AEW AEW Dynamite


Fresh off Revolution, AEW gives us Sting, Christian Cage, Ethan Page, Maki Itoh and others.

Starting off strong as has become the norm with AEW lately.

Why isn’t Pentagon coming out with Pac and Fenix? He was just at Revolution.
SCU are shown in the stands watching the match before we are told they are now the #1 Ranked Tag Team because of their winning on Dark.
How casual was the Tieress from Fenix to Matt Jackson? Just like, don’t mind me as I slowly wrap my legs around your head.
Got to hand it to TK and AEW for pushing the Kingston and Moxley statement following a hot cruiserweight match starting the show.
I wonder if SCU are actually sitting out there live or if they taped their shots? I can’t see anyone else in the shot with them.
Did Excalibur seriously use the phrase “He punished his front and back” to describe a move?
Great sell by Fenix on the first Destroyer by Jackson making the roll out to the outside look more realistic.
What is it going to take to put out Fenix as two Destroyer’s and an elbow drop didn’t do it.
Saw that spot with Nick Jackson getting dropkicked by Fenix coming a mile away. Nice to have Matt slide to the outside to hit a Superkick on Pac after it.
What a great flurry between both men leading to them both out on the apron. Great match to start the show.
Loved both men going for the superkick and kicking each other’s feet.
Fenix gets the pinfall victory out of nowhere in the end. Great way to start off the show.

Moxley and Kingston are sitting at a fire with Kingston explaining what happened saying he had an anxiety attack causing him to basically pass out. Great retcon explanation.
They make a joke about Impact paying for the explosions. Moxley says all he got was a t shirt.
They start arguing about Eddie maybe coming out earlier.
They say, if you’re going to flash a weapon, you use it.

What are the chances tyhat the Omega ring bomb goes off during a Cody entrance?
Cody gives a guy at ringside that is a special guest his weight belt.
How is Cody not a heel when he is an EVP that faces off against guys who can’t even win on Dark?
Before I could even type anything, Cody put on the figure four and got the submission victory.
Post match, Tony Schiavone comes to the ring to get an interview with Cody but the microphone is not working. Must have been worked on by the guys who set up the ring bomb.
Cody starts talking when Penta gets on a microphone from the Spanish Booth. That explains why he wasn’t with Pac and Fenix earlier.
Alex Abrahantes is playing the part of translator for Penta with the best line being “Cody is a prince of Wrestling, Penta is a Lord of Lucha.”
They crossed the line saying that if had it been One on One Penta would have destroyed the arm so bad that Cody wouldn’t be able to pick up is daughter. Cody flipped and they have to be held apart.

Video package from Cassidy and Chuck at an Arcade asking for one more match with Chuck saying he’d be Miro’s Butler forever if they lose.
They want a match with Arcade games surrounding the ring in what I assume would be an Arcade Match?

Time for our weekly dose of This Is Sting with Sting getting interrupted by someone but who will it be this week.
Lance Archer and Jake Roberts come out saying that Sting is done and he didn’t need a Ladder match to show he is the face of the Revolution.
Archer and Roberts leave but Sting cuts it short after that and heads to the back himself.

Lee Johnson and QT Marshall are being interviewed backstage with QT saying his emotions got the best of him on Sunday before saying it is about Lee Johnson. Yeah he is turning on Lee tonight, right?

Ethan Page gives an earlier today interview saying he asked for a one on one match but getting Lee with a manager taking up some of Ethan Page’s screen time.
Picture in Picture time and even if it is restaurant quality I suspect the turn by QT won’t be until we get back.
Back with us seeing more in depth what happened in the picture in picture with Ethan hitting moves on the outside.
Beautiful Outside to Inside Cutter from Ethan Page but can’t get more than a two count on Johnson.
Johnson looks to hurt his knee but Page doesn’t care and hits him with a huge kick to the head.
QT just watches with no emotion and doesn’t offer anything to Lee, advice or otherwise.
Ego’s Edge from Ethan Page and he gets the pinfall victory over Lee Johnson.
Post match, Ethan Page starts to beat down Lee Johnson with QT Marshall not budging. Dustin Rhodes comes out for the save and QT just walks off.

Alex Marvez catches up with Hangman Page and his brand new lawnmower and takes off with all of Dark Order on it except for Five because there is a weight limit. Glad he finally got his lawnmower.

