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Shocked to see Tasha Steelz or Kiera Hogan in a match without Brandon Tolle as the referee. Must be because it is BTI.

We are starting off with Kenny Omega and Don Callis walking in to the studio before we get into our usual Previously On video package. We are focusing on the FinJuice and Good Brothers feud.

Anyone else thinking that Matt Striker just finished watching Queen’s Gambit with all the chess references?
We are now hearing that Hardcore Justice is taking place at 3pm since it is the day of WrestleMania Night 1.
Susan gets decked by Jazz when she tries to interfere but the distraction is enough to give Deonna the advantage back.
How much of a veteran can one be when you’re clearly very close to the rope and you don’t hook the leg closest to the rope?
With help from Susan, Deoona gets the roll up and pinfall victory.

Back to Good Brothers trying to act all hot shot with Eddie Edwards coming in telling them to get lost.
Good Brothers walk off but Decay are there laughing at them talking how their popularity has decayed.

We are getting an actual commercial for Swinger’s Palace now. It is as good/bad as you expect for Swinger’s Palace.

Rohit is walking in the back when he runs into what appears to be Fallah Bahh’s homeless shelter in the hallway of the studio.
Fallah Bahh puts his hands on Rohit Raju and challenges him to a match after Rohit talks down to Fallah.

Fulton is taking his entrance gear off and standing in front of Ace like he is competing but then gets out of the ring. Weird.
All even between the two with both down after a facebuster off the top as we go to a commercial break.
Back with Austin taking it to TJP in the corner. Stomping a mudhole as they would once say.
Notice how it is always guys not in the X Division or unable to compete in one that calls the X Division Title the number 2 title?
Beautiful Leg Drop by Ace Austin coming off the top turnbuckle but only getting a two count on TJP.
Counter to the Mamba Splash by Austin after Fulton interjects behind the back of Hebner. Still no pinfall for Ace though.
Mamba Splash hit this time and Fulton jumps in to break the pinfall and cause the DQ to let Ace keep his title.
Post match, the beatdown of TJP continues until Alexander comes running down with a chair to clear the ring.

Gia Miller is having a sitdown with Matt Cardona backstage asking him about how he feels his time in Impact has come.
They bring up Brian Myers to further the feud between the two with Matt responding to Brian saying he is following Brian.
Cardona says it is time to put up or shut up and challenges Brian Myers to a match saying they are done after regardless of the result.

Trey is pacing back and forth before tossing some chairs and bags which belonged to XXXL who got pissed off about it.
Dreamer comes in making a match for Hardcore Justice as a joke to diffuse the situation by making an Exploding Barbed Wire Match joke saying he loves Sparklers.

Rohit is being beat down until Rohit uses Fallah’s speed moves against him by holding the ropes to avoid a crossbody.
Fallah misses a Banzai Drop allowing Rohit to do a double stomp off the top but still only good enough for a two count.
Rohit tries to set up Fallah but it only gives Fallah time to recover.
Crucifix into a hand full of tights allows Rohit Raju get the pinfall victory in a quick match.

Gia is outside the locker room of Kenny Omega and Don Callis who are on their way to the ring so refuse to speak. Kenny does wonder how Gia found him at the room with his huge name on it.

This week’s paid ad from AEW also include Kenny Omega and Don Callis so they can promote the match against Matt Sydal.
TK says they invited Don and Kenny to this paid ad to put over that match on Dynamite.
Don Callis and Kenny Omega walk out of the ad after that saying they aren’t getting paid.

Back to Good Brothers knocking on the door of Kenny and Don who are on the way to the ring and Good Brothers don’t know.

D’Lo and Striker are putting over how the Rebellion Main Event is unique while Kenny and Don are making their way to the ring.
Kenny starts off by going off on a stage hand with Don saying Kenny can fire them.
Don Callis goes over what he talked about with Rich Swann last week putting over Swann while still saying he isn’t going to beat Kenny Omega.
The more the push that no one has kicked out of the One Winged Angel makes me think that Rich Swann kicks out at Rebellion but he will still lose.
Kenny calls the AEW title 25 Pounds of Gold. Is it a dig at NWA or a prelude to him showing up on Powerrr in the future?
How many times did Kenny and Don say “suck”? I can tell you it was about 5 times too many.
Don throws to a video package to show tribute to Kenny Omega’s One Winged Angel.
Kenny says that the day he graced their PPV with his presence it was the greatest day in Impact history but just another day for him.

Back to the asylum to have Eric Young talk about Rhino and how he is the perfect warrior/weapon.
Eric Young says he only had to awaken Rhino as the destruction was always inside him.
Rhino was looking like an old Vietnam Vet at one point. If that is his look when not wrestling now, I like it.

Back with Gia Miller interviewing Nevaeh and Havok about how things are working for them again. The minute they talk about the tag titles Fire N Flava walk in.
Fire N Flava if says they want another match they can have it, just the titles won’t be on the line as it has to be earned.
After Fire N Flava leave, Kaleb with a K and Tenille come in. She tries to recruit Nevaeh this time.

Acey is just slapping Trey out of the air when he tries to hit moves on him until it goes to the outside.
Acey Romero has full control as we head to a commercial break.
Back with Acey Romero still in control of Trey Miguel who is starting to make his comeback now.
Nice jumping neckbreaker by Trey Miguel but Acey started to fall back before Trey ever touched him. So much so it was noticeable.
Nice pounce from Acey Romero on Trey who was spring boarding off the Ropes.
Trey finally gets control of the match hitting his bouncing cutter then a mediora off the top to get the pinfall victory.
Post match, XXXL start to beat down Trey Miguel until Sami Callihan hacks in to clear the ring and leaves just as quick but leaves his bat.

Rich Swann talking to Gia now about Kenny and Don’s comments earlier saying the mind games have no impact on him.
Swann tells them to go back to Hard to Kill because the One Winged Angel took him out but what happens with the Good Brothers out of the equation.

James Storm and Chris Sabin are being interviewed about how Storm is at 999 matches in Impact before going on to Violent By Design and Eric Young to challenge him to a match any place, any time.
Scott D’Amore walks in saying he overheard to make Storm’s 1000 match be next week’s Main Event against Eric Young for old times sake.

First time the Good Brothers have made me laugh in a while. Gallows moving when Karl did his machine gun entrance and almost pointed the non existent gun at Gallows.
Great to hear D’Lo and Striker talking about Eddie having a bigger and longer history in Japan then Gallows and Anderson but still waves the Impact flag unlike the Good Brothers.
Off to commercial break after seeing Eddie Edwards hit a Tope Suicida on both Good Brothers.
Hebner is forcing Gallows to sit on a chair at ringside and if he gets up he will get booted from ringside.
Does Eddie Edwards even feel like the same person that he was when he was one half of the Wolves to anyone?
Blue Thunder Bomb from Eddie Edwards but Karl Anderson JUST kicks out before the three count.
Gallows finally gets off the chair and is knocked off the mat but leads to a chair shot to Eddie.
Karl takes advantage from the Chair Shot and hits the Spinebuster to get the pinfall victory.
Post match, Good Brothers are celebrating before we hear from FinJuice on the screen about winning in Japan.

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