We are full speed ahead towards TakeOver with Jordan Devlin returning to NXT.

Starting off how we ended last week with Finn Balor in the ring. Likely has something to say about Kross.
Balor tells Karrion Kross that his time is up at TakeOver. Kross may have something to say about that as his music hits and he comes out with Scarlett.
Kross says the everyone needs to know who the real champion is around here. Finn says everyone wants to be Champion until the real Champion walks in.
Kross says at TakeOver Balor will know what it will feel like when he chokes him out. Finn says Kross will know what it is like to be in the Main Event and CHOKE.
Scarlett says she say this moment with them drapped in gold. Cue the Tag Team Champions to come out to try and put over Pete Dunne.
Scarlett says moments like this lead us to a future where they put their tag titles on the line against Finn and Kross.
Scarlett talks Lorcan and Burch up to try to get them to agree to the challenge. We look to have it set for tonight.

Candice and Johnny are video chatting with Theory before the match. Apparently they can’t be there. I wonder why that is. HMMMM.
Back from commercial with Theory in control of Lumis apparently fired up trying to impress Johnny and Candice.
Lumis is able to lock on the Silence out of now where but Theory breaks out of it with a few elbows.
Loved the kip up by Lumis before hitting the jumping leg drop on Theory.
Sick forearm by Theory to Lumis after Dexter does the creep crawly.
Lumis offers his hands out to Theory and Austin seems confused before being helped up by Lumis and hugs him but Lumis locks on the Silence but again elbows breaks it.
Lumis counters into a sideway slam before getting put in the Silence for the TKO Submission.

Outside of William Regal’s office before Ciampa walks in with him letting us know that Thatcher wasn’t here and blames Imperium.
Ciampa wants Barther and Aichener to see if they can find Wolfe. He promises only one will be standing by the end of the night.

Back in the ring from commercial with Adam Cole telling us that Kyle O’Reilly made the biggest mistake of his life last week.
Am I the only one who doesn’t take Cole hating Kyle seriously?
Regal comes out instead of Kyle, like Cole wanted, to tell us Kyle is banned from the CWC but then Kyle shows up on the screen.
Kyle says how happy he was to see the fear in his face last week and he can’t wait since Cole tried to end his career.
He lets Cole know Kyle knows where Adam lives and hangs out. Cole tells Regal that if Kyle is going to threaten him, he will find Kyle first.

Did we seriously need a video package reliving the worst booking in NXT history with the NXT Women’s Tag Titles last week?
Ember and Shotzi being interviewed about how great it was to win last week.
Robert Stone Brand walk in with them challenging Ember and Shotzi next week. Accepted.
Is Ember and Shotzi really qualified to hand out fashion advice to… anyone?

We see Jordan Devlin arrive outside with the REAL Cruiserweight Championship before heading to commercial.

How great is the timing that Devlin showed up outside only a couple minutes before Escobar was going to come out with Mendoza and Wilde.
The “bickering” back and forth between Beth Phoenix and Wade Barrett is REALLY childish.
Did Vic Joseph actually say “this is the first time these TWO TEAMS faced ONE on ONE” on commentary?
Back from commercial with Fandango trying to make the hot tag to Tyler Breeze which he does before Wilde gets in to stop it.
Lots of shots of Escobar looking at HIS Cruiserweight Championship at ringside during this match.
Mendoza gets the pinfall victory after getting a leg slap.
Post match, Escobar grabs a headset asking where Devlin is leading to his music hitting and the REAL Cruiserweight Champion is FINALLY back in NXT.
Devlin tells Escobar to look in the ring at what a real Champion looks like. He says he didn’t need to jump him as he TOLD Escobar he is coming. He also says he didn’t need stooges with him.
Devlin tells Escobar to throw his replica title in the trash because the real champion is back. Escobar says he redefined what a Cruiserweight means and wasn’t filling in.
Santos says that Devlin only has the title because everyone here forgot he had it. He says take care of your business in the UK then come face him at TakeOver in a Title vs. Title match.
Headbutt from Devlin and a Suplex before bailing out of the ring before Mendoza and Wilde can reach him.
Devlin stands tall on stage while Escobar is bloodied in the ring.

