The last stop on the road to WrestleMania will help decide a lot of matches for the big night.

Was able to catch Riddle retaining his US Title against Ali on the Pre Show with Retribution turning their backs One by One on Ali after the match.

You know you still have a childish brain when chuckle to yourself every time someone says Peacock.

We see footage from Friday’s Smackdown with Bianca pissed that Sasha accepted a match two nights before this match. Good question that WWE Creative should be asked more often.
Both teams are arguing amongst themselves before the bell even rings.
Nia Jax blind tags herself in letting Shayna know she’s going to get it done. She even does a cocky cover on Sasha while looking right at Shayna.
I do like that Sasha and Bianca Belair are wearing matching colours with their gear. Small touches go a long way.
Wow does the crowd ever sound terrible after hearing how good the NWA crowd sounded on Back for the Attack. Put 15-20 people on the hard camera side to start chants naturally to be blended with the piped noise.
You have to love that they ban the leg slap because it looks stupid but created those ring post screens to make a better sound when a wrestler hits it.
Reginald causes a distraction when Bianca hits a 450 but they fight them off before Sasha hits a wicked kick to Shayna.
Bianca and Sasha break down after Nia breaks up the count by pushing Bianca into Sasha. Shayna uses this to roll up Sasha to get the victory.
Really glad they didn’t go with having opponents being the tag champions.
Post match, Sasha and Bianca before Banks slaps Belair calling her a rookie and trying to put her in her place.

We are seeing pictures of Shane hurt during training before he is shown now with his knee iced up and using a crotch.
Elias and The Redneck Ryker trying to pitch his WrestleMania moment but he is annoying Shane until he has an idea.

First, Drew and his Sword, now, Apollo and his staph? What is with Vince McMahon and having men carrying big thingsā€¦ nevermind.
Big E is dominating and just trash talking Apollo saying he asked for this but Crews takes out the leg/knee of Big E as he is coming in allowing him to take control.
Not sure what happened but Big E somehow got the pin on Apollo Crews when it looked like either could have won.
Post match, Apollo loses it and is beating down Big E while saying it is not over.

We get an old spice spot with R Truth getting pinned by the Joseph Average spokesperson to win the 24/7 Title before R Truth gets it back. Was this just an ad or did Truth get it back from Bad Bunny?

We now are seeing the footage of Shane McMahon getting hurt from the training earlier.
We are now back with Shane, Elias and Ryker in the ring so Elias can play an audition for Mania.
Before Elias can do anything, he tells Elias he’s replacing Shane in the match tonight.

Elias is not looking happy about having to fight Storwman here. Ryker doing his best to try and distract Braun but to no avail.
Ryker avoided the runaway train move from Braun but Elias still got hit by it. Ryker puts Elias back in the ring with the announcers saying that may have not been best.
Chop block from Elias after Ryker distracts Braun leading to an elbow drop but still only a 1 count on the pin attempt.
Running powerslam and Braun gets the easy pinfall victory.

Riddle is riding on his scooter backstage when he talks to Nakamura and asks if he wants to go into business with Riddle selling pimped Scooters.
Riddle starts talking about a story about his friend Skeeter but Nakamura just walked off camera.

This match makes me sad as it is the one match I cared the least about coming in but should have been the one we wanted to watch the most with the talent between them.
Shinsuke is controlling it against Rollins who is face down on the hardest part of the ring. Never a good place to be.
Great looking Tope Suicida to Nakamura sending both against the barricade.
Buckle Bomb before the Falcon Arrow but Shinsuke Nakamura is able to kick out before three. Anyone else get nervous seeing buckle bombs from Seth?
Anyone else think that Graves is getting yelled at for calling Rollins and Nakamura Elite athletes?
Curbstomp from Rollins gets him the eventual pinfall victory leading to his eventual match against Cesaro at Mania.