Tony Schiavone once again out to talk to someone, this time it is Christian Cage who signed on Sunday. Apparently, Kenny Omega is not happy about that and his music hits and the sweeper girls come out before Kenny comes out.
Don Callis and the Good Brothers are not far behind him. Is this going to lead to Kenny vs. Christian?
Don Callis says we are not going to get to hear from Christian Cage because they run the shots around here.
They bring up the explosion that was NOT heard around the World and that they’re getting heat for what happened.
They love that they took away that moment from the fans and the hero death for Moxley and Kingston.
Omega said Eddie’s name too many times and he just walked out and has no worries about the four to one odds.
Kingston stands in the corner letting Callis make his speech about their history in Impact. He says because he likes Eddie, he is going to let him get out of the ring.
Callis and Omega mock Kingston by recreating the over reaction at Revolution before asking Kingston what he expects is going to happen.
Omega dares Kingston to hit him which Eddie does and Moxley hits the ring after before Christian Cage comes out to make it 3 on 3.
Christian slowly comes out as Kenny Omega is laid out and alone in the middle of the ring. Omega is up and they are going face to face in the middle of the ring.
Omega offers a hand to Christian but Cage is having none of it and Omega has to be pulled out of the ring by Callis when Christian counters Omega to attempt the Unprettier.
Segment ends with Callis and Omega walking off as Christian picks up the AEW World Championship.

Interesting that they are fully calling these Trios matches now. Are we closer to Trios titles?
It is always great to get a taste of Maki Itoh. Hilarious that she does her routine while hell is breaking lose as the Faces come down to attack the others.
Hikaru Shida doesn’t take kindly to Maki Itoh flipping the double bird and grabs both of them.
Vicki distracts Thunder Rosa allowing Nyla Rose to attack her from behind allowing the heels to have the advantage heading into the commercial.
Back from commercial with the faces taking it to Britt Baker in the corner.
Britt Baker looks like she may have injured herself as she was slow getting up while others were waiting on her.
Cancun Tornado from Thunder Rosa who then puts Maki Itoh in the ring instead of Britt. Maki Itoh hits her spinning DDT after Vicki was able to interfere.
Rebel goes to use the Crutch again but Rosa blocks it and is able to take out Itoh to get the pinfall victory.
Post match, Britt Baker gets back in the ring with the crutch and tries to destroy Thunder Rosa while her teammates are held. Looks like they’re leading to writing Rosa out.

Matt Hardy and Private Party are backstage talking about the loses and that he signed a new unit which is Butcher, Blade and Bunny.
Looks like the Eddie Kingston Family is no more and Matt lets us know Butcher, Blade and Private Party will be fighting four jobbers on Elevation.

Nice spot with Darby putting the belt down before his posing in the corner so Sky goes over and stares at it and Darby.
Weird spot with Darby not flipping fully over Sky and almost doing a headstand on Sky’s back and then falls off hard on his feet looking to have possibly injured his right leg.
Even match as we head to our next Picture in Picture commercial break.
Back from commercial with Sky taking full control and trying to hit a three amigos on Darby Allin but as is norm, can’t get the third one.
What a sick counter by Sky hitting a cutter on Darby Allin who was attempting an Tope Suicida.
Darby Allin is able to counter a TKO into a small package to retain the TNT Championship.
A rollup victory makes me feel like it is TNA X Division circa 2010.
Post match, Scorpio Sky gets pissed off at the sign of respect from Darby and he attacks Darby before he locks on the Heel hook.

Out come the Inner Circle which means only one thing, my wife is about to look at me weird for singing along to Judas.
Jericho says it may be time to introduce a new member into the Inner Circle but MJF says it may be time to let one go.
Sammy’s music hits at this point and he comes out to the stage with Microphone in hand. Sammy says Chris needs to see what he has to show him.
Sammy sets up a hidden camera in the Inner Circle’s locker room with MJF saying it is time to get rid of Chris Jericho and they all agreed to it.
Santana & Ortiz are told to get Jericho by MJF but we know what is going to happen and they rejoin with Chris and Sammy.
MJF is about to try and talk his way out of it with Chris saying we were waiting for him to pull this.
MJF says he didn’t want to take the Inner Circle as he was busy building his own. Light out and FTR, Tully, Spears and Wardlow are in the ring.
Looks like we are getting the Blood and Guts match a year later.
MJF is sitting on the top turnbuckle watching the rest destroy the Inner Circle.
The Inner Circle are faces now, Scorpio Sky is a heel. We’ve come a long way in a years time.
THey all carry Jericho to the stage so Wardlow can powerbomb Jericho off it through a table. Great way to end the show.

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