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We open with the stage exploding… no wait, just pyro, hard to keep those straight in AEW.

We are getting Don Callis on commentary for this one. At least it isn’t Velvet Sky.
We are seeing footage from Dark with Kenny Omega attacking Matt Sydal and getting a staged pin.
Great comeback from Callis saying he works for Impact when JR states Callis works for Omega.
Sydal definitely landed awkward on the standing shooting star when Kenny cares more about holding his mouth than making the pin attempt by Sydal look good.
Another great comeback by Callis when Excalibur implies Omega is losing his mind by telling Excalibur he may need therapy since he wears a mask in public and doesn’t even wrestle.
Sick looking counter from Kenny leading to Sydal spring boarding off the top.
Lightning Spiral from Sydal but Omega kicks out JUST before the three count. Omega definitely elevating Sydal in this one.
Never seen someone catch another doing the Mediora off the top like Omega did but to follow it up buckle bombing Sydal was a cherry on the top.
Reverse Rana by Sydal to counter Kenny and goes to the top but took too long and Omega hits the ropes.
Someone screwed up because Kenny kicked out AFTER the ref stopped counting the pinfall. Either way Sydal gets put in the One Winged Angel right after and gets the pinfall victory.
Post match, Excalibur points out someone has kicked out of the One Winged Angel but not in AEW. Impact is pushing that no one has ever done it.

Marvez is with the Dark Order to interview John Silver about his match against Darby Allin tonight.
They practice Silver avoiding the coffin drop where Five ends up not being caught by anyone else.
Hangman then gives a pep talk to Silver saying Dark Order will be proud of him whether he wins or loses tonight. Nice touch with Hangman’s story being the one thinking he wasn’t enough for his friends.

JR calls Page a Foster Child in relation to his relationship with the Dark Order.
Buck Shot Lariat and it was all Hangman as he gets the pinfall victory in no time.
Post match, Hangman is back to drinking beers which are his own brand apparently.

Video promo from Lance Archer cutting a promo on Sting. He says there would be no Archer without Sting but it is his time now and not Sting’s.

Video highlight package to put over last week’s Main Event between Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker with comments from Rosa.
Back to the stage with Tony Schiavone interviewing Britt Baker who is being booed by the crowd. Britt calls the crowd just as bad as Rosa for giving her such a welcome.
Britt says Rosa should be thanking her because Britt is the reason people will remember Rosa’s name.
Baker goes full heel putting down Foley over his praise because it took him 20 years to do what she did in 1 night.

Pinnacle leave their locker room and head to the ring for an appearance after the commercial.

Christian Cage is seen talking to the Varsity Blondes and one of the Top Flight guys.
Frankie Kazarian walks in to ask Christian about when he starts the Work part of his statement.
Christian says next week he wrestles and asks Frankie if he wants to be the guy, and he does.
Kazarian invites Christian to watch his match on Elevation if he isn’t busy on Monday night.

Spears is starting off against Garrison in this one with Griff getting the best of Spears on the first shot but Spears brings him down quick.
Like the contrast here with three high flyers on one side and three smash mouth technical wrestlers on the other.
Nice spot with Wardlow getting in front of FTR and Spears when Varsity Blonds and Martin try to hit a move to the outside stopping them in their tracks. Good way to lead to a commercial.
Back with Dax destroying Dante Martin with a sick Spinebuster before tagging in Spears and with him hitting a C4 on Dante to get the pinfall victory.
Post match, Wardlow grabs Brian Pillman Jr and drops him from the top turnbuckle without anything his teammates can do as Pinnacle block the way.
Tony Schiavone interview Pinnacle in the ring with Cash saying they are family and he will die for them all.
Dax tells Inner Circle this is not an SNL sketch as it is a professional wrestling show.
MJF says he is confused why Jericho hasn’t “broke the walls down” and says they should come out but knows they’re terrified.
Tony stands up but is intimidated by MJF and Wardlow into silence so MJF can let us know their catchphrase is “When your in the Pinnacle you’re always on the top.”

Team Taz is cutting a video promo in the back with Taz saying all the apologies Cage made but doesn’t seem like Cage and Starks are on the same page.

QT Marshall is out to be interviewed by Tony now on the stage and he shows his wife in the audience. He says other than TK no one has worked more for this company than him.
Bottom line is he is pissed being thought of Cody’s friend which the crowd chants Cody’s Friend.
QT suggests next week we have an exhibition against Cody in the ring.
Cody comes out from the back with his headset on with his arm in a sling and he says his heart is not into it and he will accommodate that match with Arn being the referee.
Will Cody Rhodes ever have a feud with someone that wasn’t once his friend or best friend? This is what his third or fourth now?

