PROGRESS is back for their third chapter since their return with Jacobs taking on Cara Noir in the Main Event.

Opening with an In Memoriam for Shelton Lee who passed away.

Off to Roy Johnson in the ring going over the events of 105 leading to announcing our Main Event and a couple other matches onthe card for tonight.
Roy tries, unsuccessfully, to get the Announcers to give him a huge reaction.

This match is coming off the Thunderbastard match at 105 where Millie eliminated Lana.
They keep saying that Kanji gets a title shot of her choice for winning the Thunderbastard match, what titles can she challenge for other than the Women’s title?
Millie really looks strong when she sticks to Strikes and Submissions.
Lana tried to hit Vintage Orton but Millie fights it off and comes off the top to start an awesome running spear. Only a two count though.
Great selling by Millie McKenzie after the DDT from Lana Austin.
Shining Wizard from Millie McKenzie after a sick suplex and gets the pinfall victory.
Post match, the announcers still refer to Jinny as the Women’s Champion. Great to hear that it could mean she will likely return to defend.

Spike Trivet is being asked about his match later on against Chuck Mambo. He says he is a different Spike Trivet as there is no safety in numbers. Allies are unpredictable and he prefers enemies.

Roy Johnson says Eh more times than I do… and I’m Canadian. Just saying.
Sign of respect between the men before the lock up. Gene Munny does have his big boy pants on.
Poor Gene Munny, lands flat on his stomach and he almost lost his lunch.
Nice move by TK Cooper where he springs over the top into a bent over Side Russian Leg Sweep.
Cooper goes for the slide but Munny goes under the ring to avoid it. He then comes running across the ring himself and hits a Tope Suicida on Cooper.
Not sure if the knees to Munny from Cooper was exactly as expected but still a cool move.
Munny is selling great right now with him stumbling into the corner but he still keeps working his way up.
Beautiful Spinebuster by Gene Munny but only a two count but he slugs Cooper immediately after the kick out but still only gets two on the second attempt, as well.
Spanish Fly from the top on Munny from Cooper but also only a two count for him now. Neither man giving up.
Lariat out of no where turns Cooper inside out and Munny gets his first win with the pinfall victory.
Post match, Gene Munny finally realizes he won and celebrates heading to the back.

Chuck Mambo is now being interviewed about his match against Spike Trivet. He is saying it is almost make or break for him.

Video promo for Eddie Dennis, the Pride of Wales. Please say he is going to be at a future show as well. Damn just a Best of special on the WWE Network.

Northwest Strong are now cutting a promo about their action tonight including the Title Match against Cara Noir tonight.

Chris Ridgeway was just sitting in the corner ala Raven during the entrance of Lykos Gym.
Not wasting anytime and Lykos II comes right after Ethan Allen to start the match. All because Ridgeway did the same to Lykos II during the introductions. Good booking.
Ridgeway comes in and wants Kid Lykos but he drops down to the floor not willing to tag in.
Great reaction from Lykos II after Ridgeway no sells a forearm strike. Kid Lykos finally tags in after Lykos II got tossed into the corner.
Ridgeway going for the mask of Kid Lykos when he is trying to lock Chris into a leg lock.
Lykos II runs in to the ring while the ref and RIdgeway are distracted at Kid Lykos on the mat and chop blocks Ridgeway.
Loved the spot with Kid Lykos stretching his leg out so Lykos II could tag in while Ridgeway had Kid Lykos in a submission.
Ethan Allen gets the hot tag and takes it to both members of Lykos Gym.
Loved the Code Red from Lykos II on Ethan Allen. So smooth and fluid.
Ridgeway not only breaks up the submission of Lykos II, he puts his own on. Kid Lykos then breaks that up by putting Ridgeway in a submission. Then, you guessed it, Allen puts a submission on Kid Lykos.
After a knee strike by Lykos II to Ridgeway, all four men are down in the ring.
Nice Spanish Fly from Lykos II on Allen from the second turnbuckle. Nice when people do variations instead of every one looking the same.
The metal plate comes out and Allen feels it before Brain Busters from both members of Lykos Gym on Allen but he kicks out to the shock of everyone.
Lykos Gym finally get the pinfall victory after a double team on Ethan Allen.
Post match, Ridgeway is checking on Ethan Allen and tells him to get up so they can walk to the back.

Lykos Gym cutting a promo backstage after their victory about being the uncrowned best team in the country. They said they could beat anyone.

