Two major announcements are scheduled to rock the NXT Universe on this week's episode. We will also get the top men's and women's singles titles on the line.

Earlier today Adam Cole and Finn Balor arrive before Toni Storm and Io Shirai arrive with both major titles on the line.

William Regal is in the ring to start the show to announce a two night TakeOver as part of WrestleMania Week.
After that announcement we see all the women are out on the stage with Regal saying they prove how special their division is each week.
Regal asks Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai to join him in the ring. He says he is tired of others making decisions for themselves.
He is officially naming them the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions.
Dakota and Raquel are back to being Heels putting over how they beat everyone to win the Classic.
Oh no… Raquel said that they’re going to be champions for a long time. That is never a good thing to say.
Ember and Shotzi apparently had microphones with them and start walking down saying they should be first challengers. They want to do it tonight.
Regal asks Dakota and Raquel and they’re happy to go and makes the match for tonight.

Great entrance for Io Shirai as she comes out while all the women are still lined up on the rampway.
Back from a commercial break for Toni Storm’s entrance after all the other women have left.
Am I the only one who wants to see Toni Storm get the win to see the Story of her cocky reign while Io builds herself back up to finally get that elusive win over Toni down the road?
Does anyone else think that the way the WWE and NXT referees position their head when giving cues or listening to the count from the production team, that is makes them look like they need a Chiropractor, BADLY?
Storm Zero from Toni Storm but Io Shirai shockingly kicked out just before the three. Thought that was going to be it.
Io moves out of the way of the head butt and locks on the crossface to get the submission victory to retain. Missed flying headbutt then a crossface???

Finn Balor saying Adam Cole has no one to hold him back anymore but also no one backing him up either. He says he beat Adam to win it and he will beat him to retain it.

LA Knight is interviewed about his appearance last week until Bronson Reed attacks him and they are held apart.

Poor Jake Atlas. He gets on NXT again but has to face Pete Dunne.
Jake Atlas has got more offense in during the first minute than I expected him to get all match.
Great selling from Atlas after the Punt Kick by Dunne to the gut/mid-section of Atlas.
Atlas submits to Dunne once he pulls the arms back.
Post match, Dunne grabs a microphone wanting to be proven wrong that he is the best wrestler in the world.

Imperium, minus Walter, are cutting a promo to Timothy Thatcher about rejoining with Barthel in Imperium. They also invite Ciampa into Imperium if it is the only way to get Thatcher.

Leon Ruff is cutting a promo on Swerve about how he has had to deal with him all the way up. He says he didn’t luck into the win against Swerve two weeks ago and it won’t again next week.

Okay that pose looked ridiculous from Ember and Shotzi during the introductions. We can’t be the only ones who thought that, right?
Nice way for Shotzi to lock on the Cloverleaf on Dakota Kai.
Dakota and Shotzi land Boots on each other and both are down as head to a commercial break.
Back with Shotzi fighting out of a bear hug by Raquel Gonzalez.
Man did that flurry by Ember Moon on Dakota Kai after the hot tag was just all kinds of messy looking.
Sick looking move from Raquel bending Ember into a slam. It looks like a Canadian Destroyer type move where in that it is mostly on the one taking it to make it look good.
Loved seeing Raquel being able to counter the Eclipse by just over powering her.
Blackheart bridges Dakota after Ember and Raquel go over the top and get the pinfall victory to become the new champions. Are you kidding me? TERRIBLE booking but had to see it coming with Raquel saying the line earlier.
Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart winning the belts an hour after Dakota and Raquel were awarded them was a bigger letdown than the explosion at the end of Revolution.

Adam Cole is backstage explaining how we got to this point. He says that Kyle got out of line. Cole says it has always been about the NXT Title and who is the better NXT Champion between him and Finn.

Back from commercial with Shotzi and Ember being congratulated after the worst booking of a brand new title in history.
The Way look on in disgust before they all talk about the Therapy session from last week with Theory is mad and rips his shirt off and goes looking for Dexter while Candice looks back at the Tag Title celebration.

Kayden Carter was ready for the attack and drop kicks Xia as she comes at her to start the match.
Kayden Carter is fired up and is in complete control until Xia kicks out the knee of Kayden.
Kacy Catanzaro comes out on crutches to cheer on Kayden which seems to fire up Xia Li who continues to focus on the knee of Kayden.
Kacy hits Xia with the crutch when she is about to injure the knee of Kayden causing the DQ.
Boa comes running down and takes the crutch away from Kacy and looks to Mae Ying but Kayden uses the other crutch so they can escape.

Video promo from Jordan Devlin that looks like he is in an airport and he is talking about the TakeOver needing the real Cruiserweight Champion.
His travel ban has been lifted and he is on his way to NXT next week.

Zoey Stark video package time. They really are getting behind her, aren’t they? Can imagine what they’d do when they’re ready to debut Taya Valkyrie.

Santos Escobar is losing it on William Regal backstage about Jordan Devlin coming back to take his spot at the top of the Cruiserweight Division.
Wilde and Mendoza tell Escobar the music is playing and he tells them to go take care of business he has to deal with Regal.

Gibson cutting a promo on being lap dogs to Santos Escobar while they destroyed the competition.
Astronaut music hits during the middle of the match and the astronauts come out but it is MSK to the shock of GYV allowing Wilde to get the pin on Drake off the distraction.
Post match, MSK use the helmets on Grizzled Young Veterans including squashing the hand of Gibson on the steel steps.
Breezango come out and attack Legado Del Fantsma from behind and chase them off.

Raquel and Dakota are being interviewed backstage but Io Shirai comes in asking to face Raquel next. Gonzalez gets in her face and says careful what you wish for.

Timothy Thatcher is being interviewed about the offer from Imperium with Ciampa walking in first saying he cares more about Walter calling shots from the UK.
He says he is not interested and suggest a tag team match next week with Thatcher never saying a thing.

Like that both are trying to go at a fast pace while also trying to slow the other one down.
What is the likelihood that one Kyle or Roderick Strong shows up?
Can we get more old school count breaks instead of just having the referee stop the count and go the outside? Really liked seeing Cole roll in and out in this one.
Great camera angle for Cole to hit the Brainbuster on Balor to his knee as it looked a lot more impactful the first time.
Superkick to the jaw from Cole to Balor that Finn sells perfectly with his past jaw issues.
Into the overrun now with Finn trying to get to the rope to break the crossface which Cole holds on until the four count.
Lots of near falls at the end as is the norm with NXT championship matches, it seems.
Panama Sunrise from Adam Cole but Balor still kicks out before the three count and Cole is in complete shock.
Cole is on the outside and makes eye contract with Kyle O’Reilly who is showing up on the other side of the Barricade.
Balor hits 1916 to Cole on the floor while making eye contact with Kyle. Coup De Grace from Balor and he retains.
Post match, Kyle jumps over the barricade and Balor points at Cole. Cole tells Kyle he doesn’t have to do this but he catches Cole going for the low blow and starts to pound Cole down.
Kyle is stopped by the referees from hitting a move on the steel steps but he gets away and attacks Cole on the stage before chasing to the back.
Alone in the ring, Finn Balor watches on before looking over his shoulder and asking Karrion Kross what took him so long.

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