The National Wrestling Alliance returns for their first PPV in over a year with Aron Stevens taking on Nick Aldis for the World Title and Thunder Rosa taking on Kamille for the #1 Contendership.

Opening with a heartfelt promo from Aron Stevens and his past with Question Mark and how great it was and how much Joseph enjoyed the run.
Nick Aldis gives his input saying that Aron is going to give it his all but he stays ready and that is why he is the World’s Champion.

Intro video has a great intro of all the talent on the show with a Billy Corgan song. Not sure if it is Pumpkins but definitely is Corgan.

Already issues as didn’t hear a word Galli said until we got to the booth. We do have crowd noise which I assume is recorded noise but could be people they brought in but haven’t seen anyone yet.

Nick Aldis is being interviewed by Kyle Davis at the Podium to talk about being Back for the Attack. Cue Peter Griffin impersonation.
Nick thanks us for buying the PPV and talks about all the people in the back wanting to put on a great show for everyone. They want to put on a show for Joseph.
Aldis says that Aron Stevens could pull out a miracle but it is going to take him bringing the best version of himself he has to do it.
The crowd noise is great so far. The way they are reacting makes me think we have 10 or 12 people reacting in the audience.

Going to be interesting to see how Jax Dane and Crimson interact with each other in this match with their history. Galli calls it out right away.
Right away Dane and Crimson face off after clearing out Clearwater and Boogie.
They definitely have to have a select few in the audience reacting. If they are, it is very smart. Even 10 people can sound great in that environment, makes it feel like actual Old NWA Studio Wrestling.
Dane tells Crimson to team up to take out Boogie before telling him to give him Clearwater. So far it feels like this is going to set up a tag team feud.
Boogie hits a piledriver on Clearwater after they take out Dane and Crimson to get the pinfall victory.
Post match, Boogie celebrates with some great camera angles where you can not see the crowd area.

Oh god no, May Valentine is a backstage reporter and her first interview is with her best friend, Sal Rinauro. Wonder if there is any mention of her “boyfriend.”

Kratos comes out with his NWA World Tag Team Title belt. Tyrus has a shirt with The Great American Smash shirt meant to be like the Great American Bash.
Tyrus comes over to the podium to say he is pissed he wasn’t asked to have an interview while one of their audience members says “what?” Seriously, can we not tell a small group NOT to do that?
Tyrus is just trying to prove he is stronger than Kratos towering over him with his bigger size than Kratos.
There is no way the NWA are going to have an accused Sex Offender go over one half of their World Tag Team Champions, right?
What? Tyrus actually just beat Kratos with a sidewalk slam for the pinfall victory. That’s embarrassing.

Valentine is interviewing Trevor Murdoch about his match against the debuting Chris Adonis for the National Championship later.

We are being told that they have added 4 minutes to the TV Title matches to make them 10:05 now. Makes it feel less special doing that, in our opinion.
Anyone else never trust a clock that isn’t always shown? Have WWE just made us all suspect foul play with clocks?
Sick looking Suplex by Pope sending Latimer into the turnbuckles which Latimer sold perfectly.
Ryan Joy of Minutes To Bell Time has informed me that the clock is definitely not accurate.
Latimer starts to roll away but Pope jumps off the top anyways and still hits a beautiful elbow drop.
Under a minute to go with Latimer trying to put Pope away but Pope counters with 30 seconds left and both are down. Looks like it will be a draw.
There it is the time limit has expired and it is a draw with Pope retaining.
Post match, Pope doesn’t seem to be happy with the draw when he is being handed the belt. Latimer flips off Pope instead of shaking his hand and leaves.

Aron Stevens is being interviewed now about his World Title tonight and to talk about Joseph and even talks directly to his son.

