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We are seeing a great special card with St. Patrick's Day Smash which is Main Evented by a Lights Out Match between Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa.

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means… Sting will be interrupted by someone.

Seeing MJF and crew get off a private jet in the same way the Dillon and the Horsemen/Tully used to travel in the 80s.

So is Alex a translator for the Spanish wrestlers or is he a member of the Dark Order… or both?
Wasting no time as Penta attacks Cody the minute he is within a few feet of the ring on the stage.
Cody starting to fire up by telling Penta to hit him. Did he just take his shirt off so Penta can make the blood vessels pop in his chest?
Penta pulls a rigged barricade from the audience and sets it up but so far no one has gone through it but both teased us with sending the other in to it.
Sick Frakensteiner from Cody to Penta standing on the top turnbuckle for it. Could have gone so bad.
Penta gets sent off the ring to the outside to set up a Tope Suicida from Cody through the rigged barricade.
So both Rhodes brothers can hit the Canadian Destroyer? Has the move officially jumped the shark?
Penta has just kicked out of both the Cross Rhodes and the Cody Cutter.
Vertebreaker from Cody, yup he has to hit every move people think is cool looking, but still only gets a two count on Penta.
Cody slams the leg of Penta against the ring post to try and soften him up for the figure four but Penta gets to the bottom rope.
Penta gets cocky after pulling back the arm of Cody who rolls Penta up to get the win.
Post match, Penta attacks leading to Gunn Club, Dustin Rhodes and Arn chasing Penta off.
QT Marshall finally comes out when Penta is already leaving and he has to explain where he has been.

Marvez is now interviewing Young Bucks about Fenix and Pac being the next contenders for the Tag Team Titles.
Don Callis walked in and finally admits he was faking the attack weeks ago before telling them there is nothing elite about them anymore.

Which will last longer this match or Jade’s entrance?
Dani Jordyn looks like she is not scared of Jade but she may be after the big boot Jade hit her with.
Dani Jordyn looked like she landed on her neck BAD after that suplex from Jade. Could be great selling but damn.
The Jaded is hit and Jade gets the pinfall victory before getting in the face of Red Velvet and they have to be held back.

Here comes MJF and crew to give their explanation over how everything unfolded. They stand in an almost Pyramid when standing on the stage with MJF and Tully at the top.
Tully is getting to speak first putting over their beat down of the so called best faction in AEW history.
There it is, Tully says that when you have no where to go, you’re at the Pinnacle and that will be their name.
MJF is saying he must be Judas now and that liking Chris wasn’t a walk in the park, something Jericho should do more often.
The goal from the start was to defeat the Inner Circle from the inside.
MJF goes down the line putting over all the members calling Tully the greatest mind, Wardlow the greatest body guard, Spears is going to prove to everyone he is a top guy before talking about FTR.
MJF says they want the locker room that belongs to the Inner Circle before letting Jericho know he is better than him and Jericho knows it.

Picture in Picture promo from Matt Hardy talking about why Butcher and Blade joined him instead of running around with soft Eddie.
Marko Stunt starts off against Matt Hardy who wanted in the match to get the easy attack but it all breaks down.
Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus not happy with Bear Country early on with them throwing Marko to the outside while accidently knocking down Jungle Boy.
Back from the commercial break with Luchasaurus destroying Private Party leading to Kassidy squealing like a girl.
Butcher hits wicked clothesline on Luchasaurus that turns him inside out.
Things have broken down after Marko tags himself in after Bear Country tagged in. Stupid Marko ruining everything.
Gin & Juice from Private Party on Marko before tagging in Hardy who hits a twist of fate on him and gets the pinfall victory.
Post match, Bear Country is arguing with Jurassic Express at ringside while Team Hardy celebrates.

Moxley and Kingston are cutting a promo backstage about taking care of his REAL problem which is the Good Brothers.
Nice burn from Moxley saying he is pissed he wasted his money on Talk-N-Shop-a-Mania.
Great joke from Kingston making fun of the Bullet Club doing the Too Sweet which is something Eddie remembers seeing on TNT years ago.

Dasha is now interviewing Christian Cage backstage about why he came to AEW. He says he is not A workhorse, he is THE Workhorse. Wrestling him makes people better.
He says the only spot he wants is the spot of Kenny Omega and Kenny is on borrowed time until he gets some wins in.