Are we the only ones yelling One Fall at home when ever they do the introductions?
Spike Trivet is starting it off by trying to break down the limbs of Mambo.
Well done spring around the ropes like Leon Ruff does but much better than Ruff does and without the stupid crawl between the legs.
Spike Trivet has locked on to a tweaked knee of Mambo doing repeated moves with Mambo stuck in the ropes.
Mambo is selling is ankle like he can’t put any pressure or weight on it.
Looks like Trivet got knocked in the nose good as he has some blood coming from it now.
Mambo tries to go to the top but takes time and when he gets to the second turnbuckle, in a great spot, Trivet comes in spearing the injured ankle.
Great selling of the ankle by Mambo while holding Trivet up in the arm.
Spike survives the adrenline rush of Mambo and the flurry that came with it but only gets a two count after a pedigree into a knee buster.
With one leg, Mambo hits his Double Knee on Trivet off the top but can’t get the pinfall victory from it.
Nasty sounding click when Trivet snapped the ankle of Mambo before hitting his pump handle onto his knee but Mambo STILL kicks out.
Trivet puts on the Ankle Lock and Mambo can take no more and submits.
Post match, Spike Trivet has his arm raised while Mambo is in pain in the corner. Great camera angle with Mambo over the shoulder of Trivet.
TK Cooper finally has to come out to talk to Mambo who hasn’t left the corner in the ring. Mambo pushes him away so Cooper walks over to grab a microphone.
Cooper says Mambo is not the first to lose 3 matches but he likes that Mambo actually shows he cares more now then just being on the card.
Cooper says he didn’t fly from New Zealand just to lose to Gene Munny earlier. He says Mambo can stay here and he will leave him alone or come with him and be a team.
Chuck Mambo accepts and they hug in the ring and leave together.

We see the Kanji promo from the end of the Thunderbastard match at Chapter 105.
This leads to Gisele Shaw about her actions in the Thunderbastard match getting DQ’d and destroying everyone.
Gisele says she is going to show Kanji tonight why she is next in line and not Kanji.

We get Mercedez Blaze on Commentary for this next match.
Gisele is coming out with the metal pipe that she used in the Thunderbastard Match. She gets in Blaze’s face who tells her to come talk to her after the match.
Kanji gets right in the face of Gisele Shaw before the bell even rings. After the bell, Shaw gets in Kanji’s face telling her to prove herself to her.
Really sounds like Blaze is directing her comments to Shaw. Are we heading to a feud between them or a three way feud?
Blaze comments on Shaw always looking at her after the moves. Maybe she is doing it because she can hear Blaze mentioning her six feet away.
Doing a great job of making Gisele look strong against Kanji here even if we know she is the one they are behind at this point.
Gisele has had enough and goes to the outside to grab the pipe saying she doesn’t care if she gets DQ’d but Kanji is able to counter and avoid the pipe.
The Area Code Move from Kanji and a dropkick springing over the middle rope is still not enough to put Shaw away.
Beautiful sit out Powerbomb from Shaw but she also can’t get the pinfall victory with Kanji kicking out before three.
Kanji, as expected, gets the eventual pinfall victory.
Post match, Blaze talks about how she could face one of those two for the PROGRESS Women’s Title.
Shaw stares down Mercedez Blaze as she is leaving as Blaze says she has plans.

Jordan Breaks is coming, in case you didn’t remember from the last two Progress Chapters.

Northwest Strong come out to support Luke Jacobs in this one.
Both men taking it to the mat right away with Cara Noir even making eye contact with Allen and Ridgeway at ringside when getting up.
Cara Noir goes to the outside to take a breather after Jacobs hitting him hard. Great booking to show Cara re-evaluate his opponent.
Interesting to see Cara Noir get back in and sit down telling Jacobs to kick him again and we are going back and forth to see who can do it the hardest.
Nice call back to Antonio Inoki vs. Ali with Noir flat on his back hitting kicks to Jacobs to try and keep him away.
Great spot with Cara Noir drop kicking the arm of Jacobs who was coming in for the Lariat at full speed.
Beautiful looking headbutt from Cara Noir on Jacobs who was already selling the counter from Jacobs. Great when you use the last of your strength to get one last move in.
Jacobs keeps trying to hit his Lariat but Noir just falls down any time he stands him up. This leads to Noir hitting a kick to Jacobs head out of nowhere.
Jacobs actually hits his Lariat but only after Noir turned around at the last second getting hit in the back instead of the chest. Interesting twist.
Cara Noir once again kicks out of the Lariat, this time it was hitting properly but still not enough. Thought it was over after that.
Noir hits the package piledriver after dropkicking Jacobs to avoid another Lariat to get the pinfall victory and retain.
Post match, Northwest Strong check on Luke Jacobs who is slowly getting up while Cara celebrates. Noir leaves the ring to Luke Jacobs as a sign of respect after a good match.

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