Taryn Terrell is at the commentary booth for the next match. That is actually a shocking signing.
They are talking up Rosa’s brutal match against Britt Baker on Dynamite this past Wednesday but putting over this matchup more.
Really putting over the strength/power of Kamille while also yelling at the commentary booth allowing Thunder Rosa to get back up.
Great to hear Tim bring up how Galli couldn’t get Kamille to talk but no she won’t shut up.
Kamille is able to counter the arm bar by lifting Rosa off the mat and sending her into the turnbuckle all while still in the arm bar.
Kamille misses the Tackle Spear but Rosa moves sending Kamille into the ring post HARD.
They are fighting at ringside now and we see they do have people lined up against the wall to give a good and accurate crowd sound.
Really good story so far of Rosa just trying to survive long enough to wear down the power of Kamille. Works really good with Rosa’s match on Dynamite.
This week, Thunder Rosa has cemented herself as one of the best women’s wrestlers in the industry today.
Kamille seems disrespected by Rosa kicking out of a disrespectful cover of just a foot on Rosa.
Good job by Galli to hide the fact that Kamille just had her arm in the wrong place. Made it out like she was just fighting the pin attempt off.
Great looking backstabber from Rosa but she only gets a two count on the pin attempt.
Spear from Kamille after Rosa misses the stomp off the top but Kamille doesn’t go for the pin and instead lines up for another and hits it getting the pinfall victory.

Back to Valentine who is interviewing Don Callis’ birth father, Austin Idol. Great to hear him talk about his past with Aldis but saying Stevens invited him.

Is the Championship still a third degree National Championship?
Did one of the fans say that Trevor Murdoch is Always Ready? Is Matt Cardona okay with that gimmick infringement?
Murdoch outsmarts Adonis by baiting him into running the ropes to show his power but Trevor just brings him down with a leg sweep.
Are we the only ones who think Chris Adonis/Masters has always looked like a rejected extra from Not Another Teen Movie?
Flying crossbody off the top by Murdoch but Adonis kicks out before the three.
Adonis fails to lock on the Full Nelson as Murdoch slips out and turns it into a pinfall to get the victory.
Post match, Murdoch offers a handshake which Adonis accepts but of course attacks after doing so.
Austin Idol is seen coming out in to the arena during the altercation as he heads to the commentary table.

Austin Idol is cutting a promo at the commentary table before the Main Event to put it over. Nice moment with Austin talking to Tim Storm about being there when Nick beat him for the belt.
Great promo as Austin Idol continues to prove he is still one of the best on the microphone.

We had a Ten Bell Salute for everyone we lost in the last year but it was slightly ruined by one person telling another to keep hitting until 10.

Stevens gets control to start the match as they figure each other out. We need Austin Idol on commentary all the time because he makes the dullest things seem exciting.
Stevens gets a couple pin attempts then gets in the face of Aldis letting Nick know he’s fired up.
Breather time as Aldis rolls out of the ring leading to a little bit of action on the outside but they quickly get back in.
Aldis decides to get back to the outside after regaining control of the match and this time it is all about beating down Stevens against anything he legally can.
Stevens gets the a nice comeback and hitting a sweet superkick but both men are down unable to capitalize.
We get a nice old school 10 punch with count in the corner with Stevens dishing it out to Aldis.
Beautiful series from Stevens ending with the DDT but Aldis is able to kick out JUST before the three.
Figure Four Leg Lock from Stevens on Aldis while Idol insists on calling it the Las Vegas Leg Lock since he made it famous.
Aldis going for the top rope elbow but Stevens gets up in time to meet him at the top. Aron is able to hit the SuperPlex and we have both men down again.
Second Rope Elbow Drop means Nick Aldis only gets a two count since it was not off the top. Aldis is trying to tell Stevens it is over, he had a good show but time to end it.
Huge Lariat Elbow from Stevens but gets only a two with Aldis barely kicking out in time.
Aldis avoids Stevens coming off the ropes to put on the Cloverleaf but Aron fights everything he can to get to the ropes and even with Nick pulling him back in to the middle he gets there digging deep.
Austin Idol is able to call it by saying Aldis is under estimating Stevens just as Aron counters Nick sending Aldis into the ring post.
Aldis tries to lock on the Cloverleaf again but he seems to be hurting so Stevens focusing on the arms and back locking on a Crossface.
Terrible finish with Nick Aldis rolling the inside cradle to get the three pin. Hate when great title matches have “fluke” finishes.
Post match, Stevens is holding a Question Mark mask upset that he didn’t win it for him. Aldis tells him to stand up like a man and offers a handshake which Stevens gives.
The Fans start to chant Thank You Joseph as the roster enter the ring with a Mongrovian Flag. Question Mark chant as we go off the air.

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