Cara Noir teams up with Danny Black to take on Lykos Gym. Millie McKenzie goes toe-to-toe with Kanji in the main event. Chuck Mambo looks to get his first win. Big Guns Joe collides with LK Mezinger. Gene Munny faces off against Warren Banks.

Roy Johnson is welcoming us to Chapter 107 in ring gear ready to go. Hope to see him wrestle on one of these shows.
Roy introduces the commentary team and they have an awkward moment where they don’t know what to say.

Interested to see if Spike Trivet gets the win here and they continue a push of him towards possibly being the next contender to Cara Noir.
Ridgeway plays an air violin along with the music of Spike Trivet to taunt him a little. Trivet gets a little back by golf clapping Ridgeway when Roy intros him and Young Guns clap for Ridgeway.
Spike and Ridgeway have a strike off with Trivet giving just as much as he took.
If it is legal to pull someone off the ropes while not letting go of the submission, as long as done before the five count, why doesn’t EVERYONE do that?
Sick looking spot with Trivet stepping down on the ankle of Ridgeway to twist. Sold it even better by casually walking to the Young Guns at ringside staring them down after while Ridgeway screams in pain.
I don’t think there are two guys who hit harder on the roster right now than these two.
Sick looking Pump Handle Go To Sleep variation from Ridgeway that gets only a two count. Ridgeway instantly hits his penalty kick but Trivet once again kicks out.
They are playing it up that Ridgeway has broke his nose from a sick spot earlier but his nose is not bleeding like it would if broken.
Trivet gets the pinfall victory after countering and hitting a pump handle move of his own.

We are getting an interview from Warren Banks when Gene Munny literally tumbles into shot to take over the interview.
They are going to be fighting tonight as the Trainer tries to once again to teach his Trainee but Banks brings up he went further in the NPS than Gene did.

Gene Munny is coming out and lets us all know right away he has his big boy pants on today.
We start off with a sign of respect between Student and Teacher.
Banks pushes Munny into the corner asking if he wants to be a Big Boy today before tickling him which Banks doesn’t seem happy with.
As expected from the sign of respect at the beginning, Banks as gone slightly heel in this one after not being happy over the antics of Munny.
Interesting spot with Banks putting his hand up to ask for mercy when Munny is about to hit him with the fist.
Great line with them saying “Surprised that is not named James Blunt because it was beautiful.”
Banks takes of the turnbuckle pad tossing it at Gene to distract him before taking his time to hit a massive knees to the chest of Munny but only a two count.
Both men are down with neither able to make the cover. Banks is first up to pull up Gene and tells him he is not his student anymore.
Spear by Banks to the back of Munny before locking on the submission knocking out Gene getting the TKO Submission victory.

Another video showing that Jordan Breaks is coming to Progress. But when?

This is the debut of LK Mezinger in Progress with him looking like his mask is half of Delirious’ mask.
Apparently LK Mezinger’s nickname is our favourite scumbag. Is he a British cousin of Reno Scum?
What a scumbag, Mezinger slaps Big Guns Joe after being forced to break at the count of four by the referee.
We are being told that Mezinger wears the mask over half of his face because of a “burning incident” with Elijah.
What a sick sounding chop to the chest of Big Guns Joe by Mezinger that hurt even my chest.
Mezinger sends Joe into the ropes throat first which seems to be the main target of Mezinger.
Big Guns Joe is putting the straps up so he can pull them off before hitting the deadlift suplex to get the pinfall victory.

