Kay Lee Ray and Meiko Satomura battle over the NXT UK Women's Championship in the Main Event.

Opening with a video package promoting Kay Lee Ray and Meiko Satomura. We hear from Bayley, Rhea Ripley, Toni Storm, Sasha Banks and others.

Sam Gradwell starts the trash talk towards Ilja before Sam even gets in the ring. Should be interesting how long it takes for Ilja to shut him up.
Gradwell is busted open after a stiff shot to the mouth by Ilja. We noticed it before the ref got the gloves on for once.
Gradwell seems to have gone too far saying that Ilja has let his son down. Sam keeps pushing him by naming Ilja’s son.
What a vicious back elbow from Gradwell to Ilja but not enough to get Ilja down as Dragunov keeps the advantage and hits a diving drop.
Gradwell moves out of the way of the Torpedo Moscow and Ilja goes into a loose middle turnbuckle which comes off.
Ilja strikes Gradwell into a TKO submission but continues to strike after the well and doesn’t stop until have the ref counts to five. Ilja starts to attack the ref until he snaps out of it.
Gradwell starts to come out of it and laughs at what he did to Ilja mentally.

Kay Lee Ray is warming up in the back ahead of her title defense tonight against Meiko in the Main Event.

Video Promo time for the debuting Teoman who is coming next week.

Xia Brookside is having snacks with a friend and makes Nina make them a couple cups of tea. Nina puts salt in one but ends up getting that one herself as Xia’s friend has to leave.

Supernova Sessions time with Noam Dar reading some positive comments about his segment before accidently reading a bad one.
Tonight’s Guest is Tyler Bate but Noam Dar doesn’t seem excited over it. He says he brought Tyler out to ask about his new Zen outlook.
Noam asks if Zen means that someone wouldn’t lose it if they had all their buttons push and starts to push Tyler’s buttons.
Noam ends up dumping lettuce and broccoli on Tyler which doesn’t bother him in the slightest.
Bate says he is Zen but not a doormat after making Dar flinch. Noam flips out after Tyler leaves.

Footage from earlier this week with Ben Carter training in the ring before answering questions about his time at the NXT UK PC.

Video promo for Aleah James which reminded me she is the one who was having snacks with Xia Brookside earlier.

Isla Dawn is doing a Ouija board session to finally start pushing her witch side. Interested to see where this is leading.

Meiko Satomura is now shown getting ready for her match against KLR coming up.

So who wins when you put the two jobber tag teams against each other?
Pretty basic back and forth match so far with no real hint to what the story for Kenny and Amir is going to be.
Finally got the hot tag to Kenny Williams and glad to see they are not doing the Hesitation story I thought they may do with him coming back from injury.
Williams made Carter and Williams pay for doing the Private Party Silly String Move.
Senton from Amir Jordan on Smith but Carter comes in to break up the pinfall.
With an assist by Kenny Williams pulling the foot of Oliver Carter which allowed Amir Jordan to counter and get the pinfall victory.
Post match, Williams denies doing it but I don’t see anything wrong with it as he was more breaking up a pin than anything.

Video package to put over the history leading to the upcoming first Mixed Tag Match in NXT UK history between Jinny & Conners and Piper & Starz.

Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan are being interviewed backstage about their win and their next challenge next week.

Wonder what CM Punk thinks about Meiko Satomura being billed as the Best in the World?
They keep showing other members of the Women’s Division on the video wall as they are apparently watching the match.
STF early on from Meiko but Kay Lee Ray is able to make her way to the bottom rope but not without a fight.
Meiko Satomura hits a Death Valley Driver to Kay Lee Ray on the hardest part of the ring.
Why would they book Meiko to wait in the ring for Kay Lee Ray to get in the ring and not get her before waiting for KLR to get in at 9?
Kick out from Kay Lee Ray after another Death Valley Driver from Meiko.
Sick spot with Meiko landing on the knees of Kay Lee Ray. Meiko sold it perfectly.
Gory Bomb from Kay Lee Ray but takes her a second to cover and Meiko kicks out before the three.
Kay Lee Ray taking her time to get to the top favouring her right knee so of course Meiko avoids the Senton.
Kay Lee Ray blocked the Scorpion Bomb but can’t hit another Gory Bomb and Meiko counters.
Both women are giving everything left in the tank at this point until Kay Lee Ray hits another Gory Bomb and she retains with the pinfall victory. Really good match.
Post match, Kay Lee Ray helps up Meiko and bows to her before hugging her in a sign of respect to end the show.

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