After successfully making the 205-pound weight limit, Seven challenges Devlin for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship.

We are starting with the footage from The Bump of Trent Seven and Jordan Devlin weighing in. Trent weighs in at 204.25 to make the match official for tonight.
Does this look bad to anyone else with Devlin having just been on NXT last night? A bit of bad timing/communication between brands, in our eyes.

Everything new for Ben Carter with his debut under the new name of Nathan Frazer. Imagine if free could just freely change our names as easy as wrestlers in WWE do it?
They’re at least giving Ashton Smith a showing, won’t call it a good showing, but better than what I expected.
Smith is actually getting a good showing now. I’ve upgraded it after he gets a two count from a pin attempt.
Coast to Coast from Frazer on Smith but Ashton kicks out before the three. The editing made the Coast to Coast look better than I think we all know it was from how quickly he lost elevation.
Frog Splash from Frazer and he gets his first pinfall victory under the new name.

Ilja Dragunov is apologizing to everyone for what has happened to him recently before Sam Gradwell came in to say he will always beat him.
Ilja is good when Sam mentions a No DQ match. Sam was not expecting Ilja to accept.

Isla Dawn is doing another video promo highlighting her witch craft. Still the best thing they’ve done with her.

We now hear from Johnny Saint who lets us know that Noam Dar has been wanting to challenge A-Kid for the Heritage Cup.
He said that in 3 weeks, Noam Dar vs. Tyler Bate for the right to challenge A-Kid and the Heritage Cup.

Another video promo to show the work Trent Seven has put in to challenge for the Cruiserweight Championship including the weigh in results from the Bump.

Oh this is not good for Dani Luna. Meiko is coming off the loss to Kay Lee Ray so need to get a win back. Begs the question, though, how can she still call herself Best In The World when she lost?
Nice spot to show the strength of Luna in the test of strength but then Meiko turns it around and uses other ways to bring Dani down to show her experience.
Much more even back and forth match than I expected but Meiko gets the Scorpio Rising to get the pinfall victory.
Post match, Meiko Satomura shows respect to Dani Luna.

Jinny and Joseph Conners are talking about Jinny’s win/loss record but somehow last week she lost but mention it was from an illegal move.
Conners goes on to challenge Starz to a one on one match with no one to help him this time.

Video package putting over Devlin’s title run as the REAL Cruiserweight Champion.

During the break, Dani Luna was interviewed about not getting the win yet again and says she will just try again.
Andrews and Webster catch up to her as she is leaving to give her her jacket and water bottle. Developing story I am sure.

Walter is coming out in street clothes to let us know how he has taken out everyone that has come in front of him.
Walter asks Johnny Saint to find someone anywhere in the world to challenge him but someone found him as Rampage Brown’s music hits.
Brown says when Walter is ready, let him know. Walter takes offence to Brown grabbing his arm but ends up on his butt when Brown pushes him. Brown says when they face, Walter’s reign ends.
I think we know what happens when they fight in three weeks, you know with Walter and Imperium pretty much fully in the States now.

This week’s exploits of Xia Brookside making Nina Samuels do everything at the gym for her.

Earlier this week, Kenny Williams is explaining himself to Amir Jordan before saying they have a match for the tag titles in two weeks.
Amir wants him to promise Kenny won’t cheat but Kenny says everything but that.

I bet if Seven had cut off his bear and hair he’d have lost another pound.
Trent coming out of the gate at full speed trying to gain the early advantage.
This is much more of a British Strong Style match then a typical Cruiserweight match. Not a complaint.
Nice spot with Devlin going into the camera at ringside when Seven hit him with the Tope Suicida.
Seven goes to the top but Devlin has enough time to move and is able to lock the Four Leaf Clover on but Seven is able to make it to the bottom rope.
Seven counters the punt attempt by Devlin into a Single Leg Crab but Devlin gets to the ropes much quicker than Seven did moments ago.
Devlin hits the sick Headbutt as a counter to Trent Seven’s Lariat.
Seven Star Lariat but Jordan Devlin is able to kick out before the three.
Burning Hammer but Devlin’s leg was clearly very close to the rope and he gets it under the rope before the three count.
Devlin thumbs the eye of Seven while the referee is trying to get Trent off of Devlin who was in the ropes.
Devlin hits his pulling Suplex move but Seven surprises us all and kicks out so Devlin hits a 450 against the injured back of Seven to successfully defend the Cruiserweight Title with a pinfall victory.
Post match, Devlin celebrates while nursing his injuries. Is this the last we see of him in NXT UK?

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