205 Live NXT WWE


Ashante "Thee" Adonis goes one-on-one with Aryia Daivari. Jake Atlas tangles with "The Premier Athlete" Tony Nese.

What is this week’s combination of matches? Should be interesting with the CWC Outbreak. Wade Barrett is filling in for Nigel on commentary, so that is likely the first.

Ashante Adonis is actually getting some ring time this week which is a slight freshening up of the recent matches.
Pretty basic back and forth between them so far which is the norm for 205 Live.
Not really a fan of the showboating before a move, especially when it is a back and forth contest. Doesn’t make sense even if your character is cocky like Ashante’s is.
Ashante has tweaked his knee coming off the top so it looks like that is going to be the story of the match.
Huge Lariat from Daivari but he picks Adonis off the mat before the three count. He hits a Frog Splash but gets crucifixed after a cocky cover and Adonis gets the pinfall victory.

We get a video package to show Devlin and Escobar duel with their microphones from 2 days ago on NXT.
Great to see we had the Impact Unification match last week and we get the Cruiserweight Unification match at TakeOver.

Daivari and Nese both wrestling and in single matches tonight? Something tells me that Ever Rise and Bollywood Boyz could be “training” off property for about two weeks.
I know Wade is doing his job but Jake Atlas’ personality is no where near what Eddie Guerrero’s was even as a rookie. But that is a high bar.
Some of the selling by Atlas with the huge screams are a little much when you are in one of the weakest bear hugs I’ve seen.
Nice brain buster from Atlas to Nese which Nese sold perfectly.
Liked how they set up the sequence in the ropes leading to Nese kicking the head of Atlas and hearing Barrett say “Ear Hole.”
Nese starts to face wash and trash talk Atlas but it just causes Atlas to fire up.
Not the best executed Cartwheel DDT Atlas has done but the editing made it look acceptable and he gets the pinfall victory.
Post match, Atlas is celebrating the win as announcers put over his future possibilities.

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