Cole is seen leaving the building saying he is going to find Kyle.

We are getting a video promo to put over the debut of Sarray who is coming from Japan.

We see that Cameron Grimes is on “vacation” by seeing photoshopped pictures of him doing different things.

If they use this match to put over Zoey Stark and further bury Dakota after that terrible booking last week, I will lose complete faith in NXT booking.
Quite a few spots in this one with it appearing that Zoey and Dakota aren’t on the same page.
Back from commercial and Zoey Starks is making her comeback against Kai who has been in control during the commercial.
Fighting on the hardest part of the ring leads to nothing as Dakota ends up tossed back in the ring. Great superkick from Dakota sold perfectly by Zoey after coming off the top rope.
Dakota Kai thankfully is able to get the pinfall victory while still making Zoey look good in defeat. Crisis adverted… for now.
Post match, Raquel and Dakota get in the face of Zoey leading to Io Shirai coming out before anything happens. Io has a contract in hand.
Io walks past Dakota before shoving the contract into the chest of Raquel and walks off helping Zoey to the back.

Regal is about to be interviewed about the Cruiserweight Championship situation before someone tells Regal that something has happened to Adam Cole.

Video package time. This one is for MSK highlighting their matches from the Dusty Classic.

Grizzled Young Veterans are cutting a video promo on them. They definitely appear to be cutting this from somewhere NOT the CWC. Really obvious who got the infected.

Ciampa comes from the “crowd” area to hit Aichner with a chair before the match to even the odds.
Wade Barrett finally mentions Ringkampf on commentary from the UK scene which was the group before Imperium that Thatcher was a member of with Barthel and Walter.
Aichner is finally recovered and holds the leg of Barthel to help him get the upper hand on Ciampa.
Willow’s Bell from Ciampa and he gets the pinfall victory and a somewhat uneventful match.
Post match, the Imperium music hits and there is Walter, yup Walter is on the stage with the NXT UK Championship around his waist.
Walter tells Aichner and Barthel to back down as he gets in the ring in only his gear now but Imperium attack and the beat down is on.
Imperium stand tall in the ring as Ciampa is laid out.

Regal is showing up at the scene where Kyle is being arrested and Cole is yelling the Kyle tried to run him off the road.

LA Knight cuts a promo to the camera while walking backstage before his upcoming debut match.

You have to love when stars of 205 Live are basically just jobbers for NXT. It is like 205 Live is the Dark to NXT’s Dynamite.
Bronson Reed comes out with LA Knight’s jacket and puts it on to the disgust of LA Knight who is distracted by all of this.
Reed flexed in it ripping it apart Hulk style before Grey rolls up Knight but only gets a two count.
Grey misses his Rope Walking Cross Body move and Knight takes back the advantage and finishes him quickly to get the pinfall victory in his debut. No shock here.

Raquel Gonzalez is being interviewed with the contract in her hand saying that Io’s title reign has an expiration date.
Dakota says next week they have a tag match against Io and Zoey which Raquel is unsure of at first but Dakota convinces her.

Regal is telling us in the parking lot that if the police drop the charges he wants Kyle and Cole at the CWC next week as he has a solution.

How little faith does a company have in a team as their champions when they don’t even get an entrance on TV?
Why would Kross or Balor want to win Tag Team Titles with the other? I just don’t get it the motivation.
Kross and Balor stand in their corner as the referee checks on Danny Burch who may have got injured.
Back from commercial with Finn Balor in the ring with Lorcan while appearing to talk trash or something to Kross.
We see medical looking at Danny Burch on the outside of the ring as it appears he was injured during the match.
Into the overrun now with Kross trying to get the hot tag from Balor but Lorcan knocks him off the apron before Finn can make the tag. Thought Kross was going to fake out the tag.
Balor does the running drop kick to Lorcan sending him into Scarlett and she goes flying. Kross gets up and attacks Finn before throwing him back in the ring.
Lorcan hits his finisher to pin Finn Balor and retain the tag titles.
Post match, Kross destroys Lorcan and Finn Balor. Just glad they didn’t put the belts on these two.
Scarlett stops the attack on Finn from Kross only for her to be able to pick him up and let Kross hit the forearm to the back of Finn’s head.

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