In their first title defense, Pretty Deadly put the NXT UK Tag Team Championship on the line against Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan.

Is this the last week where Walter reigns over NXT UK as the UK Champion?
The hype for our Main Event between Pretty Deadly and Kenny & Amir for the Tag Titles starts us off.

Stevie Turner not only gets an entrance but she gets a good one. She also gets a picture in picture promo during her intro. This is her first appearance on the brand.
Stevie Turner is getting a lot of offense in here but Aoife is in full control for most of this and is just basically showcasing her move set while giving Turner the competitive debut.
That spin kick from Aoife was looking pretty stiff right before her flying leg drop finisher to get the pinfall victory.

Video package to show us all the press A-Kid was doing since beating Trent Seven.
He finishes it off by putting over the number one contender match for his Heritage Cup on Prelude next week.

Earlier this week we see the story of Jack Starz and Piper Niven with her telling him it is not always about being the strongest and she puts him in the ring.
Piper seems to be trying to unleash the fighter spirit in Jack.

Pretty Deadly are getting ready in the backstage area.

The way NXT UK is using the same select few guys as Jobbers without treating them like Jobbers reminds me of old NWA Saturday Night and WorldWide episodes.
Teoman is just breaking down Morrell slowly but at the same time showing off his speed. Interesting mix.
Really like the low running forearm Teoman hit on Morrell that Morrell sold very well.
Morrell is actually getting a late flurry and even shows off a cool spinning move out of the corner to avoid Teoman.
After two stomps Teoman locks on an STF and gets the submission victory.

Before we go to the face to face with Rampage and Walter, Andy does mention Walter’s defense against Ciampa at Takeover on Wednesday ahead of Rampage on Thursday.
Is it really hard to answer the question if Walter is the greatest UK champion when he is the longest reigning of only THREE champions.
Walter calls Rampage just like everyone else even if Rampage was the first to beat Walter in England.
Walter says he is the most selfless because he doesn’t get in the ring for himself but for the sport. Good Face to face.

Kay Lee Ray is seen walking to the ring before we go to a break.

Gallus video promo training in some Scottish ring before we see Wolfgang destroy a dude in a bare knuckle fight.

Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan are now being seen getting ready for the Main Event title match.

Kay Lee Ray says she asked for the best in the world and NXT UK delivered. She says she is still the forever champion and Millie McKenzie comes out returning after two years away.
Millie says she wants to beat the best and they will cross paths soon. Kay Lee Ray goes towards her until Isla Dawn comes out of no where to attack her.
Meiko Satomura comes down to stop Kay Lee Ray and Isla Dawn double teaming Millie. Should be noted they seem to be calling her “Amelia” and not Millie.

Video package for Noam Dar and Tyler Bate’s Heritage Cup #1 Conteder’s match next week at Prelude.

During the break, Sid Scala is informing Isla Dawn and Kay Lee Ray that they will be facing McKenzie and Meiko next week at Prelude.
Great ending to the segment with Isla Dawn just looking excited at the match while staring down Scala.

As they go over the card for Prelude next week, it made me wonder, how long is the show going to be next week?

What are the betting odds on this being the last match for Jordan and Williams as a team?
Great spot early on with Stoker telling Amir to step up to get in the head of him.
Another great showing of Pretty Deadly’s ring intelligence when Stoker finds himself in the wrong corner and just slides out of the ring and runs around to his own corner for Howley to tag in.
Really nice to see Pretty Deadly spend time isolating Amir Jordan by bending the rules to further the fire for Kenny to do the same.
Okay save after Stoker fails to catch Williams coming off the top turnbuckle.
Cool spot called Crossing Swords by Pretty Deadly. A name like that will add further fuel to the fire of Pretty Deadly being a couple.
Very close spot with Kenny Williams only getting a two count on Howley but looks upset over it.
Referee is down so the scene is set for Kenny Williams to try and take a short cut. He has smiled and rolls to the outside to grab the titles placing one in the corner and tossing it to Amir.
Kenny Williams hits Amir in the back after Amir tells him to not use it and they don’t need it. Amir is left alone and Pretty deadly hit Spilled Milk to retain the titles.
Post match, Pretty Deadly celebrate while Kenny Williams is at the stage area washing himself in a way of Amir. Pretty obvious this is where it was heading.

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