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Looks like we are getting right down to business with the in ring debut of Christian Cage.

Nice to hear Excalibur correct himself immediately saying it is Christian’s first SINGLES match in 7 years.
Some awkward looking hits between the two so far with Christian selling a shot to the jaw very realistically.
Vicious Kazarian with him pushing Christian off the top really hard sending him into the second hardest part of the ring and on to the floor.
Great selling by Christian as Frankie Kazarian chokes him out in a way to make it appear he is working the neck more than trying to get a KO victory.
Really good work by Kazarian to use his selling of the spinning DDT by Christian to hide the fact he was getting in position for the pin attempt.
Kazarian is apparently starting to use the Cross Face Chicken Wing but Christian is able to fight it off.
Kazarian is able to lock on the Chicken Wing on the second attempt but man does it look so ineffective.
When referee’s stop their hand instead of hooking their arm it looks so much better and impactful as an audience member. Love how Bryce is one of the few to do this.
Flux Capacitor from Kazarian but Christian still kicks out to the massive shock of Kazarian.
Frog Splash from Christian and Kazarian gets his turn to kick out just before the three count.
Shoulder first into the ringpost goes Kazarian allowing Cage to hit his Kill Switch and get the pinfall victory in a great opener.

We are now hearing from Sting and Darby Allin about Matt Hardy and crew getting involved in the match last week. Always like Darby’s self made promos.

Another video promo from Jade Cargill to push her feud with Red Velvet. She says she is money.
Jade is FAR better in a pretaped recorded segment. Keep doing that for her.

Great point from Jim Ross mentioning that QT didn’t get any fanfare but Cody gets his usual. We do have all the Nightmare Family Members at ringside.
They really are doing a good job building to QT Marshall going dirty in this with even the announcers mentioning why QT would be offended.
QT pushes Cody after Cody teased using his boot on the face of QT. Cody definitely feels more like a heel than QT even though the reactions are the opposite.
Back from commercial, with Cody going for the figure four but stops and proves he could have done it.
QT swings at Cody and Cody counters it and sets up the Cross Rhodes but lets go again.
QT Marshall had enough and goes in the ring and just knocks out Arn Anderson and walks off.
QT Marshall turns his back and three of the students attack the other memebrs and it appears we have a civil war. It just got more interesting. QT tells Comoroto to powerslam Johnson on the entrance ramp.
To further push it QT Marshall piledrives Dustin Rhodes on the steel steps while Comoroto and Solow hold Cody so the boxer can loaded punch Cody.
Red Velvet comes out to stop QT from hitting Cody’s head with a chair against the steel steps.
Well they at least made me care about QT Marshall and these other three. That is a lot more than what I thought was going to happen from this.

We are getting a promo of Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky both saying they are not getting the spotlight they deserved. They seem to be teaming up on Elevation against the Sydal’s.

Red Velvet is being interviewed but within seconds Jade Cargill attacks her and leaves her laying. Do we seriously have three different women’s storylines going on right now?

Jon Moxley is talking about the stuff the grinds his gears. Pretty much every thing exception is home life.

They are at least not jobbing out Bononi here against Moxley while still making Moxley look strong.
We are told be Excalibur that Bononi is with the other two because they realized on Dark there is strength in numbers. Basically a modern job squad.
Back from commercial with Moxley making a comeback against Bononi who is being made to look really strong here.
It takes Bononi going knee first into the top turnbuckle for Moxley to work at getting control of the match.
JD Drake is up on the apron to allow Ryan Nemeth to get in the ring but gets hit with the paradigm shift for his troubles.
Moxley locks on the sleeper to counter Bononi and that is it as Cezar passes out.

Another video promo from Team Taz telling us everything is fine. Ricky asks what Cage thinks and he says they would have got the win sooner on Dark if Cage was tagged in sooner.

MJF is now giving a gift to The Pinnacle. It’s a personal stylist who will outfit them. We know this as they showed us the picture of them in Suits already.
Inner Circle was in the bathroom and when MJF tries to bail Hager was at the main door and we have a war.
Sammy slams the head of Spears in a door, Hager puts Wardlow through a massage table, Proud N Powerful take out FTR and Tully with help of a broken chair & a ice bath and Jericho gives a swirly to MJF before putting him through the Pepsi fridge. Been waiting for that.
Inner Circle officially take back their locker room replacing the plate on the outside. Looks like we’re heading to another Stadium Stampede.