Good Brothers out of no where attack Eddie Kingston during his entrance before Moxley can join in. Moxley is selling the death match by having his shoulder taped up.
Match finally starts after a Magic Killer to Jon Moxley on the outside allowing them to throw Eddie in the ring to ring the bell.
Back from another restaurant quality picture in picture break with Good Brothers continuing to beat down Kingston has Moxley does his best Shawn Michaels Over Selling performance from the Magic Killer earlier.
Moxley gets the hot tag and magically he is full of energy now with Ross bringing out the old Stomping a Mudhole saying a day after 3:16 day.
Loved seeing Eddie just grabbing the leg of Bryce when he knew he couldn’t get close enough to break the actual pin.
Kingston breaks up the Magic Killer attempt on Moxley before taking Gallows with him to the outside.
Moxley is able to roll up Karl Anderson and get the pinfall victory.
Post match, Good Brothers attack Moxley while Kingston on the outside. Kenny’s music hits and he and Don come out to join in the fun.
Kingston gets back to his feet and sneaks in to the ring knocking Omega off the chair he sat down on in front of Moxley.
Pilmanizing of Eddie Kingston is next as Moxley doesn’t have enough in him to stop them. They turn to Moxley putting his head in the chair before Young Bucks come out to stop them.
Omega and the Good Brothers try to get the Bucks to Too Sweet them but the Bucks walk away pissing off Omega who tries again to force them to do it.
Moxley starts to get up and the heels bail to avoid getting hit by a chair.

Time for our weekly Sting gets interrupted segment. Will it be Archer again this week? It won’t be Darby Allin as he is brought out as part of the interview as well.
Darby is selling the attack from Scorpio Sky after their match last week with the Heel Hook. Darby says it is a joke how little he has defended the belt and wants to defend it each week.
Darby says he wants to pay tribute to the greatest TNT Champion of all time and gives an open challenge to anyone in the Dark Order.
Here is Archer to interrupt things not liking that Darby is the champion and is going to put him in a coffin since Darby likes them so much. So Archer is a Heel again?
I guess Taz is going to get to interrupt things as well as Team Taz come out after Archer walks to the back with Jake.
Cage grabs to microphone from Taz and says he is talking for himself tonight and gets in Sting’s face to say he respects him and calls him the Icon pissing off the rest of the Team and he walks off.

Video package showing the attack from Scorpio Sky last week while he gives his reasons for doing it.

Why didn’t Fenix and Pac come out earlier to support Penta and why is he not there to support them now?
Speaking of missing team mates, where was Jack Evans to support Angelico since Pac was at ringside?
Back from the commercial break with Rey Fenix making his comeback from Angelico and hits the beautiful cutter that Angelico sells perfectly.
Nice counter by Fenix hitting a crucifix bomb before a sit down piledriver to get the pinfall victory.

We are hearing from Miro who Marvez cut up with earlier today to get his answer for the rematch by Chuck and Cassidy. Miro says he is not interested and has moved on.
Kip walks in saying he has not moved on as they ruined his wedding. Miro tells Kip the worst thing for your career is having your wife at ringside.
Miro tells him that when the bell rings, all he cares about is getting the win and becoming world champion. Kip accepts the challenge after Miro walks off.

Marvez is now interviewing the Dark Order about who will challenge Darby for the TNT Championship and they nominate John Silver.

We see footage of The Pinnacle taking over the Locker Room of the Inner Circle backstage.

Justin Roberts lets us know this is Anything Goes, Falls Count Anywhere.
This match should let us know whether we will be seeing a lot Thunder Rosa going forward on AEW.
Rebel attacks Rosa from behind with the crutch to start the match. It allows Britt to work over Rosa on the stage and at ringside.
We see Hikaru Shida watching the match backstage before seeing Britt eat a steel chair after taking her eyes of Rosa.
Clearly the girls are trying to be careful in this one as they are not going full speed ahead as we see in a lot of the matches in AEW.
We now are seeing Jade Cargill sitting in the stands watching the match. Great to keep showing that all in the Women’s Division are interested in this one.
Rosa has been busted open now as we get a nice close up of before we head to a commercial break.
Back from commercial with Rosa getting suplexed on to the pile of chairs in the ring which Rosa sold great.
Rebel is now pulling a ladder out to give to Britt but Rosa hits a bulldog to Britt on to it.
Good spot with Rosa getting psyched up before dropkicking the ladder into Britt Baker causing her to get busted open now.
Britt looks like she learned how to Blade from Michael Shane. Britt looks like Shane did during the Street Fight against Paul London at ROH Unscripted.
Sick Death Valley Driver to Britt Baker from Rosa off the top rope on to the Ladder but still only a two count.
Rebel is a good friend by wiping the blood off the face of Britt with her white jean jacket.
Stomp to Rosa on to the chair by Britt but still can’t get a pinfall.
Baker is going for the black glove and looking to get the lock jaw on but tells Rebel to get a bag from under the ring. Likely thumbtacks, yup thumbtacks, why should we be surprised?
Rebel comes in with the crutch when Rosa tries to put Baker into the thumbtacks and sends her through a table at ringside.
Rosa powerbombs Britt into the tacks but Baker still kicks out. Britt’s back as thumbtacks all over it.
Britt locks on the lock jaw but Rosa rolls back breaking the hold as Britt goes in to the tacks.
Thunder Driver by Rosa to the outside through a table and she gets the pinfall victory. Looks like we are not going to see the end of Rosa in AEW with NWA starting back up.
Really good main event that was fitting for their feud. Well done after the first real AEW Women’s Feud without the title involved.

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