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Previously on Impact we get a recap of FinJuice and Good Brothers yelling at each other across an ocean while we see how much they put over no one kicking out of the One Winged Angel even though AEW says otherwise.

Is there a better entrance in wrestling than Fire N Flava?
Hold. The. Presses. Brandon Tolle is actually not the referee for this match.
The more they book Nevaeh and Havok being on the same page the more I see one of them turning on the other.
Havok gets all upset at Kiera Hogan breaking up the pin attempt but what does someone expect a fully standing opponent is going to do?
Huge splash from Tasha on Havok and Kiera gets the pinfall victory on her.
Post match, Havok and Nevaeh are sad in the ring and Nevaeh seems to be having none of what Havok is saying.
Nevaeh has a change of heart and she does the head thing then attacks Havok from behind and hits the spear.
Nevaeh starts saying that Havok made her doubt herself saying Havok is the weak link. About time the trigger was pulled on this.

Backstage, James Storm is being interviewed about having his 1000th match in Impact Wrestling. He thanks the late Bob Ryder for getting him and Chris Harris a job in the first place.

Deonna Purrazzo and Susan are being interviewed about what Deonna did to Jazz last week.
Susan is going full Karen on what jazz did to Kimber leading to Jazz running in to attack Susan and leaves her laying.

How bright is that gear of Larry D? The astronauts on the ISS can see him it is so bright.
They are fighting on the outside as we head to a commercial break.
Am I the only one who looks forward to seeing the Scott Steiner Math promo every week during the twitch stream of Impact Wrestling?
Back after a quick break with Larry D once again sending it to the outside as he is in command of the match.
Anyone else think that XXXL actually would make good muscle for Sami Callihan?
Really loved how good that lariat looked from Larry D. Surprised how strong they are making him look at the expense of Sami.
Sami shows off his strength by getting Larry D up and hitting a Death Valley Driver.
They’re fighting on the second hardest part of the ring but all a tease as neither hit a move on it.
Sami gets the pinfall victory on Larry D after an even fight.
Post match, Sami gets attacked by Acey Romero and is beat down. XXXL leave as Sami starts to laugh as if he didn’t want Trey to come out which he didn’t.

Video package showing FinJuice from New Japan wearing the Impact World Tag Team Championships.
Cut to Kenny, Don and the Good Brothers are in their locker room disagreeing over how good FinJuice is.
Good Brothers seem a little down about how things have gone down.
Eventually they secretly tell Good Brothers to do something and they like it and get up to do it.

Backstage, Sami Callihan comes to Trey Miguel asking why he wouldn’t come save him. Trey wants to know why Sami thinks he would come save him.
Sami tells Trey he needs passion and wants to be a Mentor to Trey and carry Impact into the next time span.
Sami says he is going to get Scott to make a match of Trey and Sami vs. XXXL and Trey is having none of that. Sami says think about it.

Did Matt Striker seriously just compare Brian Myers with the Rachel Dratch SNL Character “Debbie Downer”?
Always funny when they compare Suicide to a wrestler who does or has wore the Suicide mask like they did with TJP during this one.
Roster cut from Myers and he gets the easy pinfall victory.
Post match, Myers asks for a microphone to talk about the challenge from Matt Cardona. He says Matt is just trying to get the rub from him like Matt has been doing for 18 years.
Long story short, Myers is declining the challenge to face Cardona.

Jazz is looking for Scott backstage when she runs into Tommy Dreamer. He brings up Ultimate Jeopardy match from ECW.
We are now getting a Career vs. Title between Jazz and Deonna at Hardcore Justice.

This week’s Paid Advertisement from TK and Tony Schiavone to put over this week’s episode of Dynamite.
They do a good job to push Christian Cage vs. Frankie Kazarian since their history is from Impact.

Swinger is coming in to ask “Dino” how the Rebellion bets are going.
Don Callis and Kenny Omega come in to talk to Swinger about how the odds are for the Omega and Swann match.
Don shows Swinger the one winged angel video and then put down a 20K bet on Kenny.

D’Lo Brown seriously said Madman Fulton had one discpline but then listed THREE disciplines. No one let D’Lo do their taxes.
TJP and Alexander are already arguing over who is going to start the match and it ends up being Alexander taking on Fulton.
This is all about the fighting and arguing of TJP and Alexander who are not on the same page. Not sure how I feel about this as it is such an over done story.
Great selling from TJP after Fulton did a Noose Choke to him in the corner for the full four count.
TJP hits the blind tag and hits a Mamba Splash but Alexander goes for the pin not knowing that someone SLAPPED HIM ON THE BACK.
Ace Austin rolls up the distracted TJP to get the pinfall victory.
Post match, Alexander and TJP argue in the ring as Ace Austin and Madman Fulton walk off to the back.

Willie Mack is in the back when Don Callis walks in and gets called Fool by Mack.
How many people is Don Callis going to show the video to? He is acting like it is Gangham Style or something.
Swann walks in to get in the face of Callis who doesn’t like the language Rich is using. Swann says he’d slap the glasses off Don’s face if he wasn’t the boss.
Don Callis says for the next 10 minutes he is not his boss but it is a setup as Kenny and Good Brothers come in to attack Swann and Mack. Eddie Edwards comes in for the save.

Hernandez is being seen backstage with Rohit about their win earlier with Hernandez says the only relationship they have is a financial one.

Video promo from Violent By Design with Eric Young talking about his match tonight against James Storm in Storm’s 1000th match.

Tommy Dreamer has gathered everyone to announce a match for Hardcore Justice. Tommy stops Susan asking if her friend “Su” can come out but Susan has no idea what he is talking about but has a “headache.”
We are getting a Knockout Scramble match where the winner gets a shot at Deonna at Rebellion. All weapons are allowed in the Scramble Match.
Kaleb with a K and Tenille are not happy about the mudshow type booking with the weapons.

Loving what we are seeing from Rhino so far. This could be the first chance to get a new element of his character since first teaming with Heath Slater in WWE.
Would anyone want to see one last Nostalgia run for America’s Most Wanted since we can’t get Beer Money right now?
Which do you think was mentioned more tonight, Storm’s 1000th match or the move to Thursday?
Elbow drop from Eric Young but only a two count. Beautiful elbow as always from EY.
Deaner gets on the apron the minute EY looks like he is in trouble and everything breaks down although I don’t see Chris Harris and that’s why he grabbed EY’s leg and help Storm.
Last Call Superkick and Storm gets the pinfall victory in his 1000th match.
Post match, the faces celebrate on the stage as it is possible medics were looking after EY if he somehow got injured at the end.

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