205 Live NXT WWE


Two more matches of the different combinations of the very limited 205 live roster.

What combinations do we get tonight of the usual 6 to 8?

We got Grey starting it off against Ariya Daivari but Daivari exits and tags in Nese within seconds after Grey got the advantage.
I wonder how much Atlas got fined for all those thigh slaps.
Nese fakes a knee injury allowing Daivari to bring down Atlas behind the referee’s back.
Nothing I hate more in a tag match then seeing a guy obviously not stretching as far as he can specifically because it is not meant to be a tag. Just keep them further apart and have the Heel cut off sooner.
Grey pops Daivari off the apron so he can try to get a pinfall attempt in on Nese but Nese kicks out at two.
Interesting spot with Nese holding on to Grey’s arm when jumping over the top rope to the outside to hit a move on Atlas.
So Much Prettier from Grey to Tony Nese and he gets the pinfall victory before Daivari could break the pin up.
Post match, Daivari is staring daggers into Atlas and Grey.

Curt Stallion and Mansoor were being interviewed earlier today about their win last week. They are deciding what a name should be for them if they team again.
Curt brings up that Mansoor may be undefeated but has never faced him and we have a match between the two tonight.

Video package going over the footage of Legado Del Fantasma destroying Ever-Rise and Breezango on NXT two days earlier.

Bollywood Boyz have a video promo talking about what happened to Ever-Rise earlier this week saying to communicate with them. They’re disappointed they weren’t on NXT with them.

You have to know that the undefeated streak of Mansoor is not going to end like this, right?
Great to hear Nigel putting over Aoife Valkyrie from NXT UK during this match relating it to this match.
Stallion looked like he slipped a bit when delivering the drop kick to the seated Mansoor and it looked like it almost was REALLY bad.
DDT into the bottom turnbuckle by Stallion to Mansoor but Mansoor kicks out at two from both pin attempts Stallion attempts after.
Headbutt from Stallion out of no where but it sent Mansoor to the outside forcing Stallion to go after him.
Mansoor gets the knees up on the frogsplash by Stallion before heading to the top himself. It took him too long letting Stallion to get back up.
Mansoor gets his toe on the rope stopping the pin from Stallion after a reverse Spanish Fly variation.
Slingshot Neckbreaker from Mansoor and he gets the pinfall victory over Stallion and remains undefeated.
Post match, Curt Stallion stumbles to his feet and gets in the face of Mansoor who offered his hand but Stallion ends up shaking the hand and raising the arm of Mansoor.

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