Heritage Cup Rules and the first ever NXT UK Mixed Tag match is on the card for this episode.

We get a break down for tonight’s card before going into a reminder of Heritage Cup Rules before our first match.

Starting off with Tyler feeling out Mastiff but Dave is controlling him with his power.
Tyler is able to fully hold the weight of Mastiff when Dave tries to break the arching bridge.
ROUND 1 – 0-0
Mastiff starting off as he did Round 1 but Tyler is slwoly able to work out of the arm hold by Mastiff.
Tyler uses the momentum of Mastiff to get a pinfall.
ROUND 2 – 1-0 Bate
Tyler Bate gets a couple good strikes in to start Round Three but Mastiff is able to get the better of the striking game.
Mastiff is able to counter Bate doing the powerlift spot into a crucifix and gets the pinfall to tie it up. Sick looking Crucifix.
ROUND 3 – 1-1
Mastiff is now tossing Bate around repeatedly getting the ref to ask Tyler if he gives up.
Mastiff is getting vicious and destroying Bate on the outside by smashing him back and forth against the barricade and the ring. Bate gets back in before the 10 count though.
Bate is able to kick out every time in the last 10 seconds of round 4 to live for another round.
ROUND 4 – 1-1
Bate can barely get up to start this round while Mastiff is casually walking towards Bate but ends up getting a taste of Tyler’s boots.
Amazing looking German Suplex from Mastiff sending Bate across the ring but Bate works back from it and picks up Mastiff finally and hits an Airplane Spin on him.
Tyler Bate is able to hit an almost Code Red and is able to get the pinfall victory.
ROUND 5 – 2-1 Bate Wins
Post match, Mastiff celebrates and shows Bate respect for the win.

We are hearing from Flash Morgan & Mark Andrews and Amir & Kenny about their match to see who is going to move up the rankings.
Kenny Williams says he knows Amir wants to win fair and square but he also wants to win.

Video promo from Aoife Valkyrie talking to someone about her showing she only is drawn to the toughest challenges.

Teoman is debuting for the brand in this one. He is Lucky Kid from the European Scene and, most notably for us, from Progress.
Nice to hear Andy and Nigel put over the wins Teoman has over Thatcher and Barthel from the European scene.
Match is all about getting Teoman over as a vicious competitor. He gets the win instantly after locking on the crossface.

Time to check in with Nina Samuels having to clean up Xia’s apartment since housekeeping was given the day off.
Funny spot with her finding the dishwasher after doing all the dishes.

Eddie Dennis is now being seen talking down to Wild Boar for causing all the bad that happened. Looks like Tyson T Bone is replacing Boar.

Video promo to help put over Amale to start a build for her in the women’s division. She says she is special.

Gallus are playing pool drowning their sorrows after they are no longer on top. They say they need to remind the roster how ruthless they are.

All Webster and Andrews to the frustration of Kenny Williams who has to be settled by Amir on the outside.
Williams shaking his head on the outside after getting blind tagged out by Amir Jordan who thought Kenny needed a break.
Kenny is getting increasingly upset and impatient as Flash and Andrews who are isolating Amir.
Kenny Williams has finally got the hot tag and is hitting as hard and as aggressive as he can.
Andrews is able to hit his slide into a double Pele to both Williams and Jordan.
Assisted Sliced Bread by Webster and Andrews but Williams is still able to kick out at two.
Great looking superkick from Amir but Andrews then counters into a Stundog Millionaire although Williams gets the pin broke up.
Amir is down on the outside when Kenny went for the tag but wasn’t there.
Amir gets up in time to see Kenny lowblow Webster without the ref seeing. Williams still takes advantage of it and gets the pinfall victory with Amir protesting the whole time.

Video promo going over Ilja Dragunov’s recent downward spiral into insanity while destroying his opponents and even putting his hands on officials.

Trent Seven is talking about how he is going to be doing the weigh in live on The Bump before showing that Bate has been helping to motivate him.
Do they know that Devlin is on a plane headed towards the United States right now?

Video promo from Ben Carter talking about how no one knew who he was a year ago then had multiple offers. He is now calling himself Nathan Frazer. Why a new name when everyone knows him already as Ben Carter?

The start of the match is Piper and Jinny but Jinny just calls Piper think over and over before tagging in Conners to force Piper out of the ring.
Jack Starz tags in Piper forcing Jinny in. Why couldn’t Joseph go to the outside and have Jinny tag him back in? What is the rule for how long between tags?
Starz goes rolling to the outside after missing a crossbody leading to Piper and Jinny facing off on either side of him on the outside.
And we finally have Piper and Jinny facing off in the ring with Piper getting a two count after a flurry of offense.
Headbutt sends Jinny into the corner allowing Conners to tag in but he faces off with Conners including a Piper Driver on Conners.
Starz gets the pinfall on Conners after Piper drops him down on Conners.

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