Really like how they’ve built Mambo over these new series of Chapters. Really made me invest in him as a person and character.
Interesting booking to have Mambo and Cooper take on the Young Guns in this one. Could hurt Young Guns if they lose and losing for Sunshine Machine in their first match back could hurt their story.
Young Guns are full speed ahead to start and just beat down Cooper so we can eventually get the Mambo hot tag.
Really is nice to see Young Guns finally together as a unit after being all over the previous Chapters in singles or other matches.
Finally got that hot tag in to Chuck Mambo and he is taking it to both members of Young Guns.
Loved the move by Mambo hitting a face wash on Ethan Allen while also dropkicking Luke Jacobs by going through the ropes.
Loved the Macho Moonsault from TK Cooper on Ethan Allen after tagging in so fluidly.
What a great looking spin kick from Ethan Allen on TK Cooper leading to both men down but Mambo is smart and comes in to knock Jacobs off the apron stopping a tag to Allen.
Jacobs finally tags in and he starts to destroy Mambo that even a kick can’t stop him. Jacobs puts on the figure four leg lock working on the ankle hurt last Chapter.
Mambo’s ankle gives out stopping him and Cooper from hitting their double team.
Young Guns destroy TK Cooper but he kicks out before the three to the shock of North West Strong.
Mediora from Mambo off the tope but a Lariat from Jacobs breaks up the pinfall attempt.
Designated Driver double team from The Sunshine Machine leads to them getting the pinfall victory over Young Guns.
Post match, Cooper and Mambo celebrate as North West Strong lick their wounds on the way to the back as they were 0-2 tonight.

Roy Johnson is checking in with the commentators again with them trying another bit that we don’t get.

Is Danny Black meant to be a rip off of DareDevil? He is attacked once he enters the ring before his tag team partner can make it to the ring.
Cara Noir comes out without the theatrics and just takes on both members of Lykos Gym but the bell has yet to ring.
Not the best timing as Cara Noir doesn’t even start the kick until after Kid Lykos had already moved from the ringpost making it obvious he was about to kick the ring post.
The younger talent really are showing their lack pof experience in this one as Danny Black and Lykos II are both either over reacting to moves or miss timing things.
Beautiful Double Rude Awakening from Cara Noir on Lykos Gym.
Casanova kick from Kid Lykos that hits his own partner as well as Cara Noir but Noir still wouldn’t let go until Lykos hits a second kick to the back of Noir’s head.
Low blow from Kid Lykos II behind the ref’s back to Cara Noir but Kid Lykos still couldn’t use that to get the pinfall.
Kid Lykos hits a vicious knee and actually gets the pinfall victory pinning Cara Noir who is now out cold in the ring.
Post match, Lykos Gym taunt Cara Noir over his passed out body.
Cara Noir then leaves the ring and goes to the back with Danny Black. Not sure where this may lead at this point other than Kid Lykos vs. Cara Noir.

We now see a backstage interview with Kid Lykos saying he wants a chance to shine as a singles competitor. He wants a shot after pinning Noir.

Roy Johnson is now asking the commentators to stop making fun of him during the show not knowing he is live.

Going to be really interesting to see what these two do with what we’ve seen of them so far since the restart.
How many times during this match are we going to hear that Kanji was the first female to win a Thunderbastard match?
This is definitely is a technical mat classic to start off. Using the time to have the commentators mention how Millie is now behind two people in line for a shot at Jinny and the Progress Women’s Title.
They’re starting to mention the compression sleeve that Kanji is sporting in this one. Remains to be seen if it will become part of the story of the match.
Millie pulls Kanji to the ring apron trying to hit a suplex off the apron but Kanji fights it off only to be forced to land on the second hardest part of the ring on her tailbone.
Some spots in this that look like the intention was for them to look a LOT better than they actually came off looking like. The Elbow by Kanji springing off the middle rope is a good example.
Millie thinks about hitting a move on the wrist/arm of Kanji but takes too long and Kanji capitalizes.
Really getting more physical now with Kanji and Millie throwing in strikes out of frustration mixed in with submission attempts.
Kanji appears to have a bloody nose in this one with the blood getting on to different parts of Millie. She is bleeding more than Ridgeway who “broke” his nose in the opener.
Kanji hits her finisher and gets the pinfall victory after a hard fought match that was close to the best match of the night.
Post match, Kanji celebrates as they put over she has yet to be pinned or submitted.

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