be a good match!

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means… time for Tony Schiavone to say This is Sting.
Sting got in a few words this week and sounds great but Ricky Starks then comes out to say that he saw the fire from Sting last week. He says Sting still has got it.
Starks then says he stands by what he says and that he is no Icon and slaps Sting leading to him getting beat down by Sting.
Scorpion Death Lock from Sting leading to Hook and Hobbs coming down to get Starks out of the ring before Cage comes down leading to Darby coming out and them beating Cage almost out of his pants.

Scorpio Sky is on Commentary for this one with -1 staying out with 10 while the Rest of the Dark Order go to the back.
Max Caster has to be kept away from -1 who wants a piece of him the minute Caster says his name.
Scorpio Sky name drops the West Texas Rednecks implying Max Caster ruined rap for him.
Caster is in control of Ten on the outside as we head to a picture in picture commercial break.
Back with Ten getting a close pinfall on Caster while still selling the arm.
Missed flying elbow drop by Max Caster brings us back even.
Jack Evans comes out of nowhere and hits Ten with the Boombox allowing Max Caster to get the pinfall.

Miro cuts a video promo backstage to push the tag team match at Revolution.

We are off to the commercial break pretty early on so we can get the rest of the match commercial free.
Back from Commercial and Matt Hardy hits a side effect on John Silver on the hardest part of the ring.
Misfire with Marq Quen booting Matt Hardy after Hangman moved allowing Hangman to get in some offense on Hardy on the outside.
Hangman throws Marq Quen to the corner to get Hardy to tag in but he won’t do it until Quen gets the advantage.
Silver tags in and spears Matt Hardy and starts taking it to him showing his all out strength but only gets a two on the pin attempt.
Great team work from Hangman and Silver with Silver hitting a roll through Suplex setting up Quen for the Page Buckshot Lariat to get the pinfall victory.
Post match, Dark Order hit the ring to save Hangman after Hardy cheap shots him but then all the tag teams come down and the brawl is on to promote the Casino Tag Team Royale with Pac and Rey Fenix coming out, liking being added to the match.

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