Callis is now confronting the Young Bucks during their interview and gets right at Matt Jackson for what happened to Omega last week and says he broke Kenny’s heart.
Callis eventually slaps Matt who then grabs him by the jacket before letting go. Not sure where this is going.

Picture in Picture interview from earlier today saying Penta now wants Kenny’s championship.
Loredo Kid starts it off by flying on to Kenny and the Good Brothers as they get close enough to the ring before Rey Fenix flies off the turnbuckle on the pile at the outside.
Liked that they let us know that Kenny Omega actually recently defended the AAA Title against Loredo Kid. Helps show his level amongst fans not familiar with him.
Really interesting to hear how Schiavone suggested that Kenny is the first champion to travel amongst companies since Ric Flair. Was that a dig at where the NWA World Title stands now?
How dumb did the triple splash spot by Kenny and the Good Brothers look to you?
These are a good set of Trios teams to show off what Trios matches can really be like and how they are not just Six Man Tag Matches.
V Trigger from Kenny Omega but Loredo Kid still kicks out before three thanks to an easy pin.
One Winged Angel is countered and Loredo Kid is able to hit a Tope Suicida and this sets up a series on the outside leading to a set of moves on the outside.
Sick move by Rey Fenix who walked the ropes out of no where to kick Kenny to help Loredo Kid.
Another V Trigger is hit and Loredo Kid gets the One Winged Angel and pinfall victory for Kenny.
Post match, Jon Moxley makes his way out on the stage still selling the match from earlier. Young Bucks slowly make their way out to stand with Moxley and Omega and Good Brothers bail instantly.

Britt Baker and Rebel are cutting a promo about apparently their involvement with Elevation. They say Rosa will compete on there which is good since their match was Unsanctioned and the win doesn’t count.

The Dark Order come out to show their support and stay in order to even the odds at ringside.
Bunny is in control of Shida after Nyla Rose takes out a distracted Shida on the outside as we head to a commercial break.
Back with Shida taking on Bunny and Nyla both in their own corner before getting a hot tag in to Tay Conti.
I think one of the best things about Tay Conti and what makes her future very bright is her facial expressions and how she accurately shows her emotions.
Matt Hardy gets too close to Tay Conti leading to Five jumping him and we have a brawl on the outside.
Nyla Rose breaks up the pinfall after Conti hits a TKConti on Bunny.
Bunny has a kendo Stick with Aubrey distracted by Vicki who then hits Down the Rabbit Hole to get the pinfall victory on Tay Conti.

Time to hear from Jurassic Express about their match against Bear Country. Apparently Marko has a Kong tattoo forgetting Godzilla is a dinosaur.

How great was it to hear Orange Cassidy come out to Where is My Mind? So glad they forked out the money for the rights.
First real cool spot was Chuck Taylor coming off the top of a Mortal Kombat console on to Miro.
They’ve started to pile anything and everything on Miro to keep him down with Kip Sabian kicking Cassidy off to stop a pinfall.
Chuck Taylor took has brought out the worst thing one can spread across the apron… no not thumbtacks… Lego.
Chuck is powerbombed on the Lego but Cassidy breaks up the pin.
Penelope Ford pulls Aubrey out of the ring to stop a pinfall leading to her low blowing Cassidy but out of the claw machine comes Kris Statlander to return saving Cassidy.
Statlander chases Penelope leading to her putting Ford through the Air Hockey table.
Wait, does that mean we now have FOUR women’s storylines on going?
Sue and the Van pull in and Trent gets out of the back of the van to help and attack Miro.
Miro sees Sue and starts climbing on the Van until Trent comes to get Miro off the Van.
Trent ends up ducking a console and spears Miro through a table. Chuck then puts Kip through a set up by the stage leading to the pinfall victory.
Post match, Best Friends and Orange Cassidy are celebrating in the ring and we get our Best Friend Hug. Kris Statlander gets in the ring to join in the hug and a thumbs up to Sue.

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