We get a picture in picture interview with Alex translating for Penta as usual of late.
We then see the issues between Good Brothers and Kenny Omega had with the Bucks last week during the Bucks entrance.
JR says that the match between Matt Jackson and Rey Fenix was the best television he has seen in almost 10 years.
Nice implosion arm drag from Fenix on the Young Bucks. So fluid in the movements.
Anyone else notice how quiet the audience got once it was Brandon Cutler’s turn to hit a move?
Are the Bucks giving a MCMG reference every week until Alex Shelley is free to wrestle again?
Can we just name any match between Lucha Bros and Young Bucks as a Super Kick Show Down?
Does anyone think that if anyone other than Cutler or Loredo Kid takes the pin it would be a shocker?
Well question answered as Loredo Kid gets the pinfall victory on Brandon Cutler.
Post match, Kenny Omega hits the ring with Don Callis behind him to attack Loredo Kid telling Matt that he is having flashbacks to 2019 Fyter Fest.
Kenny starts rambling about how he chose Young Bucks not AEW and how they wanted to make it the best promotion in the world.
Omega says they never chose Kenny back as they picked Brandon Cutler instead and gives them one more chance to toss it up.
Kenny is tellings the Bucks that it is now or never and they turn and go to the back leading to Lucha Bros and Loredo Kid hitting Omega from behind and taking him out before walking off.
Good Brothers come out to check on Kenny Omega after everyone else had left.

Video promo from Jade Cargill on Red Velvet saying there can only be one undefeated woman in singles competition between them.

Another video package being shown to promote what looks to be a reality show of Cody and Brandi. Going to be on TNT. EXACTLY what we needed.

Footage from last week of Kingston having his leg broken before seeing Eddie and Moxley cutting a promo saying this isn’t New Japan 6 years ago and they are going to pay for what they did.
Moxley says he doesn’t like owing people and he now owes the Bucks one after last week. He tells them they better be willing to get their hands dirty.

Dark Order come out before the match to show support for Tay Conti as we are hearing Conti is ranked #1 in the women’s division.
Not a complete squash but definitely not looking good for Conti even if she does kick out after the diving knee before the commercial break.
Back from commercial with Tay Conti going like a house on fire using kicks and strikes with her speed to hold the advantage.
Aubrey has the black gloves on but I can’t see which of the two are bleeding but thinking it is Nyla.
What a sick DDT from Tay Conti and she actually got the pinfall victory over Nyla Rose. Truly shocked me but in a good way.
Post match, Vicki holds the leg of Conti allowing Nyla Rose to attack before Hikaru Shida comes out with Kendo Stick in hand to save the day.
Bunny comes out to save Nyla while Butcher and Blade appear with Matt Hardy on the stage.
Matt says the tournament was a sham as Bunny wasn’t in it. He says his clients being over looked ends now.

Video package to promote the Arcade Match between Cassidy, Chuck, Kip & Miro. Can this finally be over?

Scorpio Sky heel video promo now. Is this trying to be his Rock transformation? Not buying him in any fashion.

Dark Order have come out with John Silver and are staying out at ringside for this one.
Hardy’s faction is being called the Hardy Family Office now and they are in the ringside crowd for this one. Likely going to be some funny business with them and the Dark Order at some point.
Great show of John Silver’s power getting a very close two count on Darby just before we head to our final picture in picture of the night.
Back from commercial with Silver being sent over the Barricade after Darby is able to avoid the attack from Silver.
Great spot with Angels pushing Silver out of the way to prevent Darby hitting the Tope Suicida on Silver. This brings Sting out to keep Dark Order from doing any more and Hardy telling his crew they don’t have an issue with Sting.
Silver locks on the Queen Slayer in tribute to Anna Jay but Darby is able to pull the injured arm of Silver to break it.
Great DDT variation from Silver that Darby Allin sold like Rock sells a Stone Cold Stunner.
Silver goes to get Darby from the outside but takes a couple seconds to stare down Sting.
Silver didn’t avoid the Springboard Coffin Drop but is able to counter the follow up from Darby.
Darby is on the top and before hitting a move on Silver he flys backwards and hits a Coffin Drop on all of Dark Order at ringside.
Silver has Darby but pulls Darby too hard as it puts Darby’s Legs on the rope.
Darby Counters with a code red when Silver tries to hit the Brodie Lee Powerbomb and Darby gets the pinfall victory and a good match. Thought it was going to go to a draw.
Post match, Sting helps up John Silver and Darby offers a sign of respect then Matt Hardy pulls Darby Allin out of the ring and we see Dark Order and Tay Conti taking on Hardy Family Office with Sting and Darby.

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