Great to see how far both Drew and Sheamus have come in the video package highlighting their history.
A man holding a huge sword is like a man in a big truck or a sports car, you are DEFINITELY over compensating for something. Or the person’s whose idea it was is at least.
Did Samoa Joe seriously say “There can only be one” after a Scottish guy with a sword just came to the ring?
Sheamus starts off yelling at Drew saying he asked for this. This is when I finally realized Drew has his face painted in Scot colours. Must have been distracted thinking of the sword.
Did not know this was a No Holds Barred match until the commentators mentioned why them using the weapons were allowed. I need to pay attention more.
What is WWE’s obsession with eyes? Drew just shoved the end of a kendo stick into the eye of Sheamus.
I think they’ve said No Holds Barred more times during this match than they have said Peacock all night.
We’re up in the Thunderdome screens while the announcers act like the people on the screens by them can see them better because of it.
Sheamus going through those screens caused a better explosion than the end of the Death Match at Revolution.
Nice camera angle with the Mania sign behind Sheamus and Drew while Sheamus is setting up the white noise through the broadcast table.
The piped in “This is Awesome” sounds so much less genuine than the chants from the maybe 20 people during the NWA PPV earlier.
Futureshock DDT followed by the Claymore as Drew gets the pinfall victory in the best match of the night so far.

Interested to see if this is going to be a real match or more cinematic in nature or just a bunch of smoke and mirrors.
Randy Orton starts spitting out blood or black liquid the minute he does his pose on the ropes asking for a towel at ringside.
Finally get Alexa coming out. Is it bad I want to get my wife those contact lenses?
Yup smoke and mirrors. Orton walks into a wall of fire when he walks towards Alexa before going into the ringpost after she moves.
Alexa looks up and a lighting rig falls between them. Orton asks if she is trying to kill him. What did he think she’s been trying to do?
Alexa Bliss blows a kiss at Orton before sending a Fireball at him like it is 1980s NWA but he no sells it.
A hand is coming through the bottom of the ring before Fiend comes from below looking what you thought Kane locked like under the mask.
Bliss gets the pinfall win after a Sister Abigail from the Fiend. Fiend looks freaky as hell.

How bad was Paul Heyman’s audio in that clip from Talking Smack?
“I’d rather die in that ring then tap out to someone like you” is one of the best lines someone can say, WWE or not.
When was the last time a “Special Enforcer” came to the ring wearing full on street clothes, leather jacket and all?
I’d love to know how long it is from when we are told what the next match is and when the bell actually rings. Feels like the recap videos and entrances take forever.
Daniel Bryan is doing everything he can to try and get to the legs and arms of Roman to work him down but Reigns keeps using his power to get away. Nice story so far.
Edge has taken his jacket off at least so there is that. He still just looks like a guy watching the match.
Love the trash talking from Roman especially now that Paul Heyman is encouraging it. He wants Daniel Bryan to admit he is the true Main Eventer.
Liked the spot with Roman showing his power to stop the Frakensteiner from Bryan to hold Daniel all the way to the mat and getting a Boston Crab locked on.
Am I the only one expecting Jey Uso to allow Edge to get a spear in on someone?
Or do we see Edge trying to stop Roman from doing something Dirty but ends up costing Daniel Bryan the match?
Yes Lock is locked in on Reigns but he is REALLY close to the ropes even if the camera man zoomed in to make it less obvious. Daniel adjusts and moves it to the middle of the ring.
Daniel Bryan has knocked out the referee and so Edge gets in the ring to make the count after Roman speared Daniel Bryan but only a two count.
Reigns is refusing to tap out to the frustration of Daniel Bryan leading to Jey Uso showing up out of nowhere superkicking Edge and Daniel Bryan.
Daniel Bryan is the last one left standing with the Chair that Jey Uso tried to use on him. He looks for the ref before trying to use the chair but Roman moves and Edge gets it in his arm.
Roman goes for a spear but Daniel Bryan does a great counter to get the Yes Lock put in but no one to see if he taps.
Roman taps out but Edge hits Daniel Bryan with the chair before hitting Roman too and yells that “This is Mine” at both of them while looking pissed off and walks to the back.
We have a new official who has come out from the back. Why does he not DQ or make a decision based on what he saw happen from the back?
Roman crawls over Daniel Bryan and gets the pinfall victory.
Not sure if I agree how they handled Edge and the messy finish but the match was really good for the most part.

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