The Women's Tag Team Titles are on the line as Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez take on the Champions.

Previously on NXT… the shattering of Undisputed Era and the push for tonight’s Women’s Tag Team Championship.

We are seeing Ciampa with MSK yesterday at the PC goading the champs into a match against Thatcher and Ciampa.
LOVED seeing Thatcher being talked to by Marcel Bathel before the match backstage. Not many know Thatcher was aligned with Walter and Barthel in the precursor to Imperium.
Not sure how I feel about Old Man Grizzley Adams character Ciampa has evolved into.
Thatcher landed bad on his neck after a clothesline and immediately rolls to the outside with a stiff arm and holding his neck as we head to a commercial.
Back from commercial, Thatcher is being worked over by Lorcan before he can get the hot tag to Ciampa.
Thatcher is selling his arm and neck hard at times then all of a sudden will act like no issue.
Thatcher is reaching out for the tag but stops when he notices Imperium on the stage.
Burch and Lorcan take advantage of the distraction and are able to get the pinfall victory pinning Thatcher.
Post match, Imperium seem disgusted with what happened in the ring and we see Ciampa asking Thatcher what it is about.

Roderick Strong is walking backstage towards the go position as he is going to speak when we come back from commercial.
Back from commercial with Roderick Strong calling out Adam Cole but it is Finn Balor who comes out instead. Likely not happy with Roddy and Adam working together to beat him up last week.
Finn tells Roddy that Cole isn’t coming out for him but Roddy stops him and says the Era was doing fine until Balor showed up and blames everything on him.
Finn says he knows how to get Adam Cole out there and challenges Cole to a match next week, then tells Roddy he will always be a follower and never a leader.
Roddy has heard enough and attacks Finn and the ref squad is out to break it up.

Time to get a video package of the progress of The Way in Therapy over the Dexter Lumis situation.
Indi Hartwell is doodling on a pad her name as Mrs. Lumis this leads to Gargano freaking out and being kicked out of the room. To be continued.

Cameron Grimes is backstage trying to do business with Regal coming in to let Grimes know he is not happy with his actions last week. Regal puts Grimes in a match against Reed. Grimes wants to pay Regal off.

Did Aliyah only get this match so they could call out the new relationship with NXT airing live on SN360 finally?
Aliyah taunts after getting a strike in on Ember Moon leading to Moon giving her a free shot but just counters her.
This is not the most crisp match of the night as you can see the spots being called and spots where it looks like Aliyah is just falling over.
Stone tries to recruit Ember Moon during the match to try and get her away from Shotzi but runs away when Shotzi starts to walk towards him.
Did Wade Barrett seriously use the term “collecting a scalp” in 2021?
Kamea interferes after Stone distracts the referee but Ember still can hit the eclipse on Aliyah and gets the pinfall victory.

Backstage now with Thatcher being interviewed about the Imperium issue earlier and Ciampa comes out to say it is in the past.

We see the teams getting ready for the Women’s Tag Team Championship match coming up next.

Video Package time to promote the history between Io Shirai and Toni Storm with Toni bringing up that Io still can’t beat her. Io says she respects Toni but just doesn’t like her as a person.

Dakota Kai feels she has something to prove and starts the match but Shayna tags in to Nia immediately to get Nia to soften her up.
Shayna taps Dakota on the head like she did back in the day pissing off Dakota but walks into the trap.
Kai moves out of the way of the Arm move the Shayna did back in the day to “break” the arm of Dakota and slaps Shayna in the face.
We have the teams face off as we head to a commercial break without Raquel getting in the match yet.
Back with Raquel in the ring double teaming Shayna with Dakota but Kai is apparently the legal one.
Total disrespect from Nia Jax by just lightly pressing the shoulders of Kai’s shoulders so Dakota is easily able to kick out of the pin.
Hot tag to Raquel and she immediately hits a drop kick on Baszler before throwing Shayna all over the ring.
Nia is tagged in and we finally have Raquel and Nia facing off in the ring.
Kirifuda Clutch is locked in on Dakota Kai with Raquel nowhere to be seen until she gets up in the corner and makes the tag while Dakota is still in the hold.
Things break down as Nia takes out the referee before Raquel and Nia go through the table.
Clutch locked in with a Raw official coming out with Adam Pearce to count the TKO Submission in a screw job finish as Raquel was the legal person.

Back to the Therapy Sessions with Theory saying Lumis misunderstood. Johnny is apparently texting Candice from outside leading to Indi and Candice being kicked out too.
Alone, Theory is asked what happened when he was alone with Lumis but the answer is to be continued.

We now see LA Knight backstage saying he has decided it is his time to show up and he will be coming out next.

We see Swerve in some recording studio where he cuts a promo on Leon Ruff and his issues with Leon being handled everything.

Can we talk about how bad the entrance for LA Knight is? Sounds like it was made in some MIDI software program in 1999.
Man how bad does he come off without a crowd to work off of? He is talking about this is business and not about dreams.
Knight says don’t call him the GOAT of NXT, just call him LA Knight and it is his game.
Bronson Reed’s music hits the moment Knight’s promo is done and he watches as Reed comes down for his match.

Cameron Grimes starts off trying to pay off Reed but he just gets a right from Reed.
Was I the only one that thought the spot with Reed catching Grimes before throwing him to the outside looked awkward?
Back from a commercial and Grimes actually hits a Spanish Fly on Reed and falls on Reed to get a two count.
Grimes appears to have had enough and puts on his hat and starts walking away but Bronson Reed hits a Tope Suicida on him.
LA Knight comes out and interferes allowing Cameron Grimes to hits the cave in and get the win on Reed.

Backstage we can see a private meeting between Regal and Pearce with Regal obviously trying to get an explanation from Pearce.

Kayden Carter is being interviewed about Kacy Catanzaro apparently having her leg/knee injured by Xia Li last week. Kayden challenges Xia Li to a match next week.

Video Package showing the highlights of Kross vs. Escobar from last week with Escobar destroying all of Legado Del Fantasma.

Back to the Therapy Sessions to hear Theory tell us what happened with him and Lumis. He said he watched Cartoons and ate cereal in a boarded up room.
She says that Lumis talked to her earlier even though he doesn’t speak and said he hates everything about Theory.
Theory runs off crying and Gargano pays off the Therapist apparently doing what he asked her to do.

Ever-Rise come out for their match next but Breezango get attacked by Legado Del Fantasma during their entrance. Ever-Rise bail out of the ring when they start checking them out.
Santos Escobar shows up to join the attack to take out Ever-Rise. Almost like we are watching 205 Live.
Escobar says that if you think what happened last week was a sign of weakness, what just happened will await them.

Regal is now being interviewed about what happened earlier tonight and it looks like they will be announcing NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles next week.

Roderick Strong is coming out with new music and new gear. Does the Strong font look a lot like ROH font but slightly changed?
Roderick Strong is in control of the match as we head to what should be the final commercial break of the episode.
Back from commercial and now Finn is in control working over the arm and shoulder of Strong.
Really good back and forth in this one with Strong looking, pardon the pun, strong without Finn looking weak.
Finn hits 1916 on Strong and gets the pinfall victory as one had to expect.
Post match, Cole stands on the stage and the two stare each other down to push the main event for next week.

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