Ilja Dragunov collides with Sam Gradwell in a No Disqualification Match. Jack Starz clashes with Joseph Conners.

We are starting off with another edition of Supernova Sessions. Noam Dar talks about how he is going to face Tyler Bate for the #1 Contender for the Heritage Cup.
Noam introduces Seven as a failure after his loss against Devlin last week. Noam asks Trent how he got in shape.
Whole segment is as you expect, Noam being disrespectful and trying to be funny while Trent is being serious,.
Out of no where Noam talks about being in WWE for five years and on all brands and hasn’t had a title shot. He calls Trent an outsider sending him off.
Sha Samuels comes out as Trent gets in Noam’s face leading to Sha being in Noam’s corner and Trent being in bate’s corner at Prelude.

Sid Scala is seen earlier today talking to Jinny and Conners saying Johnny Saint has banned Jinny and Piper from ringside tonight.

Video package now to push the UK Title match between Walter and Rampage at Prelude. He is going to be technically defending the title twice in under 24 hours.
We get interviews from Brookside, Finlay, Dave Taylor and Regal. Weird to see those three all in one segment again.

Great to hear Nigel explain that while Starz pinned Conners in the mixed tag match butit was Piper who did the actual damage to Conners.
Really liked the series of pinfall attempts back and forth between Jack and Joseph as they didn’t always get a two or one count Mixing it up really made it feel more real and less planned.
Great setup to the double stomp from Conners to Starz who was coming at Conners in the corner.
Great selling by Starz on the sick running neck breaker type move from Conners.
Starz keeps finding enough to get out of the pinfall attempts by Conners leading to him getting more aggressive.
Conners tells Starz his 15 minutes are over and hits a sick neckbreaker finisher then gets the pinfall victory.

Video promo from the new Tag Team Champions, Pretty Deadly talking about how they don’t like Lewis’ mother and let us know they will defend next week against Amir and Kenny.

We see Jack Starz apologizing to Piper Niven during the break about the loss. She tries to tell him to buck up. The real question is what the hell is Piper wearing?

Going to be interesting to see where this replacement of Wild Boar with T-Bone does with the stories overall.
This definitely is going to just be a match to put over these two as a new team and show their strength. So far, at least.
This match has definitely gone on a lot longer than I had expected but it appears to be that NXT UK don’t want to make anyone look like full jobbers.
Danny Jones actually gets a hot tag in and takes it to Primate and T-Bone until T-Bone destroys him with a knee to set up a finish.
Primate tags in hitting his flying headbutt to get the pinfall victory.

Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams are now seen training earlier this week before being asked about how their prep is going for the title shot next week.

Really looking forward to see how they book Isla Dawn as this is the first match she has had since the promos started airing.
Sick looking kick from Isla Dawn and great that she didn’t just go for the pin since it was early and instead mounted and hit Aleah James with multiple strikes.
They really are showing Isla Dawn being more aggressive in this one compared to previous matches. Definitely liking the change.
Was I the only one thinking that Isla could have just hit an Impaler DDT when Aleah was countering the submission?
Great selling from Aleah James in this one especially after she got sent into the ropes by Isla Dawn.
Bridge Pin from Isla Dawn and she gets the pinfall victory in this one.

One last video from from Xia and Nina as her time has almost been served but she has to finish by cleaning a men’s bathroom.

We see footage of Isla Dawn during the break when Kay Lee Ray walks by her and says if she was like that earlier on maybe Isla would be in her position.
Isla is apparently able to channel something as the lights all go weird and looks possessed as Kay Lee Ray walks off.

Sam takes it right to Ilja as Dragunov was trying to take his entrance gear off to get the match started.
Seems like the match is going to be a story of Ilja trying to control himself until he no longer can.
What a great spot, thanks to the camera angles, where Gradwell levels Ilja with the ringbell where it looked like he hit him with it fully.
Well now the story is becoming more about how much selling can Ilja Dragunov do and how many different ways can Gradwell use the things around the ring.
We have black gloves on the referee already but still trying to see who may be busted open. Ilja would be my guess with the stuff that has been done to him so far.
The dives from Ilja is becoming almost border line comical at the point he jumps off the ring apron on to the barricade at ringside.
Gradwell begs for mercy when Ilja is holding up the steel steps allowing him to grab a chair when Ilja puts the stairs down but Ilja avoids it to remain in control.
Sam Gradwell starts to beg again bringing up his son until Ilja gets in close and he kicks Dragunov’s knee and then drops him on the ring steps.
Ilja fights off the Death Valley Driver from Gradwell and sends Sam into an exposed turnbuckle.
Ilja goes into a pile of chairs after Gradwell moves out of the way. That is going to require a hemorrhoid pillow for a couple days.
Dragunov has snapped after the chop from Gradwell and he uses the chair repeatedly on Sam.
Ilja wins after Referee stoppage using his repeated strikes again.
Post match, Ilja just yells at the passed out Gradwell telling him to talk now.

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