Great to see Maki Itoh made it over and got to be the partner for Britt Baker. The girl is a star in the making.

Liking the screens at ringside. Makes me feel like how good the WWE ring with the scrren around the ring.
I think we all made the same face that MJF did when Matt Jackson kicked out of the Heatseaker.
How could a kick to the belly hurt that much when there is so much padding for Jericho in that area?
Were you shocked as we were when Young Bucks got the win?

Who the heck thought Dustin may have won this when QT turned his back on him until Butcher and Blade eliminated him?
What about when Jungle Boy was alone while the other teams all had their partners in the final four teams?
Went back to look at it and Kazarian’s arm looked nasty.
How awesome was the skinning of the cat by John Silver during the final four? Almost as awesome as Silver facing off against Pac.
So glad that Jurassic Express didn’t win the match as they just lost to FTR and Tully on Dynamite.

Nice work to finally start setting up some stories between more than just two wrestlers in the women’s division. Expecting the 3 on 3 match on Dynamite.

Sick looking piledriver on Kip Sabian. Always nasty when a guy just sticks there for a second.

Is that seriously a golden donut hanging above the ring for the Ladder match? I almost want Lesnar to be the mystery person in this one just so he can win and do stuff with the donut.
Not really shocked that Ethan Page is the 6th man once we knew that 6th man wasn’t going to be the “Hall of Fame worthy” signee.
How sick was the powerbomb by Ethan Page to Scorpio Sky on to the ladder that Archer was inside the ladder.
Cody Rhodes selling the destroyer on the Ladder by Penta very well but did anyone think it was legit when they made such a big show of him going to the back.
Why did Cody have to make a big show out of coming back in and for SO long?

Nice to see that Christian Cage got to use his TNA theme music.

Really loved the camera shot during the street fight when it zoomed across the warehouse.
You knew that someone was going through the door the minute you saw the Not An Exit sign. What is with all the “Not An Exit” things.
If Hobbs and Hook were near by this whole time, why did they not come out to destroy all the Sting Army guys at the start?
Great, great spot with Darby doing the elbow drop out of the window.

Moxley is a bad ass. Why? Because Tony Schiavone said so.
So that is it? Fireworks? When they act like the end of the world is coming, we want more than that.

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